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    Default The storage room

    1. Tell us a bit about yourself, we want the gory details! What interests you, what brought you to TWC in the first place?

    Well I was always a fan of the Roman Period and when CA released RTW I was interested, but actually I was distracted and didn’t buy the game for many months. I knew by the pictures and reviews that the Game was Arcade and unrealistic, so I went looking for a mod. I found TWC and specifically Rome Total Realism, this was back then when one guy worked on it named Gaius Julius Caesar. His vision was different from mine, he set the game up for large settings and 1 turn recruitment, and I found the only way to get epic long battles was to do my own mod. I started work on the Code and a few skins and models to add to my mod and that’s how it all began. Of course the mod was finished many times, and then CA would release a patch the fixed one thing and broke 2 working things before. lol Hence why I wonder about there motives with modders.

    Eventually as more ideas and abilities came up on TWC, the more that needed to be added. But now we are at a point where we know everything that can be done with this engine and what we cant do. So if its not done its because it cant be, so that’s why this is the last version of SPQR, there really isn’t anything t to add except units or a new faction and map. I am interested in all Military and Political History, and my personal history was involved in such. All other information is classified. Sorry lol

    2. As everyone should know, you are the creator of SPQR-TW, a major modification for Rome Total War. Tell us about this mod, how does it differ from the vanilla game?

    Well SPQR was originally made to enhance RTW into the Game I wished it were out of the box. Better looking skins, Better Battlefield and Campaign AI, Better Balance in Battles and above all Realistically LONG battles where you have the time to move units before the battle is over. SPQR is different in so many ways it’s a whole new game, just as RTR and EB are. If you want a challenge and in my opinion the most realistic and longest battles then SPQR is for you. The battles are Epic with 10,000 Men in battle being common, truly a TOTAL WAR scenario.

    3. Can you tell us why you chose to focus on the Roman Senate in making your mod, what was your inspiration for this kind of project? Are you a fan of the Roman time frame in particular?

    I chose to focus only on Rome and as you can tell the Engine that CA uses cannot be balanced for all factions. If you make them all balanced you will have no challenge for any faction. What I did is take seriously the Word ROME in total war and made my Mod around Roman War Machine. My inspiration was based off of old roman movies like Spartacus, Fall of the Roman Empire, Cleopatra, Masada etc.

    Yes I am a fan of the Roman period reading the classics like Caesars Commentaries, etc. I always marveled over the Roman War Machine and their Engineering skills, still impressive to this day and as some British engineers found out, they couldn’t even duplicate the Bridge Caesar built!

    4. What would you say is the easiest and most enjoyable aspect of modding a Total War game, or just modding in general?

    Wow that’s a hard one, you really need to learn all you can before you can mod with ease, then there is balance issues etc. I guess it would be skinning, it’s the easiest if you know how and have the material to work with to make new skins. Its fast and you know if you made mistakes right away.

    5. On the flip side now, which in your opinion is the least enjoyable or most difficult part of modding a game?

    Scripting and Code balancing, Basically one mistake can cost you and you have to do little changes at a time and to make sure what you do works, sure there are programs to help, but I do it the old fashion way and therefore need to be methodical in my approach, SPQR is basically Bug Free and that’s saying a lot considering how much was changed by one imperfect person.

    6. SPQR version 7 is the current release, do you plan to add anything more to the mod in the future? Perhaps another patch or incorporating some popular submods? Or do you consider your work done and SPQR a complete and finished product?

    SPQR 7.0 is a finished Product in itself, basically there is an add on that Sulla made and I helped on which is a Mini-Mod for SPQR, which IMO really adds to the game, its almost an official SPQR 7.1 Also in the future I hope to have a new map, but that is down the road and there is no date on a release for it. But if there is a new map it would probably be in a new version of the add on. SPQR 7 is finished there really isn’t anything to add, the RTW engine is limited and we cant add good stuff like Food or Sea Battles.

    7. Have you ever thought about modding another TW game? Using Medieval II or even Empire as a base?

    Not really, there are a lot of good M2TW mods out there, and it was VERY hard for me to mod SPQR by myself. A lot of help was given in the Model, and Skin departments from people like Ferres & AoA. When I first did SPQR we all worked and shared together, now it seems no one really likes to share outside his or her mod team. This is a shame as in the beginning we all added to each other’s mods. I try to keep a free share program to this day where I can.

    8. Do you have any other projects in the pipeline at the moment? Working on something behind the scenes? Is it true that "a modder never sleeps", always working on a new project or making the last one better?

    Modders do Sleep, and they really need to know when to Quit and say its finished. Yes there are additions that can be made when you think there are no more. One was when I found a great way to have the AI factions stay in place so the Roman player can fight ALL the factions without only a couple Super Powers being the only ones left. Also adding more units and possibly down the road a new faction like Judea and a new Map. I worked on some other games also, modding for myself and others, but I wont tell you which games and which popular mods they are. Just suffice to say that others enjoy them and that’s all that is important, I am not into ego and glory.

    9. Do you have any advice for the many budding modders out there? Some guidance to help them along their way?

    Don’t ever steal another’s work and always get permission to use things. Learn all you can using the tutorials, sometimes we can tell you simple things, but other times your best friend is the Tutorials. Also finish your work, don’t start something and not finish it. If you do it in a mod you will do it in real life and that can cause you problems down the road. Above all have fun and make the mod for YOU, others will like it also, there are always people that will play the same way as you. Don’t try to please everyone it wont happen.

    10. Have you ever written any tutorials or guides on modding? Being the sole creator of a mod is quite a feat, you must be overflowing with knowledge, why not share it with others?

    Well, to be honest I was beat to it, I helped in some of the info in tutorials by posting in threads info on what does what etc, but then so did a lot of others. There are some very talented writers out there and they went to it and produced most of the tutorials. So there really isn’t anything to add as most has been posted.

