Ive been tinkering around with that last value now and again for years and what i have learned is that yes it can have a statistical effect on combat....

but i think more importantly it is used to make the combat look more realistic as in that the weapon hits where it is supposed to when you watch it.

this is especially evident when viewing halberds, axes, spears and two handed swords.... and that is specifically where we see CA modifiy those values when they patched vanilla and than in kingdoms. changes were made for cosmetic appearances in combat.

that is not to say there isnt an effect on performance. but increasing the value may be as bad as decreasing the value. it is not a simple higher number better kills. It doesnt work that way.

One really interesting way to observe what skeleton compensation factor does is to use it on pike units. you will notice the pikes will engage the enemy at different distances. if it is 0.6 they are fighting closer into the formation. if you go all the way out to 1.99 than the pikes are actually hitting units beyond their visible weapon models.

On units that use spearwall you can actually use the value to increase or decrease the effectiveness of the pike wall.

Now that last value really comes into play with the advanced fantasy mods where physically larger models are hitting their enemies with their two handed axe but they are hitting the enemy with the handle rather than the blade. so if you increase the compensation factor out you can actually adjust the appearance so the blade is actually hitting the enemy. it can also effect short and long distance attacks.

such as a unit that uses a kick for very close range while a far reaching overhand strike with their axe for longer range strike. by increasing the value they will kick when units get right in their face but use the axe more when the enemy is driven back.

Just some observations. you can agree or disagree.