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Thread: Deus lo Vult: Battlefield Balanced v4.36 <25/01/15>

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    Icon3 Deus lo Vult: Battlefield Balanced v4.36 <25/01/15>

    This is DLV:BB, a huge overhaul for Medieval 2 Total War Kingdoms. It is designed to be played on VH/VH difficulty.

    Some gameplay changing features since DLV (WIP):
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    First turn choices and History Campaign removed - I hope you can understand this - Too much unnecessary work.

    - Comprehensive overhaul of AI, unit stats, projectiles, special effects and animation organisation.
    - The main aim is to make a fun game that the AI can actually play well enough to offer a challenge.
    - Another important aim has been to make this side of the game as coherent and realistic as possible.

    Trusted Allies
    - Friends reveal info about goings on at their cities and forts
    - They're extremely unlikely to stab you in the back
    - Even had them send me gifts and attack enemies besieging my cities.
    - Rewrote AI, thoroughly revised diplomacy, wrote a massive script, etc.

    Four Seasons
    - With fields that give income in Autumn, sheep sheered in Summer, etc.
    - Leader trait tracks season because it's impossible to change the campaign map textures to show autumn and spring

    Defense Spending
    - Vary recruitment rates at a cost dependent on the amount and levels of military buildings
    - It means you can sacrifice recruitment for better income, or vice versa, whenever you like
    - Removed War Draft
    - Clicking advice button on Construction tab gains access to the Defense Spending menu (from hell, but it's the best I could come up with - There's no way to make a pop-up event with multiple options, or add new elements to the UI.)

    18 level RPG style character development
    - Four seasons means twice as much can be done with characters, so it's a good job I've at least quadrupled the amount there is to do.
    - Removed education, along with the DLV Governor and General trait stuff, including General recruitment of cavalry.
    -- The reason is that this new system is meant to supercede them ( and it's hard to implement such a system around what is already there.
    - All player characters are Governor and General now
    - Brute renamed Rogue and results from characters being forced by the player to do 'bad' stuff (Killing prisoners and razing settlements)
    - The fourth archetypal trait is Ruler, and helps ensure that the strong ruler's influence is felt, and the new ruler, not so much
    - Each of the four traits, Governor, General, Rogue and Ruler, have 18 levels
    - They each have at least 4 'specialisation areas', well they used to be specialisations, now they're more like perks
    - These specialisation perk things unlock some powerful situational traits
    -- e.g. Bandits are somehow able to replenish their supplies, with improved viewing distances, and improved movement capability, while idle in foreign lands.
    - Removed Civil War (reconciling too buggy and heart breaking)

    Revised Economy
    - Unit balancing, Defense Spending, 4TPY, Governor(18), etc. all mean the economy is changing
    - It should be possible for the economy to fluctuate significantly, and it's worth noting that this means the difficulty can vary to some degree as a result.
    - The game should be balanced at present so that players can generate money from the start of the game by clicking end turn repeatedly.
    - But if they want to expand quickly, to prevent the expansion of neighbours, etc., then they're probably going to need to experiment to find out how much Defense Spending they can afford.
    - Leader traits now track each economy area and state - No more pop-ups.
    - Unit, Settlement, and Defense Spending cost events still pop up on clicking financial scroll if they're applicable
    - Removed merchants to stabilise the economy and prevent waste

    Weaponsmith Guilds
    - Since the M2TW upgrades never worked on missile weapons, I've retasked them to work on specific melee weapon types - Blade, Axe, Spear and Mace.
    - Unit Info cards will tell you the weapon type.
    - Producing relevant units will eventually get you offers from the associated weaponsmith guild.

    Campaign Map
    - America removed
    - Aztecs removed
    - Many more navigable rivers
    - Topography reworked to provide more battlefield terrain variation

    etc. etc. etc.

    You can help improve DLV:BB:

    Any battle AI problems: Upload a savegame with the problem behaviour expected in the next battle.

    Any CTD issue in the campaign: Upload a savegame from before the issue with reproduction steps for the problem.

    Installation and savegame compatibility

    The files

    If you already have DLV installed then delete/rename the 'DLV_ext' folder in the game-folder's 'mod' folder first.

    Bear in mind that DLV:BB requires Kingdoms 1.5.

    Full DLV:BB4.35:

    Update to DLV:BB4.36 from 4.3 or later:

    Windows 8, Windows 7 and Vista Users:

    If you experience problems with CTDs which cannot be reproduced:

    1) Disable UAC (

    2) Install M2TW to it's own folder e.g. c:\M2

    If you already installed it then you can probably just copy (or drag/move) the game folder into the root and rename it 'm2' - Seems to work fine for me.

    3) Take ownership of the c:\M2 folder and it's subfolders

    To take ownership of a file or folder
    --1 Open Windows Explorer, and then locate the file or folder you want to take ownership of.
    --2 Right-click the file or folder, click Properties, and then click the Security tab.
    --3 Click Advanced, and then click the Owner tab.
    --4 Click Edit, and then in the Change owner to box, click your user name.
    --5 To change the owner of all subcontainers and objects within the tree, select the Replace owner on subcontainers and objects check box.


    4) Extract the contents of DLVBBv4.35.exe to your game folder (e.g. c:\m2)

    5) If required extract the contents of the update to C:\M2\mods\dlv_ext

    Steam Definitive Edition:
    Quote Originally Posted by just_a_peasant View Post
    Hello, i will try to explain how to install this mod if you in need of help on how to install with steam definitive edition version of the game:

    1. Make a copy of medieval2.exe located in steamapps\common\Medieval II Total War and rename the copy to kingdoms.exe

    2. Extract the mod files as administrator from DLVBBv4.35.exe, after extraction you will see data DLV_ext and mods folder, copy DLV_ext and paste into mods folder don't overwrite the files if asked, copy data folder and paste into mods/DLV_ext folder, don't overwrite the files if asked, delete data and DLV_ext folder you extracted from DLVBBv4.35.exe only keep the mods folder.

    3. Extract the mod files as administrator from DLVBBv4.36_Update.exe, after extraction you will see data folder and Launch_DLV_BB.bat, cut both and paste into mods\DLV_ext folder and overwrite everything.

    4. copy the mods folder into your game directory steamapps\common\Medieval II Total War

    5. open DLV_ext in mods folder and run adapt.bat as admin

    6. run adapt_sound_english.bat as admin, if you don't play the game in english run the adapt_sound_nonenglish.bat instead

    7. make a shortcut of Launch_DLV_BB.bat to desktop it will be the game launcher, dont run the game from steam, run the Launch_DLV_BB.bat instead

    8. all done! the game starts and enjoy this great mod

    Change log
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    The main thread prior to this one.(In reality the system is very much more complicated right now than is suggested in that thread)
    First update
    - Increased and rebalanced mass for all units.
    - Rebalanced pikemen.
    - Increases unit size and upkeep costs for many of the smaller spearmen units.
    - Numerous tweaks and fixes.

    - Bugfixing.

    - All missile units now have a seperate training level for their secondary weapon.
    - Adujsted unit spacing for spearmen.

    - Raised mount mass, reduced mount length.
    - Changed charge values.
    - Removed light_spear from 2h weapons except halberds. Raised mount effect by +2 to compensate.
    - Numerous tweaks and changes.

    - Bugfixing.

    - Reworked defence values.
    - Many tweaks and fixes.
    - Added 2 new lower levels of training to help missile units suck more in melee.
    - Improved accuracy slightly for HA
    - Revised cavalry lance attack and charge values for the first time.