    11. Have you ever worked on any other mod other than SPQR? Were you part of a team in another major project? Where can the fans find more of your wonderful work?

    I was on EB modding team before they released, later I left to focus on SPQR mod, I did share a few things and believe they still may be in that mod, but then a lot of things overlap in other mods.

    12. Where do you hang out on TWC? When you're not creating the next best mod I mean. What parts of TWC do you enjoy the most?

    SPQR forum, Sometimes the political mud pit. But for the most part I stay in SPQR forum, I don’t have a lot of time for socializing.

    13. Do you think modding is an important part of Total War games, that it extends the life and longevity and in the end provides more profit for CA?

    Absolutely! I would like to see CA help the modders more than they have. I feel they do things that don’t really help us, and one has to wonder if it’s on purpose or not. In the end Mods extend the life of the game and give them revenue by having people who would have NEVER bought the game to do so to play a mod! I fear though with the ETW series that CA will find out the hard way that their newer games will provide less than they did before in revenue. I personally have not bought their ETW version and will not, I also don’t like being forced on Steam for this type of game.

    14. Have you ever thought of becoming a game developer or something of the sort? You've obviously got talent, why not profit from it and do something you enjoy?

    This Mod and others is a Hobby, nothing more. Game Design is important and based on a lot of games coming out, they are in sore need of concept design, but in the gaming industry now its all about console games and quick cash, they know the kids will buy a game that gives you 10 hours of play and pay $60 for it. That would never have happened 10 years ago with PC games, you needed at least 40 hours for a $40 game. Mods are more important now since most of the games out of the box are ruined, hopefully more games will release tools to allow players to make a better game.

    15. Last question, is there anything else you would like to add? Where can the fans contact you if they have a modding or unrelated question?

    Well I can be reached on TWC SPQR Mod Forum. As for what else I would like to add, I feel the gaming industry has been going downhill for a while now, Games that have a few hours of gameplay costing $60 is a scam. This is a good opportunity for new players to pick up the OLD games and play the mods for them. They will find not only are they cheaper but you get hundreds of hours of gameplay out of them. Today’s Games focus on Graphics and action, and they sacrifice Gameplay and Story.
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    Default ****SPQR 7.0 README****

    [fieldset]****SPQR 9.0 README****
    SPQR Total WAR 9.0
    Copyright (C) 2014
    v9.0 - 09/29/2014
    Developer: LT1956

    Special Thanks:
    Sulla (addon features)
    Alcibiades of Athens (Modeler, Skinner for SPQR)
    Sinuhet (Formation maker for SPQR)
    Moushey (Maker of Original Map)
    Dan and RS2 Team (RS Map designed to be used in SPQR mod)
    Promethius (greek/roman city models strat RS Map)
    Lordbula (Garrison Script)
    Andymate (Beta Tester for SPQR)
    Honor&Glory (SPQR Into movie maker)
    EB team and Alin (Animations from EB mod)
    Pinarius (Horse Mod)
    Archer (Burning Buildings)
    Riczu (New Ship models)
    Vrabac (Some skins)
    Trigger (Signifer, eagle bearer models)
    DivineHammer (Killsheet maker for SPQR)
    Nahirean (Beta Tester for SPQR 6.2)
    Black Francis (6.4 Beta tester)
    mdibatti (6.4 Beta tester)
    Jegui (Beta Tester 6.4)
    Jonathold (6.4 Beta Tester)
    Garbarsardar (6.4 Beta Tester)
    Webbird (Some Barbarian skins)
    King Louise Assurbanipal (Some models & Skins)
    LordGeordie (couple Armenian skins)
    maximusminimus (Carthage Skins)
    Prometheus (Gladiator Skins)
    Tone and RS Team (Some skins/models)
    Warspite (Mercenary skins)
    Ferres (Roman skins/models)
    weirdshadys (Banners)
    ER & Gravedigger (some traits & Triggers)
    ATG (Spartan model)
    Titus Andronicus (Syrian Archer model)
    Milner (Gladius Loading Bar & Egyptian Units)
    Algaman (New Barbarian and other misc. Units)
    KAWEH K (Banners & Buttons)
    Halie Satanus (Some Egyptian models)
    Bercor (UI cards for new units)
    All the fellow modders who shared on TWC ( and the ORG
    And last but not least. My hearty thanks for Creative Assembly for designing this game.


    This software was developed for the Total War Center's (TWC) community in an effort to
    enhance its game play experience.

    The TWC's URL:

    License Agreement:

    Terms of Use

    This Software is FREEWARE. This software is provided "as is", without any guarantee
    made as to its suitability or fitness for any particular use. You are granted a non-
    exclusive right and license to use the Software and the related

    documentation (the "Documentation") as set forth in this Agreement.For the purposes of
    protecting The Trivium and The Creative Assembly Limited trade secrets, you may not
    decompile, disassemble, reverse-engineer or otherwise display the Software in human-
    readable form. You may not modify, translate, rent, lease, distribute or lend the
    Software, and you may not sell to others the right to use the Software on your computer.
    You may not remove any proprietary notices or labels on the Software. You may not
    copy, transfer, transmit, sublicense or assign this license or the Software except as
    expressly permitted in this Agreement. You agree that the terms of this paragraph apply
    to the Software or any portion thereof, whether owned by The Trivium or The Creative
    Assembly Limited including without limitation Activision Corporation.

    This Software may contain bugs, so use is at your own risk. We take no responsibility for
    any damage that may unintentionally be caused through its use. We have verified it on
    local systems and on a number of other users computers, but there is no way for us to
    be able to guarantee that it will work on each and every system configuration out there.

    However if you can run RTW then this should be fine. SPQR has a LONG history of being
    Highly Stable and Bug Free.


