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Thread: A Guide to Export_Descr_Buildings.txt

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lifthrasir View Post
    So if I got it right, by putting the logging camp condition first as a minimum level requiered, that should solve the issue
    EDB conditions are read by the game from right to left. It's only a problem when the conditions have a mixture of ANDs and ORs, which yours do. By having logging camp on the end you're saying that marble needs a logging camp and that the other resource types don't. So yes, putting it at the start fixes that problem (but not your vanishing queue problem - that's unrelated).

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    Thanks for the clarification. So basically, I need to implement Gig's script model into mine as well
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    Hello guys I hope you can help me out a bit here.
    Im trying to change the requirement for egypt to recruit a unit of Mamluk Archer Cavalry, to requiring not only the stable from which they are bought, but also that there's a Practice Range present in the castle. So i have the line for the unit looking like this.
    recruit_pool "Mamluk Archers" 1 0.20 1 0 requires factions { egypt, } and building_present_min_level missiles practice_range
    However with this on the end "and building...." then it just crashes the game. So what am I doing wrong? in my knowledge having never done this before though. Then this should work?

    Hope anyone can let me know.

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    Thank you very much Withwnar.
    First link did what i wanted.

    Make 2 recuitments pools
    Building 1 provides max pool
    recruit_pool "Unit" 0 0 3 0 requires factions { faction, }
    Building 2 provides unit growth
    recruit_pool "Unit" 1 0.13 0 0 requires factions { faction, }

    This allowed me to do what i wanted.

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