    - Increased shield by 1 for all inf, cav are now -2 for shields.
    - Decreased defence by 2 for all 2h sword, 2h axe and 2h warhammer.
    - Changed cav mass for better penetration.
    - Increased couched lance charge values by +2.
    - Bugfixing.

    - Compatibility issues with hotfix1 resolved.

    - Attack delay varied depending on training level and skel comp normalised at "1". Blunt weapons have faster values because they do not get a bonus vs 'spear'.
    - Increased defence for Halberds to mitigate 'light_spear' defence penalty.
    - All melee axe, sword and halberd inf set to slashing to improve kill rate versus 'spear' (pikes and anticav spearmen). Missile and cav sword get piercing.

    - Imported DLV Europa's unit costs.

    - Added upgrades:
    Partial plate for Venetian Archers and Venetian Heavy Infantry.
    Italian advanced plate for Obudshaer, Dismounted English Knights and Dismounted Portuguese Knights.
    (Previous to this I had added the Dismounted Huscarl partial plate and Dismounted Imperial Knights gothic plate)
    - Reduced 2h axe, sword and mace defence by 2.
    - Added AP to all heavy cavalry lances to improve kill rates in the initial seconds of a charge vs armored targets.
    - Adjusted charge proportion values to improve infantry and cavalry charge mechanics.

    - Imported animation setup from RRRC, thanks to Point Blank.
    - Removed cav spread - as part of RRRC animations but thanks go to Chim.

    - I have created new remixes of animations:
    Militia Axe: Not many fatalities, some slow moves, not many quick moves. - Bill militia, etc.
    Regular Axe: More fatalities, less slow moves, not many quick moves. - Axemen, etc.
    Elite Axe: All fatalities, less slow moves, more quick moves. - Berdiche, etc.
    Defensive Halberd: Based on axe. Shuffle back, less moving forwards moves, less slow moves, more quick moves, no light_spear, -4 defence. Assigned to 5 units: heavy billmen, voulgier, JHI, halbbruder and obudshaer.
    Pike-Breaker Greatsword: No knockback from the front, more moving forwards moves, one fast fatality, often performs a 3-hit combo - Forlone hope.
    PowerSword: No knockback from front or sides, quick moves, both fatalities... raises shield when hit by arrows or melee :- D. Chivalric Knights and many other top tier swordsmen.
    - Bugfixing.

    - Created more new animation sets:
    PowerAxe/Mace - same as powersword but no fatalities (blame CA). Huscarls, Edessan squires, D. Ghulams, etc.
    PowerSpear - same as powersword but one fatality. Templar sergeants, Pavise spearmen, Arab infantry, etc.
    EliteGreatsword - Fast moves, most fatalities. D, Gothic Knights, Gotland Footmen.
    - Bugfixing.

    - A little rebalancing for spearmen, -1 def from level 2 up and mass reduced by 0.1.
    - Pikemen get maximum unit size and corresponding price rise.
    - Cleaned up the EDU, removed unused lines which made it 10% smaller.
    - Many more units using my new anims although they're mainly restricted to high quality units.
    - Adjusted units move speed:
    Infantry units incapable of heavy mail get a 10% speed increase.
    Those that are capable of partial plate or higher get a 10% decrease.
    Pikemen get no bonus for light armor but get penalised 10% for partial plate and above and also for lower troop quality.
    - Bugfixing.

    - Advanced plate receives +2 armor, units that upgrade to it will get 2 upgrades instead of 1 when they do.
    - Training level system applied to javelins, overall damage increased and range dependant on training. - still need to do differing accuracy and model heavy and light javs.
    - Increase in militia spear and light_spear unit size, they're up to 200 men now. Prices adjusted accordingly.
    - Many prices fixed.

    - Revised Javelins: 5 levels of accuracy, seperate for cav and inf. Damage, range and ammo distinction between light and heavy javs. Heavy javs no longer classed as missile units and throw a jav before charge.
    - Fixed elite axe not working vs cav, removed sword fatality from 1h axe/mace.

    - Light javs ammo reduced to 6, heavy to 2.
    - Seperate axe and mace anims to allow better axe units to use the sword fatality.
    - Militia and peasant level troops get -1 armor. So now low quality units have lower quality armor and high quality units have higher.
    - Bugfixing.

    - Revised bow, crossbow and firearm attack values in accordance with training level system. Composite and longbow use 'area' instead of 'ap'.

    - Revised bow, crossbow and firearm accuracy using 5 levels linked to training level (as done previously with javelins).
    - Several adjustments to animations:
    Jumping charge attack for powersword.
    2h axemen now slash at cav instead of stabbing. (should reduce the amount of stabbing they do in general).
    Defensive halberds now use halberd charge anims instead of axe.
    Regular 2h sword made more distinct from elite.
    - -1 attack for maces. Should help axes out-kill maces vs low armor.
    - Removed ability to hide from gunpowder units.
    - Bugfixing.

    01/03/09 - Hardcore/WURM integration.
    -Reintroduces weapon upgrade for those that removed it.
    -Retains WURM alternative bonuses for weapon upgrade.
    -Retains WURM improved swordsmith guild chances. (Now already included in DLV6.1)
    -Retains WURM staggered gunpowder and mercenary appearance.
    -Enables AI factions to produce all units from settlement walls.
    -Gives AI a little morale boost. (Now already included in DLV6.1)
    -Gives AI xp levels dependant on level of settlement. (Now already included in DLV6.1)
    The desired effect is better AI army composition, AI will almost always have the technological advantage regarding troops, more XP for AI mitigates AIs inability to retrain effectively.

    Hardcore update:
    All military buildings now need correct mil point level to construct, including militia, armorer and artillery within cities.
    Raised AI experience bonus for later walls.
    Removed player experience bonus where I had previously added it to compensate for weapon upgrade removal - the upgrade is back, the xp is gone.

    - Turn times for unit production revised.
    - Low lvl archers reduced in attack.
    - Ranges of normal bows revised.
    - First attempt at producing better AI - so far it is much much better than previously. Massively improved flanking.
    - Adjusted soldier spacing for javs, looser formation for light javs and closer formation for heavy javs.
    - Adjusted soldier spacing for pikes, looser formation allows deeper penetration by attackers.
    - Removed wedge formation.
    - Removed cantabrian circle.
    - Revised can_formed_charge, it's only for better cav now.
    - Raised melee hit rate, more charge casualties, slightly faster pace.

    - AI improved, archers will engage in melee properly and other tweaks.

    - AI revised, siege behaviour improved.

    15/03/09 - BB1.8
    - More improvements to AI siege defence behaviour.
    - Bugfixing, horde formation removed (too buggy).

    - Improved siege defence AI.
    - Reduced morale a little for peasants, militia and siege crews.
    - Revised soldier spacing, peasants and miltia have looser formations.
    - Removed impetuous from cavalry units.
    - Reduced phalanx halberds defence and removed light_spear.

    - More AI tweaks.
    - Skirmish class employed for javs and hybrids.

    - AI tweaks.

    - Updated siege defence
    - Raised wall, tower and gate hitpoints to allow more time for AI to respond to breach threats and reduce the amount of towers a single arty unit can take out.

    - New animations/weapon arrangement for halberds, old style phalanx plus defensive halberd secondary.
    - New animations for arquebusiers and musketeers, they now fire by rank. Thanks go to Point Blank, it's a big improvement.
    - Some new Rusichi Mongols imported, no unit cards.
    - AI tweaks - hopefully better battlefield and siege behaviour.
    - Settlement defence hit points raised.
    - Hardcore 6.1+update integrated.
    - Some unit balancing tweaks.
    - Bugfixing
    - new eastern armoured horses, russian captains and generals from Rusichi.

    - Bugfixing.

    - Imported the rest of the Rusichi mongols.