    You may not use this Software in a commercial product, without the express permission
    of The Trivium Organization or The Creative Assembly Limited When applicable. You may

    use this software in a free product as long as the Trivium is given credit and its contact
    information is included. If you are interested in redistributing the Software, either in

    original or modified form, or wish to use Software source code in a product, or have any
    other idea of cooperation, including job offers or a donations, please send e-mail to with details.

    Copyright Notice

    The Trivium Organization holds valid copyright on our original work/software. Nothing in
    this agreement constitutes a waiver of any rights under U.S. Copyright law or any other
    federal or state law.

    Installation Instructions:

    1. Make sure you have a clean install of Rome: Total War on your system

    2. Make Sure you installed Patch V1.3 for Rome: Total War

    3. Make Sure you installed Patch V1.5 for Rome: Total War

    4. Install SPQR: Total War executable, making sure you have NO other Mods (RTR, etc.)

    5. If you have installed your game in another directory than default, make sure you point
    to that directory during install.
    6. Historical and Quick Battles cannot be played with this version of SPQR: Total War and will result
    in a CTD
    7. If you do a manual install, make sure you delete the events.dat file.
    8. The Readme, Killsheet, and Icons are installed in the default RTW directory, in the
    README directory.
    Special Notes:

    1. This mod is not to be played with other modifications, if you do so it may cause game
    2. This mod is best played on Huge Settings
    3. SPQR: Total War was created for the designer and therefore reflects his view of game
    4. SPQR: Total War is most challenging when you allow the AI to build up and grow
    before attacking.
    5. There are several bugs in the original version of Rome: Total War, some of these bugs
    cannot be fixed and therefore will be in SPQR.
    6. This mod was never designed to rival any other mods, nor was it done for personal
    glory, etc. I play it and like it. I hope you do.
    7. SPQR: Total War is not set for complete realism but is intended to enhance gameplay
    with some realism added.
    8. My intent is NOT to force a Player to play a certain way. If you wish to use blitz tactics
    or exploits you can, whatever makes the game fun for you.
    9. I have included a Spreadsheet that you can use to talley your kills and losses.

    Change\ Update Log:

    ===== SPQR Total War: 6.4 ====

    1. Added New models and skins for All Factions, including rebels
    2. Cherry Vanilla Pack, Trivium mod added to this modification. It fixes a Number of RTW Bugs dealing with VnV etc.
    3. Added an expansion to CVP with adds more traits etc. GAFHMod
    4. You can recruit first Cohorts, remember historically there was 1 per Legion. Try not to build an army of them.
    5. Building times have been adjusted to a more realistic build time.
    6. All nations are playable in the campaign except Spain, SPQR, Briton, Scipii, Brutii and Slaves.
    7. All units have 0 wait time and allows you and the AI to build as much as you can
    afford and the population will allow. This is what Makes SPQR unique.
    8. Upkeep costs of units are lowered to allow more armies in the field at one time.
    9. Siege weapons for Ballistas and Scorpions have more Artillery.
    10. Spartans have unbreakable morale and will NEVER retreat off the field.
    11. Head Hurlers are now an Infantry unit and no longer a missile unit, they still throw heads before attack. Heads will do no damage, but units do frighten Foot & Horse.
    12. All regulars spears have the Spear attribute, Phalanx do not, to prevent disadvantages.
    13. Arcani, Druids, Legion Cavalry, War Dogs, Flaming Pigs, and Screeching Women are removed from the game.
    14. Archers and Slingers have increased Ammunition
    15. Increased the Number of Siege Ammunition
    16. Battering Rams have better Health and Flame resistance.
    17. Urban Cohorts are now an upgraded Town watch, they appear after Marius Reforms.
    18. Praetorian Cavalry and Infantry only belong to senate now.
    19. Campaign AI has been adjusted for aggressiveness.
    20. Elephants have been added to Egypt and Armenia, but they must own provinces with that resource.
    21. Elephants numbers have been reduced to a more realistic number.
    22. Added Experience Bonuses to Taverns and Academies
    23. Triarii now buildable when Princepes are.
    24. Ships have been adjusted to sink more often
    25. Chariots are improved and will not stop and go all the time like before.
    26. Senate recruits only Praetorians in the campaign game from start.
    27. The Better barracks for Late Legion Cohorts replaces Republican Cohort units. Only build the barracks if you wish to build just the Late Cohorts for that city. Late Legion Cohorts require Imperial Palace. This limits the recruiting areas and allows one to play with early cohorts longer.
    28. Barbarians have been given a loose Square formation that is better than Horde formation but looks similar. AI reacts better than using Horde.
    29. All Phalanx units have tighter side by side grouping to reflect a more accurate Phalanx, also better protects from breaking into the phalanx.
    30. Better start garrisons for other factions. Romans factions have a small legion force.
    31. Rome is now at war from start of game with Macedon, Greece, Germany, Gaul, Carthage.
    32. Macedon and Seleucid have Militia hoplites removed, they have Levy pikemen.
    33. Increased Cost of certain buildings: Palaces, Entertainment, Mines, Roads, walls, docks, have been increased to balance money concerns with the extra provinces.
    34. New Units have been added: Carthaginian Archers, Carthaginian Numidian Cavalry, Roman Slingers, Briton Peltast, Briton Archers, Egyptian Elephants, Armenian Elephants, Dacian Bastarnae, Pharaoh’s Spearmen Guards, Pharoah Swordsmen Guards, Sword Hoplites
    35. ALL units have been redone from scatch and are now more balanced to make the game more enjoyable for battles.
    36. Battles last a LONG time now, Movement has been reduced also.
    37. Fighting in Snow, Woods, gives advantages to Barbarians, Cavalry gets penalties fighting in woods.
    38. Early Legions have been changed to reflect more accuracy for Caesars Legions, they no longer look like Late Legion clones.
    39. Carthage and Egypt now have Ballistas, Barbarians no longer have Onagers.
    40. STONE throwing Ballistas added to the game, Egypt, Greeks, Roman, Carthage can build them with Catapult Barracks. The do not have Flaming boulders, so strategy must
    be used whether to use Ballistas or stone throwing ones. The later does Much more damage to walls, but is not good against infantry.
    41. Heavy Onagers removed, Regular Onagers available when you build Siege Barracks. Still available in Custom Battles.
    42. Repeating Ballistas Removed from Campaign game, Scorpions do the Job of repeating ballistas anyway, Unrealistic siege weapon and redundant, I think the stone throwing ones are MUCH better.
    43. Scorpions are now an After Marius Reforms Item, so you will NOT see them until Marius Reforms.
    44. Large and Epic Stones walls cannot be built in Campaign game, They were not very realistic and since CA didn’t make the ladders for them as they planned, makes these walls more like Disney land. Lol But I did leave them available to the Senate to make it Harder to take. So only the Senate and certain capitals can build these walls now, everyone else just Stone walls.
    45. Removes all temples from Romans Except Jupiter.
    46. Removed all farms from Romans except the first 3 farms.
    47. Special tweaks made for population control, Temples population and experience bonuses work only for other factions not Romans, also Taverns work on for Barbarians. So unless the temple has a happiness or law bonus you want, it would be better to destroy it and build the Roman Temple. If you take a province with a tavern remember it only gives bonuses to the barbarians. You should destroy it if you are not a barbarian
    faction. I believe the above changes will solve the problem for Roman population explosions.
    48. Added Scutarii and Bull Warriors to slave, so Spain rebels build them now.
    49. Some Minor music added to the game for the Roman factions
    50. Removed annoying the “Day is ours” etc. from the game.
    51. Removed the Gong sound when ending a campaign turn.
    52. Cost rebalance for all units for Multiplayer Battles.
    53. All cavalry are more effective now in flank and rear routing of units.
    54. Made 3 Shades of red for Roman Factions. Senate now a dark purple.
    55. Added a Zone of Recruitment for Legionary Cohorts, Princepes, and Triarii. They Only can be built in Italy and some bordering provinces, marked by a little Roman shield for provinces that can recruit them, cohorts, and 1st cohorts.
    56. Changed speed of Roman Medium cavalry to be faster than before.
    57. Adjusted Mass based off unit type and class. Heavy units now punch through light unit lines more.
    58. Increased Character Movement Points, Armies can move farther now.
    59. Roads now have Law Bonus, this is to reflect civilizations Laws and culture influence.
    60. Added Eastern, Greek, Numidian Legionaries to Their respective provinces for Roman Players. Do not be fooled these units are NOT as good as Italian Legionaries, but better than Auxillia. Black shield Icon marked provinces where they can be recruited.
    61. Adjusted Ships so Roman ships cost more and reduce build time to 0, Its MUCH harder now to keep the seas, and protect your supply lines!
    62. Removed Britons from Playable faction and removed their Boats, They will now stay on their Island like in Real life, yet that Island will be bloody to take!
    63. Foreign Temples, Taverns, Caravans, Secret police, Greek theaters, Blacksmiths now contain a Negative bonus which will hurt Population and Happiness. I recommend destroying the Buildings.
    64. Added New Loading Screen and New Intro Video. Added New menu video
    65. Added new FMV Videos for Lose, Win, and Death for Roman factions.
    66. Added New Judean Zealots, Judean archers, Rebel only.
    67. Added New Syrian Auxillia Archers for Romans.
    68. Added Stronger armies for Spanish Rebels, Bull warriors etc
    69. Added Gaul Heavy Spear Infantry, since Gaul has so few units and this was requested.
    70. Raised Purchase & Upkeep cost of Mercenary units.
    71. Increased abilities of mercenaries so they are more effected than their standard counterparts.
    72. Adjusted Sounds so Roman Soldiers say something better, plus attacks statements are changed also.
    73. Added Skymod for patch 1.5, Changes Weather and Time of day for Battles, morning, noon, and NIGHT BATTLES!
    74. Added 0ver 200 more Quotes Mod
    75. Changed Campaign menu maps to reflect the color and provinces each faction owns.
    76. Added new Campaign music for Egyptian faction
    77. Roman players can now recruit Praetorians "IF" they have ROME and if it has an Imperial Palace.
    78. NEW FORMATION! Shield wall for Roman Infantry units, this formation replaces the Loose Formation for Roman infantry units. Loose formation applies to all other units as normal.
    79. Added more grass to the battlefields.
    80. Added Buttons to SPQR for campaign that matches the Custom buttons.
    81. Tighter formations for most of the cavalry units.
    82. Added new Traits for more AI command stars
    83. Added New Group formations for Roman Player
    84. Docks on have 1 trade fleet for Romans
    85. Trading posts etc have less routes for Romans