    - Revised animations for halberd phalanx, they're about as fast as pikes now but will typically use axe style chopping moves along with halberd and 2hsword stabbing moves.
    - Cumans, Kazaks and Alans get the Rusichi treatment.
    - Inf charge distances revised - missile units will have time to switch weapons when counter-charging.

    - Bugfixing.

    - BAI bugfix.
    - Revised charge distances further, missile and halberds get 20m, light inf and 2h weapon attack troops get 15 metres, heavy inf with shields get 10 metres and spearmen get 5m.
    - Revised artillery costs, build times and engine number.
    - Revised pathfinding.

    - Adjustments to BAI.
    - Spearmen attack vs horse reduced.
    - Pikes slightly loosened again.

    - Morale revised. It should be harder to win in campaign but easier in custom battles.
    - Bugfixing.

    22/04/09 - BB2.1
    - CBUR Komnenean Rosta integrated!!!!
    - Bugfixing.

    - Bugfixing.

    - Bugfixing.

    - New CBUR unit cards by Agistournas.
    - Toxotae are finally recruitable for the player.
    - Byz general imported from CBUR.
    - Longboats made cheaper and reduced in construction time.

    - More new unit cards for CBUR units by Agistournas.
    - Edited some Rusichi models to give us heavy infantry without spears for russian factions.

    - Again more unit cards for CBUR units by Agistournas.
    - AI tweaks.
    - Corrected some Byzantine unit stats.
    - Stone walls and up reduced in hit points.

    - BAI, a new approach. Walls rebalanced, reduced hitpoints, revised defences. HA lethality slightly reduced.

    16/05/09 - BB2.2
    - Implemented Germanicu5' stakes script for forcing defending AI to deploy stakes in campaign battles.
    - Revised charge distances to improve cohesion.
    - Introduced new halberd phalanx anims setup for most halberds, a mix of vanilla, PB and me.
    - Further nerfed HA, possibly a little too much. Feedback needed.
    - Reduced javelin attack.
    - Bugfixing.

    - Increased range of gunpowder arty.
    - Imroved weapons in ballista and cannon towers.
    - AI and formations adjusted.
    - Halberdeers get light_spear and reduced mount_effect, balancing for improved cav charge defence.
    - Move speed of armored horses reduced.
    - Angle of crossbow fire reduced.
    - Heavy cav charge effectiveness increased.

    - More siege build points for AI generals.
    - AI Recruitment enhanced.
    - Merc prices revised.
    - AI tweaks.

    - AI General trait now gives extra morale, hitpoints and siege engineering points. Does not affect campaign start generals unless they start with the trait but all new generals will have one of the 5 levels of it.
    - Some AI tweaking, formations have been improved again.
    - Tweaked conditions concerning AI stakes deployment to exclude AI armies with cav. (save games will still work but a restart is required to effect this change.)

    - AI recruit stuff adjusted, improved access to better units.... so watch out!
    - Stakes script, scripted AI army to change formation deploy stakes then change back - better placement of stakes in most cases (Again it requires a campaign restart to see any effect, damn it!).
    - AI tweaks, better missile behaviour, formations and stuff.

    - A load more missile and skirmish units get stakes.
    - Gone through and added flags to the units lacking them where possible.

    - Reorganised and revised recruitment (including mercenaries).
    - Revised stat_heat system, based on origin and equipment.

    - Bugfixing.
    - Mounted longbowmen from Tower of London.
    - Conquistadors at tier 5 instead of only from America.

    - Fixed the historic campaign.

    - Stat_ground revised. The defense bonuses for scrub, desert, forest and snow for each unit.
    - AI tweaks.

    - Fixed issue with offcenter units in AI formations.
    - Adjusted recruitment tier/unit for some scandinavian units.
    - Included Agis' historic campaign descr_strat, which ensures all forts are manned by rebels (as they should have been) at the start of the campaign.

    - Agis' corrections to building restrictions.

    - Bugfxing.
    Final stage of Gunpowder units should now be available at turn 360 (less than 200 turns after the event fires.).
    Gunpowder mercs arrive at turn 360.
    (The gunpowder event fires at turn 180)
    Let me know if this is too long to wait or whatever, feedback would be nice.

    - Fix for Georgian texture issues.

    Combined 'bugfixes' for various problems in DLV.
    Credit: BamaToon, Grimblade and AgisTournas.

    - Playtesting is showing some significant changes to campaign gameplay brought on by previous patch. This is the 19/08/09 patch for those like me that prefer the old system. Note: It will not reverse all of the changes of the previous patch - reinstalling DLV is recommended.

    27/09/09 - BB2.3 (Almost everything done prior is included as standard in DLV 6.2)
    - Mil point related construction system improved. Events for each level now explain which buildings are made available.
    - Mercenary recruitment pools and recharge rates reduced.
    - BB2.2's advanced recruitment system (AI only recruitment from walls to encourage better army composition).
    - BB2.2's extra building bonuses and removal of non-functional bonuses.
    - Differentiated between different halberd units (Heavy bills, voulges, swordstaffs, eastern halberds, western halberds.)

    28/09/09 - BB2.31
    - Revised cav charge mechanics and reduced overall kill rate slightly.
    - Added +1 charge for lancer cav with small shield and +2 for none.
    - Raised mount mass slightly for improved penetration.
    - Bugfixing - removed a couple of units from custom battles.

    29/09/09 - BB2.32
    - Text Overhaul compatibilty update. If you wish you can install BB without installing the Text Overhaul and expect no problems, I am recommending his mod because I am using it, and it's good.

    29/09/09 - BB2.32b
    - Fixed folder naming error. Adjustments to merc pools and rates should be in effect now.

    03/10/09 - BB2.33
    - AI tweaking.
    - Bugfixing.

    07/10/09 - BB2.34
    - Introducing Germanicu5' advanced AI stake deployment and forcing reinforcements to run battle scripts.
    - Pony and Light Pony reduced in mass.
    - Halberd type system revised and introduced soldier radius distinction.
    - Reduced pike defence.
    - Bugfixing.

    15/10/09 - BB2.35
    - Updating for Germanicu5' battle scripts.

    - Replacement EDU for upgrading European bodyguards to mailed horses.
    - Replacement EDU for upgrading bodyguards to late versions with plate horses and a level increase.
    I suggest you roleplay the reason for the upgrade. Like personally I will be using mailed horses once I can produce heavy mail, and then the late version once I can produce full plate.

    29/10/09 - BB2.36
    - Improved AI featuring multiple formations, use of sheild wall and schiltrom in some circumstances, etc. (Need feedback!!)
    - Tweaked the early danish recruitment options.

    30/10/09 - BB2.37
    - Improved formations.
    - Reinforcement scripts made more stable.
    - AI recruitment revised. AI cities will now produce castle troops as well as militia, hopefully this means no more all militia armies coming from AI cities.

    02/11/09 - BB2.38
    - Tweaked AI recruitment.
    - Added an AI formation that uses a load of shieldwall.
    - Further tweaked formations in general.

    05/11/09 - BB2.39
    - More improvements to AI recruitment.
    - More adjustments to AI formations, added a multipurpose phalanx formation.

    06/11/09 - BB2.40
    - Norse Roster Overhaul
    - DLV campaign, removed annoying rebel units from the future from forts. Every initial rebel army is now generaled by a bodyguard unit.
    - More tweaking of AI recruitment, added gunpowder artillery.
    - Blind bug fixing.

    07/11/09 - BB2.41
    - Knifemen were unable to attack cav, solved.
    - Tweaked AI cav behaviour.

    08/11/09 - BB2.42
    - Agis's unit cards and building pics
    - Shaxx's work to date on the text of DLV.
    - Crimson Tide 4.2 - No dirt version.
    - Mapmod 1.7

    11/11/09 - BB2.43
    - More great unit cards from Agis Tournas (v0.25)
    - Mail units now get 'improved mail' from the final smith. (looks nicer on the unit description, no other change.)
    - Armenian banner carriers fixed and other little fixes.
    - Added lance charge modifier for mount type.
    - Adjustment to mil point score events text (So the title fits in the pop-up again)

    12/11/09 - BB2.44
    - Agis has completed HRE's unit cards (v0.26)
    - Introduced much more detailed system for infantry move speed.
    - Tweaked some skirmish related settings.

    14/11/09 - BB2.45
    - Javelins rebalanced, should be about right. Feedback welcomed.
    - Adjusted some unit's recruit priorities and some other unit's stats.
    - Some other bits and bobs.

    05/12/09 - BB2.46
    - The latest version of Agis' unit cards.
    - Major improvements to infantry attack animation setups.
    - Bug fixing.

    10/12/09 - BB2.46Update01
    - Even more improvements to infantry attack anims, it's a big step forward. In total there's ~13 of my own animation setups and the pre-existing ones have usually been modified too where I use them. These setups are, in the majority of cases, working to make the units using them more dynamic and effective. My work on this is innovative, because I've discovered how to do more than CA appear to have understood, and I am using this knowledge whereever I can. I've also reintroduced animations that were improperly implemented by CA and subsequently removed by CA. I've learnt how to start fatalities with other moves, which can have a big effect on the effectiveness of the move and so it's frequency, but also it's appearance. Most importantly, I've implemented a system of my own devising which ensures that each fatality available to a unit is also a combo. So that when a fatality attempt fails it has a strong chance of turning into a combo anyway. The result of all this on units in combat is striking and profound.

    To check out the animation setups most affected by recent my work you can look at:
    Dismounted Feudal Knights - adv sword
    Templar Spearmen - adv spear
    Dismounted Huscarls - adv axe
    Dismounted Imperial Knights - adv mace
    Zweihanders - regular 2hsword
    Forlorne Hope - anti pike
    Dismounted Gothic Knights - elite 2hsword
    Dismounted English Knights - poleaxe
    Norse Axe - elite 2haxe
    Dismounted Mailed Knights - regular 2haxe
    Sherwood archers - adv no shield sword
    Janissary Heavy Infantry - eastern non phalanx halberd

    These are just examples, all high quality infantry units should now have animations to match their skill and many other units are affected.

    16/12/09 - BB2.46Update02
    - Yet more improvement to animations. Resolved known issues with animation setups. Tweaked strike distances to make weapons appear to connect more often. Also found fix for most instances of infantry walking into each other (worship me ) which means there's a lot more attacking going on. Made 2h sword and 2h axe more distinct. And other improvements and fixes.

    19/12/09 - BB2.46Update03
    - Again animations are the main focus. This time cavalry are getting plenty of attention. Big improvements in the charging capabilities of those with lances, and much more fluid and appropriate looking close combat with the secondary weapon. Also cleaned up and added animations where I found mess or missing stuff. I didn't realise how bugged cavalry animations were before doing this work, the change is visually striking and has allowed cav to kill roughly as the lance strikes rather than the horse. Which means they get a chance to kill before they get a chance to be killed, it's a buff for lancers, there's no doubt about that.
    - Halberds buffed vs cav, but they still can't take a lancer's charge.
    - Many more units now have 2 banners.
    - Errors with normal 1h mace animations fixed.
    - Other fixes and tweaks.

    20/12/09 - BB2.46Update04
    - Cavalry attack animations are reviewed again; sword, mace and spear get a thorough overhaul. Spear in particular is much improved with cav now able to stab at enemy infantry in front of them, and combined with the removal of a faulty charge attack this makes cav charges actually do something for the first time in the history of m2tw. Seriously, check the vanilla intro and then check in DLV - our charging cav are actually doing something where in vanilla and all other mods they freeze and don't attack!!
    - Infantry, knife attack animations are addressed. 2h sword elite and poleaxe get more fatalities. Increased probability of defence animation use for better troops (experiment). Introduced defence type and probability in many places where they were lacking(part of same experiment). Hopefully we now see a little more use of blocks and parries from our better infantry.

    24/12/09 - BB2.47
    - Some little tweaks to melee infantry defensive animations that I'm not really sure are doing anything...
    - Combined main file and update, had to reupload the main file anyway.

    25/12/09 - BB2.47 - Second upload, users reported some corruption of the first.
    - Decided to give almost everyone more stamina for xmas! (seriously though, I think it's a sound idea now that I have a detailed heat model)

    - Reverting to 2.46update02 EDU, due to issue with save compatibility believed to be related to adding more officers. Seeking better solution. This affects unit stats balancing efforts and adding officers but everything else including the animation stuff will be working fine.

    30/12/09 - BB2.47update01
    - Unit cost revision.
    - Adjusted AI unit recruit priorities.
    - Discipline and training adjustments.
    - Other stuff I can't remember.

    01/01/10 - BB2.47update02
    - Script to improve campaign AI, improve chances of requests of assistance, improve performance of AI turns, and show the player an exposed minimap during AI turns. Only available for DLV campaign, history will come later. Please give me feedback on this change. It requires a new campaign to experience.
    - Fixed loading battle CTD.
    - Fixed late bodyguards EDU.

    06/01/10 - BB2.47update03
    - Renaming of classes, reclassification of many units. Formations adjusted.
    - AI slightly tweaked for better flanking and slightly improved army cohesion.
    - Edited unit card ability text, let me know what you think, please.

    08/01/10 - BB2.47update04
    - Tweaked formations, charge distances and skirmish settings to improve missile cavalry skirmishing.
    - Fixed minor bug in my new campaign script feature which could leave the player with FOW disabled.
    - Included historical campaign version of new script feature, as promised above.

    10/01/10 - BB2.47part2
    - Tokus and Shadrach's fantastic new symbols
    - HbHadast's truly excellent Real Moors Project

    +Loads of my own stuff:
    -- New AI label for pagan lithuania, previously it was 'orthodox'. This means both muslims and catholics will have a problem with them. If they're holding out OK then I can add orthodox as a natural enemy too.
    -- Improved/fixed campaign mechanics a bit, crusaders more suicidal, fixed some stuff which looked wrong.
    -- AI recruit and bonuses revised and split into 2 events. Forces recruit event to fire in players turn to allow the next faction to experience the benefits. Previously it skipped the next faction in the turn sequence.
    -- New trait gives a boost to player and AI movement during AI turns, hopefully works with my new AI-FOW-off script to maximise assistance request potential.

    10/01/10 - BB2.47UltimateRemix
    - Preemptive trait bugfix.
    - Battlefield terrain modifiers and AI pathfinding improved, also they needed it because of other changes I have made. Hopefully less instances of slowmotion mime artists invading the battlefield. And I really hope we'll see less suicide in bridge battles...

    15/01/10 - BB2.47UltimateRemix2
    - Attempts to soften the movement issues caused by new trait when applied to DLV.
    - First attempt at balancing autoresolve.

    16/01/10 - BB2.47UltimateRemix3
    - More efforts to mitigate the problem caused by my trait. Not sure what to say about this really... I think it's not as crap as I made things before but not as good as it was
    - Removed trait and reset move modifiers for non save compatible version (BB2.47Traitremoved)

    16/01/10 - BB2.47Traitfix
    - Hides a trait which should be hidden

    - Optional EDB for improved roster from first and second tier castle military buildings.