    86. Added Legion Names to 1st cohorts. Each of the 28 Regions have one 1st cohort that has a specific unique legion name. It up to the player to play historically with 1 legion name per legion or not.
    87. Added New Triumph Trait for Romans, depends on how many enemies killed in battle, and how many provinces you take. Minor Triumph, Triumph, Large Triumph, Great Triumph, Spectacular Triumph.
    88. Added Sinuhet's Version 3 Formations customized for SPQR mod.
    89. Added New Icons on strategy map to show where Legions and imitation Legion can be recruited. Small Shields
    90. Elephants and Chariot Riders now use Javelins. Makes them more effective in the game.
    91. Increased mining bonus, and increased purchase cost, you also need a Large town to build the first Mine.
    92. Added New Ship Models for Campaign Map from Riczu
    93. Adjusted Particles to 2000 instead of 8000, much better performance for the HUGE battles in SPQR, plus no noticeable difference in Dust. Same was done for Smoke.
    94. Changed Unit sizes for all Factions, Battle more epic and Players playing on Large settings get more balanced gameplay.
    95. Besides adding new Roman fort that is fixed, I also added Forts for the Other Factions.
    96. Added new campaign map from Icetorque, custom adjusted for SPQR
    97. Spartans and Triarii can use Both swords and spears in battle.
    98. Added New horse mod tailored for SPQR
    100. Romans only ones that build Stone Roads, but other factions get Trade bonus on dirt roads, so not penalty. Makes an area Romanized.
    101. Pre-Marius Artillery added, later replaced by Post-Marius Artillery.
    102. Night Battles in Campaign game and Custom Maps now work in SPQR 6.0
    103. New win conditions, you must take 155 province to Win in SPQR: TW
    104. NEW GARRSION SCRIPT, when running the script by clicking the ESC key and then clicking on the “?” Icon and then clicking the showme Icon under the adviser you will activated a script that produces garrisons when the PLAYER no matter which faction he or she plays, gets NEAR to or SIEGES the city. The script will automatically make a garrison as if the town gathered to fight off the attack. You will need to activate the script EACH time you LOAD a SAVED GAME. Otherwise the script doesn’t have to be loaded constantly
    while playing the campaign.
    105. SPQR Now ported over to 1.5 Patched RTW, DO NOT Use SPQR 6.2 Unless you have the 1.5 patch installed!
    106. Scipii and Brutii factions removed, SPQR now uses a Unified Rome, with the Senate still in control of Rome.
    107. Added Special EB animation pack from Alin, That adds, Javelin for Elephant and chariots, Roman Gladius fighting, Barbarian slashing sword (works for axemen also), foot archers, overhand hoplites and many more. All of which can be fast or regular movement depending on the unit.
    108. Mines Produce more Money than Vanilla mines.
    109. Senate starts out with 5 Legions but can recruit Praetorians anytime. Rome cannot last long if attacked to many times, defend her well.
    110. Elephants carry 4 riders now instead of 3. This makes them more effective than before.
    111. Assassin traits adjusted, the better the Forum the better the assassin.
    112. The player can now recruit Generals. The upkeep is low, but the purchase cost is high for the Romans. All factions can recruit Generals.
    113. Cost and upkeep for Diplomats, Assassins, and Spies have been raised. This allows a More strategic use for these useful and important units. Romans cost for these units is more than the other factions. As your empire Grows you will be able to afford more of these special units.
    114. Building Amphitheaters will allow the recruitment of Gladiators, each level allows a different type to be built.
    115. Game should be easier on Easy and Medium settings than for 6.0 version. Lower AI chevrons, and More mixed Units in AI armies.
    116. Greek_Cities and Macedon now have ability to make Elephants if they have the resource.
    117. 4 Turn per Year added to the garrison script this means if you use the script you must always use it during your campaign or risk corrupted saved games. No more turning the script on and off when wanted. 118. Higher level Barracks give Experience for Lower level units. Suggestion from a fan, which was a good idea.
    119. Fixed Auxilia Cavalry2, so some systems do not crash in loading battles. (Special thanks to jegui & ferres for pointing it out)
    120. Added new Loyalty traits for Roman Faction, so watch your Generals. Some Generals with 0 Loyalty may still stand you others may not, but in any case it is wise to watch the loyalty of your not so loyal Generals. Only taking care of the situation once it is obvious what they are doing.
    121. Added Warcry Back into SPQR barbarian units. (back by special request of some great fans)
    122. Added Original Vanilla Grass, so systems can get FPS boost. (again special request by the low end system fans)
    123. Added NEW Model/Skins for Late period Romans from Ferres.
    124. New Gloss files for the Romans, Parthian Immortals, Sacred Band, and Spartans.
    125. A NEW More Historical Map
    126. Added New AI formations for Battle AI behavior from Sinuhet.
    127. Archers Now Fire on heavy units, fixed a CA related bug that cause archers not to shoot at very heavy infantry for AI factions. You will need Testudo!
    128. Doubled Battle time so battles last twice as long as before.
    129. Greek and Macedon units cost more, making a little more challenge for those players, plus limits the massive armies they seem to wield because of money.
    130. Added New events that can trigger Governor Revolts and Also a New Trigger for allowing Characters to GAIN LOYALTY in Imperial Cities complete with all the buildings.
    131. Added new hidden traits and trigger that allow Generals that fought MANY battles to have units under their command have battlefield bonuses.
    132. ADJUSTED Imperial Legionary Skins and centurions to reflect a more Heavily Armoured unit.
    133. Cavalry has more effect on Attacking infantry from behind and in general.
    134. Garrison Script changed to reflect more archers since the AI uses them more effectively now.
    135. Spartans increased in effectiveness.
    136. Generals that suffers a clear defeat in more than 3 battles against the same nation (greek, egyptian, etc.), as a 70% chance of becoming Afraid of that People.
    137. Slaves are worth more now, A wise governor will see the value of Slaves.
    138. Keeping more than 100K in the bank will cause Governors to become unreliable, increasing to 250K, 500k, and 1M, Increase bad traits and possible revolts.
    139. Legionaries now recruited by Province, this means Legio 1 legionaries cannot merge with Legio 2 Legionaries. This adds more challenge to the game and is realistic. For people that play like myself, this change will not affect game play much. But will make others play similar to how the mod was Meant to be played.
    140. Legion Numbers now listed in City details and Name. No longer will you wonder which legion is from which province.
    141. Elections are picked from leaders that are not that Loyal to your faction, so the Senate can trust them, you may wish to keep 0 loyalty leaders for senate offices.
    142. Fixed minor Navigator Bug.
    143. Archer Ammo lowered because of archer fix double ammo is not needed now.
    144. Adjust Ancillaries for Players, No longer will it be so easy to get ancillaries of specific types.
    145. Adjusted General Units to the Proper strength due to changes with the Archer fix.
    146. Carthage is MUCH more powerful in SPQR now.
    147. Carthage under Hannibal has taken a Roman Province making them a SERIOUS threat early in the Game.
    148. Elephants are better balanced and MORE powerful, beware of them Javelinmen are a MUST.
    149. Adjusted Civilized Nations Cities, They now have Stone walls to reflect the OLD WORLD before the Rise of Rome.
    150. More Spartans for Sparta and Sparta starts out with No Walls.
    151. Macedon Toned down a little to prevent the overwhelming of other nations.
    152. Ancillaries have been adjusted or fixed.
    153. Garrison Script Modified Slightly.
    154. Character Traits adjusted on LOYALTY, helping the Player to get more loyal Generals at start.
    155. Adjusted Skins for Roman Units and Standards.
    156. Added more mercenary units, Now there are Spartan Hoplites, Thespian Hoplites, African Heavy ercenaries, Judean Mercenaries, Barbarian swords, noble cavalry, Barbarian Skirmishers, Sword Hoplites, berian Infantry, Cataphract Elephants
    157. Added more Mercenaries Per Province, Now there are a lot more to recruit.
    158. Mercenary Upkeep Lowered to Half the purchase cost with a couple exceptions.
    159. Increased Siege weapon numbers
    160. Increase Strength of Walls and Gates
    161. Adjusted Unrest, now with the exception of a few areas will have 0%-50% unrest all the time, some areas like Spain, Judea, and Briton will remain at 70-80% constant.
    162. Added more Gloss Files for Roman standards centurions, Greek _Cities, Macedon, Seleucid, and Carthage.
    163. Gladiators are ONLY recruitable in Capua now. Historical site for the best gladiators in Rome.
    164. Added new Officer Model for Romans, More realistic Higher quality than the CA model.