    17/01/10 - BB2.48
    - Fixes for graphical corruption, Shadrach has worked his magic.
    - Tweaks your .cfg to disable autosave, and force certain other settings on you - complain if you don't like it.

    21/01/10 - BB2.48Update
    - Agis Tournas' excellent work on improving the historical accuracy of the text for Byz.
    - Bugfixes:
    Dungeon and retirement scripts broken on DLV campaign.
    Character and army movement finally brought back to DLV default.

    23/01/10 - BB2.48Update2
    - Improved stability of AIFOW script, loading done during AI turns causes it to fail - but this is the only issue I found.
    - DLV campaign: AI starting and garrison d feudals replaced with d mailed or d huscarls where apt.

    23/01/10 - BB2.48Update3
    - Bugged AI recruit and bonuses fixed... yeah, I broke them...

    08/03/10 - BB2.48Update4
    - Xtiaan's character aging changes
    - Improved campaign script stability:
    Should fix all fixable bugs resulting from the 'AI fog-of-war removal' script, and hopefully some more besides. Savegame and relaunching campaign restrictions will still apply.
    - Revised and improved previous CAI changes
    - Improved BAI; river crossings, siege assault
    - Javelins can now upgrade their melee weapons

    13/03/10 - BB2.49
    - 3 Awesome New Building Lines(!): Axesmiths' Guild, Spearsmiths' Guild and Macesmiths' Guild.
    - They are fully functional guilds with over 100 triggers in all. Producing troops with the right weapons scores points. Exceptions to this are most militia units, and with the Spearsmiths' and Swordsmiths', cavalry will not count. I think it's already a lot more thorough than Vanilla in terms of triggers.
    - Very clever reorganisation of weapon upgrades to match weapon types. For the first time since the launch of M2TW more than one of the weapon upgrades will make sense!!! No more silly buggy game pretending it can upgrade missile weapons.
    - Forces player to seriously consider which guilds to focus on. To be able to upgrade all types of melee weapon will take 4 fortresses.
    In a little more detail:
    The guilds and their triggers:

    Swordsmith = recruitment of swordsmen melee infantry except militia scores points

    Spearsmith = recruitment of spear melee infantry except militia scores points

    Axesmith = recruitment of axe infantry and cavalry except militia scores points

    Macesmith = recruitment of mace infantry and cavalry except militia scores points

    (anyone that wants to can edit export_descr_guilds.txt and search for 'spearsmith', or whatever, and see a full listing.)

    What the buildings do:

    The first tier of building just gives retraining cost reduction.

    Master gives the specified weapon upgrade as well.

    Grandmaster also gives a morale bonus, and a trade bonus on top of that.

    The excellent* new weapon upgrade system:

    Edited the weapon technology type for every unit. Replaced the text for the weapon upgrades to reflect my changes in the EDU. So now axe uses missile_gunpowder, spear uses missile_mechanical, sword uses melee_blade and blunts use melee_simple. This change has to be applied to the primary weapon for the upgrade to work. So with missile units this has meant changing the tech type of the missile weapon so that the correct building will upgrade the melee weapon secondary.

    *the bit I really like

    13/03/10 - BB2.49
    - Error in export_descr_buildings.txt fixed. May have caused a CTD at launch for some users.

    25/03/10 - BB2.5
    - Furin's recent essential adjustments to the scripted invasions. It looks to give the AI a chance to invade america and fixes many issues with the mongol invasion.
    - Furin's adjustments to the campaign starting situation. Some castles become villages, etc. Some forts are moved to improve AI pathfinding.

    - Improving campaign experience attempt: Attempts to roughly maintain balance while increasing challenge and improving AI behaviour. - Feedback on DLV campaign with all scripts (except 'character required' script) needed!!!

    --Almost a total revision of recruitment in the EDB:
    --Slowing the pace, we're going to find it a little harder to maintain our forces due to slightly slower recruit pool recharge rates.
    --Tuned AI recruitment to reduce AI spamming of troops that cannot be built by players in the same settlement. (e.g. cav)
    --Incorporated Furin's idea of removing the effect of the fluctuating financial events from the AI (A very good idea of his).
    --Presumably the Judaism requirement for merchants was removed because it affected the AI, solved problem and reintegrated feature.

    --Descr_strat, campaign_script, campaign_ai_db and campaign_db:
    --AI expansion in the first 60 turns should be much more aggresive.
    --After 60 turns are up, the AI factions will start seriously thinking about invading each other - And you of course!
    --Slight kings purse increase in income for the AI, and some slight kings purse income changes for the player, depending on faction.
    --Almost all factions now start with 10k.
    --Tuned normal starting troops to reduce giving the player troops they cannot retrain or get freeupkeep for. (WIP and more work clearly needed)
    --Added AI starting troops to factions that have probably always lacked them (flanders, milan, venice, sicily, koj)
    --Added roads to all AI owned factions, provides a cheap early boost to their economy and movement.

    - Various little unrelated fixes.

    - BB2.6 : Raaka's Norway Arrives!
    - Raaka's truly excellent new roster for norway
    - Very strong heavy infantry faction with dismounted bodyguards, and limited cavalry and missle units.
    - Unit cards by Agis Tournas
    - Unit info pics by Sivilombudsmanenn and Raaka
    - Coding by Raaka and myself

    - Fixed and rebalanced buildings affected by financial events.
    - Added some buildings to the list of those affected.
    - Some changes to the kinds of bonuses that are fluctuating.
    - These 3 elements might make for severe changes to finances - I need feedback.

    - Probably some fixes I've forgotten about...

    02/04/10 - BB2.61
    - Added weaponsmith guild triggers for Norway
    - Rebalance of infantry missile weapons (looking for a better aesthetic, hopefully less floating puffs of blood)
    - Correct heat and terrain bonuses for Norway
    - Norway's general recieves a buff
    - Adjusted starting situation for Norway in the DLV Campaign
    - Some adjustments to mechanics affecting unit behaviour in relation to ladders, siege towers and corridoors (settlement walls, towers, etc.)

    04/04/10 - BB2.62
    - 2 new animation setups should allow light spear users to behave more like assault infantry (MTW2_Shortspear and MTW2_Advshortspear)
    - also fixed a glitched 2h axe animation
    - Revised unit card ability text, and some other battlefield relevant text, critical feedback appreciated!
    - Added 'can hide in long grass' to a few units and fixed some errors preventing certain units from being able to hide
    - Fixed error on DLV campaign where visby was without walls and garrison

    04/04/10 - BB2.62Update1
    - Fixed event related bonuses for buildings
    - Revised projectiles; seperate entries for jav and heavy jav to allow for differing mechanics, and other minor tweaks

    05/04/10 - BB2.62Update2
    - Revised back charge distances for infantry to improve cohesion again
    - I made 2 New scripts: (Requires campaign restart to experience)
    -- Crusader Mercs will be destroyed 2 years after a crusade
    -- Holy troops will be destroyed and made unrecruitable when faction excommunicated

    07/04/10 - BB2.62Update3
    - I think I've massively improved the chances of cooperation from our ai allies. Basically you the player now only need to be allied, and have 'amiable' relations, in order to be considered a 'trusted ally'. This should make them more keen to help you in battle and also to ask for your help.
    - I've also tried to improve the AI's tendency to attack enemies that it has agreed to attack in diplomacy - I'm seriously hoping for the AI to follow through on the promise now.
    - Global standing's effect on invasion choices has been lessened to allow factions to better focus on the people they actually don't like. No more international police total war... It also means you can play in a noble way and still get attacked, great.

    17/04/10 - BB2.7
    - V2.0 of GrandViz' CAI. It's excellent but I have adapted it, so if there are any problems with it - they're probably my fault!!
    - Fixed a name error in the descr_strat
    - Updated descr_names_lookup ... dunno what I'm doing there, really I don't...
    - Reformatted historic_events.txt ... looking to improve stability but it felt like mysticism, again I am clueless...
    - Added a missing building to export_descr_buildings_enums.txt
    - Revised starting troops for almost all factions. Better polish, more consistancy, named generals where they were lacking, etc.
    - Adjusted BAI to try a new out-flanking concept... well actually it's Vanilla's concept taken to an extreme. Cav behaviour should be affected - hopefully they charge spearmen and pikes less, and missile and skirmishers more... but really I'm half expecting the opposite.

    22/04/10 - BB2.7update1
    - Changes to CAI. More work on the adaptation but also my own magic is being weaved in (start new campaign for best effect but not essential)
    - Bugfixing.

    24/04/10 - BB2.7update2
    - Workaround fix for regular shortspear attack anims not working. (I'll sort it out properly at some point)
    - Removed extra corn exchange from frankfurt
    - CAI ... loads of work done. GrandViz still deserves the vast majority of the credit though, let's not forget it. I am just taking a great AI and bolting on my vision of optimised allied assistance. Allies that come and help, but more importantly allies that invite us to battles they fight against other factions.

    26/04/10 - BB2.7update3
    - Fixed loading battle CTD
    - Attempts to fix existing problems with financial events, merc camp, holy council, blah blah blah.... So most of the typical annoying DLV problems

    27/04/10 - BB2.7update4
    - Thoroughly revised the financial event script. Hopefully it will now be stable, which is seriously good news.
    - Thoroughly revised the start of turn events script (banquet, etc.). Again hoping for new stability.
    - Reduced EDA, CS and EDCT in size (100-200kb+ each).
    - Reduced EDAdvice and related to the bare minimum.
    - Restricted and checked over some traits which fire very often - like 6000+ times in 30 turns.
    - Reorganised many scripts in CS so they fire in order read.

    27/04/10 - BB2.7update5
    - 1 tiny tiny error in the CS. But after fixing so many I think I am allowed 1

    28/04/10 - BB2.7update6
    - Recruit limitation script fixed.
    - Financial event text revised.
    - Welcome event text revised.

    30/04/10 - BB2.7update7
    - Loads more work reorganising the campaign_script
    - Titles and ranks should now increase bodyguard number
    - Return of the original grass
    - No more princess events
    - Continued revision of welcome/decision events. (Feedback really needed)
    Save compatible.

    01/05/10 - BB2.7update8
    - Bugfix: Makes holy troops recruitable once more.
    Save compatible.

    01/05/10 - BB2.7update9
    - Agis solved 1st turn Governer or General decision problem, leave outside a settlement for a general and inside for a governer, by the end of the 1st turn.
    - Corrected some of my work in the CAI
    - A little more progress making the campaign script prettier
    Save compatible.

    02/05/10 - BB2.7update10
    - Fixed some errors in the EDU, loading battle CTDs should be eliminated
    Save compatible.

    03/05/10 - BB2.7update11
    - Changed mercs available from merc buildings, more mercs included, better buildings = better mercs
    - Allowed appropriate mercs for all factions in custom battle
    - Added some resources listed in descr_strat to descr_resources, regenerated map.rwm
    Probably save compatible.

    07/05/10 - BB2.7update12
    - Massive improvements to explosion and impact special effects
    - Reverted to DLV's descr_particles
    - Further refinements to merc recruitment
    - Fixed norway's america invasion armies
    Save compatible.

    08/05/10 - BB2.7update13
    - Further improvements to explosions and trails
    - Fixed square smoke for flaming ballista and rocket launcher
    - Fixed merc rocket launcher crew textures
    Save compatible.

    08/05/10 - BB2.7update14
    - Nice progress on rocket behaviour and trails
    Save compatible.

    09/05/10 - BB2.7update15
    - Fluffy rocket trails
    - Removed some unrealistic trails from cannon balls
    Save compatible.

    09/05/10 - BB2.7update16
    - Added 2 new AoEs for culverin and basilisk explosive shots
    - Mangonels now fire visible barrels
    Save compatible.

    15/05/10 - BB2.7update17 - "Fireworks!"
    - Special effects for projectiles are now mine:
    -- Fixed everything
    -- Literally reorganised the multiple files involved
    -- Improved the look of a crap-load of stuff (if not everything) (Yes, bigger explosions, etc. )
    -- Adjusted AoEs for all artillery
    - History campaign brought up to date... (Tell if there are probs... )
    Save compatible.

    03/06/10 - BB2.7update18
    - Fixes an issue which caused campaign crashes around 1240
    - A little more work on script integration
    - Unique models for king and heir should be working properly, they are now scripted to be set at each turn end. It is unecessary and could be more specific. The performance hit is not noticeable, if there is any hit at all.
    - The garrison script will now produce the correct units for Norway
    Start a new campaign.

    08/06/10 - BB2.7update19
    - Revised script for unique kings and heirs. Hopefully fixes new end turn CTD reported.
    Start new campaign recommended anyway (not history).

    15/06/10 - BB2.7update20
    War Draft
    - Lasts 5 years
    - Uses a new method I discovered for boosting recruit pool recharge rates (Duplicate entries with only recharge rates specified arranged with events)
    - Gives mil points
    - Raises the max army size
    - 5 different levels depending on faction size
    - Costs serious money initially10-40k, and each turn 1-16k
    - When 5 years is up it will offer to continue, you may continue indefinitely
    - Faction size check is initiated each time the draft is offered to continue
    - Yearly costs are included in the Unit Costs scroll's total
    - Helps a small rich faction to survive war
    - Helps a large rich faction to cope with multiple wars

    - Finally fixed the 1240 bug, the new one, the one I made when I fixed the last one

    New campaign required (not history). Feedback on the effect on balance of the wardraft is much appreciated.

    15/06/10 - BB2.7update21
    - Fixes an issue with the heirs and leader models script
    New campaign required

    11/07/10 - BB2.7update22
    - General BAI improvements (I can't remember what exactly )
    - Wardraft now available from settlement screen unit training advice button
    - No longer possible to continue wardraft when player is at peace
    - Campaign script and EDCT optimisations (monitors and triggers reduced)
    - Recruitment should cost less with ranked generals
    - Agent recruitment and construction options should be cheaper for governers
    - Removed hording
    New campaign required

    13/07/10 - BB2.7update23
    - Added possibility of peasant units running riot on the battlefield. Watch out for 'May become insubordinate' in their ability list. These units will not run from the battlefield, as they are too disorganised to rout effectively. Adds some more chaos to the proceedings, let me know what you think.
    - Fixed a load of ugly shiney textures.

    14/07/10 - BB2.7update24
    - Total revision of several scripts which were causing events to fire, or console commands to be used, during AI turns. Should improve AI turn time performance slightly when applicable.
    - Various bits of stuff... Bug fixing, tweaking, etc...
    New campaign recommended.

    16/07/10 - BB2.7update25
    - Battle scripting to deal with idle enemy armies that let us shoot them to death. Problem seems to have been eliminated.
    - Ireland now use their own bodyguard.
    New campaign required. Not save compatible.

    19/07/10 - BB2.7update26
    - Major improvements to battle scripting.
    - Fixed faulty post battle triggered trait.
    - Removed 'insubordination' - way too annoying and nonsensical for me.
    Save compatible. New campaign desirable.

    20/07/10 - BB2.7update27
    - Thorough revision and refinement of battle scripting
    - Some adjustments to wall defense firepower
    - Made dismounted version of merchant cav to use as officers for ne spear militia and ne town militia. They look quite nice.
    Save compatible. New campaign desirable.