    Changes\ Update Log: 11/11/2008

    ===== SPQR Total War: 7.0 ====

    165. Roman Generals now have missile units to prevent AI suicide charges.
    166. Super faction fix, now nations will no longer form superfactions like before
    167. Egyptians Walls added back into the game
    168. Larger Navies added to some other factions
    169. Carthage must be destroyed and you must own their lands for Marius Reforms to take place.
    170. Generals, Diplomats can only be recruited in Italy
    171. Auxilia Infantry, Syrian Archers, and late Auxilia Cavalry can only be recruited Outside of Italy
    172. Garrison Archers added to the game
    273. Battlefield heights fixed no longer huge mountains to fight on.
    174. New trade ships, Sieged model for campaign map, and wagons for trade.
    175. Removed some population bonuses so the AI does not produce to many men all the time.
    176. Cataphracts have saddles now.
    177. Auxilia Archers can only be recruited in the Middle east Now.
    178. Cost and upkeep of generals reduced
    179. Roman Peasants now available for transporting recruits to other provinces.
    180. As your Empire grows larger so does the possibility of Civil War, be aware it can happen at any time when you become a Larger Empire.
    190. First 2 levels of Blacksmith added to Romans, Though secondary level does not occur until Marius reforms
    191. NEVER NEVER stay in Senates Province, it is ok to pass through but do not end turn there, you violated the Laws of Rome and they WILL attack you.
    192. Many many small changes that I cannot remember now. See how many you can notice from before. ;-)

    Latest Changes\ Update Log: 09/10/2010

    ===== SPQR Total War: 8.0 ====

    193. SPQR 1.3 Addon (Has many units added to Mod, as well as Other changes)
    194. New SPQR map better battlefields based off of RS mod
    195. Hiring too many mercenaries can lead to general being disloyal over time.
    196. Mercenaries are not as loyal as your faction units. they cannot get paid if they are dead so they may run.
    197. Campaign AI and Diplomacy Adjusted.
    198. Several Bug fixes included Senate attack bug, Syracusa Garrsion Bug, Some model bug fixes.

    Latest Changes\ Update Log: 09/29/2014

    ===== SPQR Total War: 9.0 ====

    198. Roma Surrectum 2 Map addon to SPQR mod custom fitted to work with the mod by RS2 team.
    199. Improved Urban Cohort Model and features
    200. Fixed Graphical Bug with Egyptian Infantry Banner
    201. Updated graphics for Main Menu and Loading Screens (more polished now)
    202. Adjusted Roman Legionaries, Principes, and Hastatii to 180 men per unit, this was due to house rule of replenishment and hence needed a little more men to last.
    203. Improved Fleet use and added transport ships
    204. Added Greek Sword Auxilia unit
    205. Fixed unit cards for Eastern Auxilia units
    206. Marius reforms now happen when you take the city of Rome and have an Imperial Palace.
    207. Fixed script error to allow for spawning armies to appear properly
    208. Fixed invalid Traits and Ancillaries etc.
    209. Removed Greek, Armenian, and Numidian Legionaries
    210. Replace model and skin for Eastern Light Auxilia
    211. Replaced Model and Skin for Late Legionaries
    212. Replaced Model and Skin for Praetorians
    213. Added new banners and buttons
    214. Egyptian units completely replaced with new more realistic units
    215. SPQR battle map improved to be less hilly with less trees in open ground
    216. Added New German, Gual, Dacian models and skins from Algaman
    217. Changed Regular Spear units to Light Spear to make better battles
    218. Mass redone for all unit to prevent excessive pushing

    Issues, Some lower End PCs may have CTD issues with New map and New high Rez
    Models for new units.

    Please check SPQR forum for Help on Campaign game play.

    = = = = SPQR Index Forum = = = =

    Loyalty in SPQR 9.0

    SPQR will now have loyalty. Loyalty is affected by several factors.

    1. A General is TOO successful on a Battlefield, Watch how many Victories your General Gets, There is no set number for loyalty loss, but it gives you a good Idea if you have been using him TOO much. lol

    2. A General is Away from the Cities of Rome too Long. Sometimes this cannot be avoided, but LONG campaigns can affect them a little.

    3. A General is getting too Much Political Support. This is not too much of a Worry since the Senate does not choose your faction for Offices, but it still happens.

    If you are the type of player that uses one General to do battle, I should warn you to watch his loyalty as him may not be as loyal as his was before. Also if you find a General is getting low on Loyalty you can retire him to Governorship, there is a chance he can regain Loyalty once he tastes the good life again. It is Possible for Characters/Generals to Gain up to 5 Loyalty Rings by being a Governor, of course remote rich Provinces could
    cause a Governor to rebel Outright. lol

    Learn to Manage your Generals and Family Members, remember just because they have 0 Loyalty does not mean they would not make a good governor! Generals and Family Members acquire Governor Traits the longer they spend in the position, so just because a Young General is not a good governor yet, Give him time and you will see how much better he becomes at the job!

    Province City and Legion Numbers.

    Venetia Patavium = legion1
    Lucana Paestum = legion2
    Viennensis Massilia = legion3
    Aetolia Naupactus = legion4
    Etruria Arretium = legion5
    Samnium Beneventum = legion6
    Tarraconensis Tarraco = legion7
    Bruttium Reghion = legion8
    Alpes_Maritime Nicaea = legion9
    Carpentania Toletum = legion10
    Alpes_Cottiae Mediolanum = legion11
    Umbria Arminium = legion12
    Liguria Genua = legion13
    Campania Capua = legion14
    Epirus_Vetus Ambrakia = legion15
    Narbonensis Tolosa = legion16
    Alpes_Poenninae Darantasia = legion17
    Histria Tergeste = legion18
    Lugdunensis_I Lugdunum = legion19
    Sicilia_Romanus Messana = legion20
    Sicilia_Graecus Syracusa = legion21
    Illyricum Salona = legion22
    Sardinia Carali = legion23
    Calabria Taras = legion24
    Sicilia_Poeni Lilybeon = legion25
    Epirus_Nova Apollonia = legion26
    Baliares Palma = legion27
    Picenum Asculum = legion28
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    Default Activating the Garrison/4TPY Script in SPQR 7.0

    Activating the Garrison/4TPY Script in SPQR 9.0

    To activate the Garrison Script you must Click the ESC key on you Keyboard when you just started your campaign. Then you need to click on the Question Mark Icon (?) shown in the Picture. Then you must click on the Show Me How button, shown in the picture under the advisor. This will then activate the Garrison script, you can then exit out of the advisor and continue your game.

    You MUST do this Everytime you LOAD a SAVED GAME. This script will run throughout your game while you play, until you EXIT your campaign game. Then when you Start your campaign Again you need to do this ONCE before you play. Its really easy and once you get the hang of it and REMEMBER to do it, there will be no problems.

    You DO NOT want to start a game with the Garrison script and then not use it later, the same is true with starting a game without the script then activating it later in your campaign. You should play ONE or the OTHER, NOT BOTH.

    Also Saved games, you should RELOAD a Saved game many Turns back like if you lost a battle and then reload the saved game to play it again, As this MAY cause Issues with the garrison script in your campaign. Of course this ONLY applies if you use the Garrison script.

    Over all the Garrison script adds a Garrison ANYTIME the Player gets next to or Sieges a Town of the AI. It is best to be careful when getting close to a city because you can have them spawn a garrison and not siege, which is giving them an army, although a low quality one. This is to reflect the Town defending itself when an invader comes to attack their homes, Since the AI is unable to leave a nice garrison, The garrison script will correct this. This makes Sieges in the game more FUN and more of a Challenge.

    Of course you can find ways around the garrison by attacking early etc, but that DEFEATS the point of USING the script in the first place. lol If you want an easier game, play without the script.
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    Default Lt's SPQR:TW House Rules

    Lt's SPQR:TW House Rules
    Hello, Some of the fans here want to play SPQR like I play it, since they know I created the Mod for my style of Play. So after being asked to post my Own house Rules that I use for myself to make SPQR more fun and challenging, I have finally typed them up. Since SPQR:TW 6.1 is So different from 5.0 and other Versions the Rules are slightly Different. I tried to remember everything I could but if I missed something someone may post to let me know, or maybe they THINK its a house rule when it isnt. lol

    So here they are I hope you Enjoy, but out of ALL the rules, the Last one is the MOST important!