    23/07/10 - BB2.7update28
    - Switched to using the 'show me how' script for save compatibility.
    - Substantial progress on the actual scripting.
    - You need to update to this version in order to use the new scripts if you are using u25-u27.
    - Versions prior to u25 will be able to use the new scripts without starting a new campaign
    Save compatible. New campaign desirable.

    31/07/10 - BB2.7update29
    - Removed ballista towers from stone walls and castle - So far seems that the models don't support them.
    - Refined my battle script
    - Usual tweaks and bugfixes
    Save compatible.

    31/07/10 - BB2.7update30
    - Restored ballista towers from stone walls and castle. Seems I got odd feedback and should have tested it.
    - A certain armenian general is given more starter traits.
    Save compatible.

    31/07/10 - BB2.7update31
    - Adjusted the fire rate of ballista towers and cannon towers.
    - Rebel settlement named 'Atil' gets a wall and an army.
    Save compatible.

    31/07/10 - BB2.7update32
    - Bug fixes for battle scripting
    Save compatible.

    06/08/10 - BB2.7update33
    - CAI improved with regard to helping trusted allies
    - Reduced delay for flaming projectiles
    Save compatible.

    08/08/10 - BB2.7update34
    - BAI tweaked to allow a larger AI army
    - Merchant cav fixed, and dismounted version used as officer for more units
    Save compatible.

    09/08/10 - BB2.7update35
    - Fixed excommunication related recruitment restriction script.
    Start a new campaign if you want this script to work properly.

    16/08/10 - BB2.7update36
    - Pnutmaster's new ancillary
    - Campaign bugfixing.
    May not be save compatible. New campaign highly recommended.

    18/08/10 - BB2.7update37
    - Revised battle script, fixed sally issue, improved reinforcement behaviour
    - Removed wrong roads from AI settlements
    - Fixed tiny problem with new ancillary
    Save compatible, may as well carry on your campaign

    19/08/10 - BB2.7update38
    - Tweaking my BAI
    Save compatible.

    24/08/10 - BB2.7update39
    - Revised many scripts
    - I think I may have fixed every longstanding DLV stability problem apart from those with the dungeon and retirement scripts
    -- Crown duty script should work properly
    -- Economic status script should work properly
    -- Investment and loan scripts should work properly
    -- Field and Settlement costs should work properly
    -- Inflation status should work properly
    -- Extended family should consistently get their 'knight' trait at the start of campaigns
    - Integrated battle script into campaign script(No more advisor pop up before battles)
    - Enabled FoW when diplomacy or battle screens appear in AI turns
    - Revised some starting question text
    - Fixed all bugs I am aware of
    New campaign.

    24/08/10 - BB2.7update40
    - Silly little error in awesome scripting fixed
    New campaign.

    27/08/10 - BB2.7update41
    - Field costs now properly displays the cost of the wardraft
    - Fixed trait/ancillary error which caused newborns to appear as knight bannerets
    - Inflation should be working perfectly (It may have been already, I improved it anyway)
    New campaign.

    06/09/10 - BB2.7update42
    - Tweaks for CAI, trying to encourage successful assistance requests
    - Text for assistance request fixed
    Save compatible.

    06/09/10 - BB2.7update43
    - Fixed Crown Duty not turning off fully
    New campaign.

    06/09/10 - BB2.7update44
    - TaronQuinn's excellent fort to castle switch
    - Added a reduction in settlement happiness when using the War Draft
    - Fixed history campaign
    - Fixed AI trade bonus which was working for the player too
    Save compatible.

    07/09/10 - BB2.7update45
    - Reduced possibility of gifts from council
    - Fixes a problem in the EDB
    Save compatible.

    08/09/10 - BB2.7update46
    - Kaiser1993's heavy mail upgrade for sergeant swordsmen
    - EDB tweaking
    - CAI tweaked
    Save compatible.

    09/09/10 - BB2.7update47
    - Huge script which tracks the 'trusted ally' status of the player's allies and then reveals the settlements that the 'trusted ally' faction owns.
    - Caps replaced by a * for cities capable of the final tier of wall.
    Main campaign only.
    No point installing this if you don't start a new campaign.

    09/09/10 - BB2.7update48
    - Fix script for main campaign.
    Requires a new campaign.

    10/09/10 - BB2.7update49
    - Fix script for main campaign.
    Requires a new campaign.

    13/09/10 - BB2.7update50
    - Tokus*Maximus' excellent new event pics to polish new trusted ally script in the main campaign.
    Requires a new campaign.

    18/09/10 - BB2.7update50 part 2
    - Defense Spending
    Main campaign only.
    Requires a new campaign.

    23/09/10 - BB2.7update50 part 2b
    - Added Kaiser1993's heavy mail upgrade for irish Galloglaich, he's also fixed the textures for Saigdeoir and Noble Swordsmen.
    - Fixed CTD related to trusted ally script.
    - Fixed spending menu so that I'm now actually happy with it (It pops up properly for each option)
    - Changed some event text.
    Main campaign only.
    Requires a new campaign.

    01/10/10 - BB2.8
    - Lots of new Polish and Lithuanian units by MADTAO (Kaiser1993 deserves a lot of credit for helping me to import them)
    - Tokus*Maximus event pics and symbols
    - Ziher's Reduced City Textures
    - Player finances slightly increased
    - Battle script should no longer stop functioning after the first battle
    - Fixed lack of religious requirement on the 2 smaller recruitment pools
    - Added bowstring animations (Some of the new units have them - e.g. Strzelcy)
    Main campaign only.
    Requires a new campaign.

    22/11/10 - BB2.8.01
    Old campaign compatible features:
    - Introduced animations seen here. Elite 2 handed sword, elite one handed axe, elite one handed sword, and elite one handed sword with no shield are affected. (Thanks to Warman222 for sharing his discovery)
    - Revised animation set for the short-spear plus other tweaks here and there.
    - Fixed a couple of silver units.
    - Fixed polish halberd and pike being impossible to recruit.
    Features which require a new campaign to experience:
    - Fixed CTDs on gambler/retirement/dungeon yes/no events.
    - Fixed trusted ally events causing CTD issues in Vista (Which I don't have, so let me know, cheers).
    - Fixed incorrect starting levels for the unit limit system in the main campaign.
    - History campaign updated and working.

    03/12/10 - BB2.8.02
    - Included the new scottish textures which Vlad created and Kaiser1993 brought to DLV.
    - Fixed a CTD issue and corrected coordinates for settlement reveal locations for the 'trusted allies' script.
    - Removed Druzhina from Poland's roster to prevent CTD.
    - Added new fatality to elite sword.
    - Revised text for unit limit info pop-ups.
    New campaign strongly recommended due to CTD potential of previous version.

    08/12/10 - BB2.8.03
    Features requiring new campaign:
    - Trusted Allies reveal port and fort tiles as well as settlement
    - All settlement/port/fort locations revealed to player on turn 2
    - The AI gets settlements/forts/ports revealed (pathfinding should benefit)
    - All scripts which fire events are made faction specific ('better/more stable performance' possibly)
    - Unit limitation script fixed and rebalanced
    Old campaign compatible features:
    - Event text revised

    11/12/10 - BB2.8.04
    - Scripted revelation of settlement (etc.) locations on the second turn now no longer includes Mongols and Aztec owned settlements.
    - Diplomacy revised.
    --- Fixes the stalling AI diplomat bug
    --- If you can get an alliance then military access is merely a formality
    --- Trade rights cost very little to secure
    --- Estimations of wealth and power revised
    --- Some of the text describing responses has been changed to improve understanding
    --- Lots of tweaks
    --- Script adds a numerical value to diplomacy's 'balance of offers' assessments (Thanks to Apalca for sharing his discovery)
    Most of this stuff is probably going to work for an existing campaign. But the 2 script changes require a new campaign to experience.