    SPQR:TW House Rules

    1. Build Premarius Legions like so: 5 Hastatii, 5 Princepes, 3 Triarii, 2 Velites, 2 Missile units, 2 cavalry units, 1 General
    2. Build PostMarius Legions like so: 1 1st Cohort, 9 Imperial Cohorts, 2 Javelinmen, 2 Archers, 2 Cavalry, 1 General, Allowing for 2-3 Auxillia Spearmen
    3. Auxilia Swordsman, Never add them to full legions that have 9 cohorts and 1 1st cohort. Only use Auxilia Spearmen.
    4. Auxilia Swordsmen can be used to Replace lost Imperial Cohorts since they have a Pila throw. Hence the Purpose I added them for my Mod.
    5. You can build Alae or Auxilia style Legions. I usually follow the same setup of 10 Auxilia Swordsmen, and then Same missile, Javelinmen, etc. These are used on Borders to help Support the Legions!
    6. Never replenish Cohorts when they start to get depleted, Only do so after 20 Turns. In the meantime use Auxilia to fill in thinning Ranks.
    7. If NOT using the Garrison Script NEVER Blitz and Rush the AI, allow the AI to build up to provide a Good Challenge. With the Garrison script on you really canít blitz anyway.
    8. Always play SPQR:TW on M/M settings, unless too easy then play harder, but it should be too easy if you donít blitz or use the Garrison script.
    9. Always play SPQR:TW with the Garrison Script and 4tpy Activated.
    10. Never Camp in the Town Square when defending Walls, always try to hold the walls and then fall back.
    11. When you take a City always Destroy the NON ROMAN buildings.
    12. When you Build Forts try not to build a wall of Forts, just have a fort or 2 warning etc. The AI can only do so much.
    13. When fighting a Battle NEVER try to destroy the General First so the army Routs Faster, after all More generals were added to make battle more fun!
    14. Try to avoid using Bridge Battles unless Playing on VH/M or harder
    15. If you do a bridge battle donít station several Scorpions and artillery on the bridge, or more than 5 missiles or 5 Javelinmen. Lets be fair Bridges are already an advantage to the player.
    16. NEVER, NEVER Modify SPQR to make the game 1 turn recruitment, or make the game easier or to add better stats to units. Like adding Legionary Cavalry which Rome didnít use Back then, their cavalry was bad hence why the used Mercs a lot for cavalry.
    17. Do NOT recruit more than 1 Legion Name of Each name. So two 1st Legio would be a NO NO.
    18. Only Recruit 28 Legions Never more, and only Use Imperial 1st Cohorts with Imperial Cohorts and Republican with Republican, do not mix and match. There is no Limit for Auxilia Legions.
    19. If you build Imitation Legions, build like the Romans with 10 Cohorts then Auxilia.
    20. NEVER assassinate AI Generals, the whole point is a harder game, Use assassins for Diplomats and Other Assassins.
    21. NEVER, NEVER sink a ship that has an Enemy Army on it to prevent it from landing and threatening you, after all challenge is what we want and in real life you would never know what was in that ship until it was too late. Itís nice to see the AI do invasions, why cheat and stop him?
    22. Never Reload a saved Game because you Made a MISTAKE or LOST a Battle. In Real life there are no saved games. Saved games should be used when you quit playing or If there is a CTD.
    23. NEVER use ANY of the Console CHEATS in your SPQR:TW campaign game.
    24. Always use Killsheet to record your Losses Bridge Battle losses should be counted and not gone by the Total Lost that the game says, Its most of the time inaccurate since Friendly Fire is not counted on the Losses, even though you really lose those men, the game doesnít add them to the list.
    25. Never AUTOCALC battles unless itís a small Rebel Army that popped up.
    26. Never use exploitive AI cheats, like moving your archers BEHIND the AI army to destroy them because the AI isnít smart enough to know the danger. Allow the AI some slack to provide a MORE challenging Game.
    27. Try to use REAL tactics on the battlefield, SPQR is balanced in Battles to allow LONG realistic battles with plenty of Time to maneuver.
    28. Never compose armies of Siege weapons etc.
    29. You can form cavalry Armies for scouting and harassing the Enemy, but not Praetorians, etc.
    30. Build only 1 Praetorian Legion, and Never Mix Praetorian units with Regular Legions. 10 Praetorian Cohorts and 2 Praetorian Cavalry, the rest Auxillia.
    31. Donít try to trick the Senate Armies away as you take Rome really Quick. Better to Fight them for the challenge. Also Its better to play with the script and it Spawns a Praetorian Garrison.
    32. Never Exploit the AI Flaws etc. There are many ways too many to mention, but you know if you are tricking the AI most likely its an exploit. Lol Try to play in the AIís world.
    33. And NEVER NEVER poke your sword through the Monitor after a losing Battle, youíll regret it later.
    34. Do Not use AutoManage or Auto Recruit for Cities, Control your Empire, not just fight.
    35. Do Not take the generals or characters you dont like and kill them by placing them in a ship to be sunk, you have to take the good with the bad, its part of the game.
    36. When you lose a Legionary Eagle UNLESS you recapture it, that Legion number is NEVER recruited again.
    37. When a Legion Revolts, you CANNOT make a new Legion with the same name, you must either Bribe or Destroy the legion to use the Legion Number again.
    38. No Plague ships or Spreading Plague to the enemy cities, it wasnt really done back then, Romans prefered to Conquer their enemies by force or bribe.
    39. All independant Armies should have a general or family member assigned to them. In SPQR there is plenty of Money for supporting armies with Generals. Troop transports do not need generals, but all Cavalry, Merc, Auxillary, and Legionary Armies need a General to but used in the field.
    40. Don't allow/make cities to rebel to Roman Rebels to use as a Buffer.
    41. Do not use Pause while fighting battles, battles are slow and long enough to make changes, real life there is no pause.
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    Default SPQR:TW Screenshots, Signatures and Wallpapers

    [fieldset]SPQR:TW Screenshots, Signatures and Wallpapers


    2. Roma

    3. Gauls

    4. Germans

    5. Greeks

    6. Iberian Rebels №1

    and with slingers

    7. Macedon

    8. Parthians

    9. Seleucids

    10. Thracians


    I was asked to offer here at TWC for the Fans Desktop wallpaper for SPQR images. So I decided to Make a few and Post them on in this thread.

    Choose the ones you like, as I liked them all.
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    Default SPQR:TW Videos!

    SPQR:TW Videos!

    These videos were made by Fans, they show SPQR's units and give people who are Interested in Playing SPQR Mod, but not sure if they should download the mod.

    Enjoy, I did.


    If anyone has any others that are like Trailers or Movies please let me know.
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    Default Classical Writings of Caesar's Campaigns

    Classical Writings of Caesar's Campaigns

    I looked up a link for some of the new and young fans of SPQR. I felt alot of knowledge is missing on Rome and what happened in Gaul, etc. Here is a link to some writings of Caesar. I have the books myself, but this online source is good for beginners wishing to learn more about Rome and how they fought and history in itself.

    There are also some other links to some sites that explain formations and Legions and how they fought.


    Caesars Writings.

    Roman Empire

    Roman History

    Life of Caesar

    Various Roman Site Links
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