    16/12/10 - BB2.8.05
    - Fixed the AI turns performance loss
    - Boosted AI turns performance compared to previous versions
    - It's nearly Christmas so you can all have a special ability:
    -- Enter the console and type banana_republic and then press enter.
    -- Your generals will now have the ability to rally any routing units.
    -- Ability works once and then is replaced by the normal rally function.
    - And I included a batch file called 'BB run once.bat', you can find it in the DLV_ext folder. It deletes over 500mb of unused and unnecessary files and fixes the CTD at the faction selection screen. Credit to TaronQuinn for raising the importance of that issue and fixing it too.
    A good point to start a new campaign - Faster AI turns processing. Should be save compatible too.

    01/01/11 - BB2.8.06
    - Revised unit sizes
    - Revised ammo
    - Revised EDU animation settings for all soldiers
    - Restricted a load of trait and ancillary triggers to only fire for family.
    - Converted most of the existing *.tga strat model textures to *.dds.
    - Updated the batch file to delete some of the remaining strat model *.tga files.
    Savegame compatible.

    04/01/11 - BB2.8.07
    - Created 2 new animation sets for phalanx halberds, advanced and militia.
    -- Look for Obudshaer, Heavy Billmen, Voulgier, D. Halbbruder, Polish Halberds, Sverdstafs Landvarnarmenn and Armored Goedenadaag Militia for the advanced animation set.
    -- They have 2 new 2-hit combos, both with new animations discovered in the CA stuff.
    - Fixed some units using the wrong animations since the last update's changes.
    - Fixed an issue where level 3 defense spending provided no pools for the tier 3 units from first tier of castle barracks.
    - Possibly fixed the longstanding issue of sounds not rebuilding correctly with BB installed (Credit to Live2sculpt and Beiss for working it out, the heroes!)
    - Converted any .tga textures for strat map residence models to .dds, the faster and smaller format. (Again, updated the batch file to remove the TGAs)
    Savegame compatible.

    08/01/11 - BB2.8.08
    - Revised the Mil/Gov Point System script.
    -- Points never go down, only up.
    -- Allows development to be slowed but rarely stopped and never reversed.
    -- Both gov and mil points go to 1000
    -- Levels are at 100, 300, 600 and 1000
    -- Defense Spending levels 1 - 5 cause 0 - 4 mil points, and 4 - 0 gov points, per turn.
    - Revised Gov and Mil points score text (WIP).
    - Revised Field Cost and Settlement Costs event text.
    - Revised Trusted Allies script to prevent settlements being revealed after an alliance has broken down.
    - Revised Defense Spending to allow the menu to fire multiple times within the same turn.
    - Optimised script; expect a performance increase for processing AI turns.
    - Fixed a few duplicate resources in descr_strat.
    - Upgraded Northern and Southern European generals to mailed horses.
    - Middle Eastern and Eastern European generals get their 'late' equivalent.
    NOT SAVE COMPATIBLE (most likely)
    (If you are translating DLV+BB to another language then you need to check historic_events.txt, a couple of new events will be listed.)

    10/01/11 - BB2.8.09
    - Improved animations coding.
    - Revised Points System scoring
    - Revised historic event text for Points System
    - Stuck in a couple of triggers to remove AI only traits if the char joins the player
    - Revised descr_strat so factions have barracks, stables and a range from game start
    New campaign recommended.

    18/01/11 - BB2.8.10
    - More variation in mass height and and speed of horses helps strengthen difference between cav types.
    - Heavy javs now fire in a constant stuttering fashion to reduce their power, it's an interesting mechanic too.
    - A more authentic looking apporach to trajectories of arrows in flight
    - More defense animation options for many of the elite units.
    Save Compatible.

    28/01/11 - BB2.8.11
    - Fixed some broken battle-scripting
    - Improved arrow behaviour some more
    - Improved advanced phalanx halberd animation setup
    - Adjusted soldier mass for most infantry
    - Disbanded units no longer enter the unit pool
    - It is no longer possible to use plague bearing spies
    - Reduced point rewards for thieves guild activities
    Not Save Compatible - New Campaign Required.

    30/01/11 - BB2.8.12
    - Kaiser's 'Militia Sergeants' come to town with unit cards by Agis Tournas (Translators note: export_units has changed)
    - Battle scripting improvements (armies planting stakes will usually defend them even if reinforced, unless the reinforcements are attacked, for one example)
    - Added a little variation to rebel defensive behaviour on the campaign map (Could be cool, they might defend forts, or settlements, or attack armies in the field...)
    - Reduced mission unit rewards so they can't impact so heavily
    - Increased a few insultingly low mission reward payouts
    Not Save Compatible - New Campaign Required.

    31/01/11 - BB2.8.13
    - Bugfix for my weapon upgrade system. (Special thanks to Valandro for registering with the site and PMing me to alert me to the problem he'd gone to some lengths to test.)
    - All artillery now cause fear with their bombardments
    - Translators note: text\strat.txt has changed.
    (Tiny text change, very easy to solve, and it won't cause problems if it is not changed )
    Save Compatible

    01/02/11 - BB2.8.14
    - More battle scripting improvments
    New campaign required

    05/02/11 - BB2.8.16
    - Battle script thoroughly revised and featuring new concept (Definitely worth starting a new campaign for IMO)
    - All factions available in custom battles (Kaiser1993's work)
    New campaign required

    07/02/11 - BB2.8.17
    - Broken battle script is fixed!!!
    New campaign strongly recommended if you started one using 2.8.16!!
    (Sorry for the inconvenience!! )

    11/02/11 - BB2.8.18
    - Plague not affecting characters and armies fixed (requires a new campaign)
    - Dust clouds use less particles
    - Lithuanian Crossbowmen texture corrected
    - Removed Judaism requirement from market merchants
    - Added merchant which requires Judaism to the Synagogue
    - Fixed generals showing in retrain queue in settlements
    Save Compatible

    12/02/11 - BB2.9
    - Tokus*Maximus' artful additions
    - Black fog of war for unexplored areas of map
    - Kaiser1993's Militia Sergeants improved with the addition of a new helmet imported from a Broken Crescent model
    - Battlescript can now handle 5 enemy reinforcement armies instead of 3 (requires new campaign)
    Save Compatible

    27/02/11 - BB2.9.01
    - Fog of War returns during AI turns. Should keep previous benefits - needs thorough testing.
    - 'Follow AI movement' will default to fast movement.
    - Problem with battlescript causing AI army to go idle during a failed ambush should be fixed.
    - ~100kb of duplicate names, tabs, and trailing spaces removed from the names.txt file.
    New Campaign Required

    28/02/11 - BB2.9.02
    - History campaign brought up to date (Still not as good as main campaign)
    New Campaign Required

    02/03/11 - BB2.9.03
    - Fixed folder naming error
    New Campaign Required

    04/03/11 - BB2.9.04
    - Fixed history campaign

    12/06/11 - BB3.0
    - TaronQuinn's TQUP Reskin Pack
    - TaronQuinn has done some excellent work allowing every unit to go rebel. Also the starting rebels and spawned rebels have been revised.
    - Kaiser1993 has made us a really nice Militia Guisarme unit. A low grade halberdeer available to most european factions. It allows the proper halberd militia unit to become a bit more posh.
    - Trusted allies now give +1 visibility from their settlements. Totally revised script.
    - HA now shoot directly, and so do many of the infantry archers which seem nicely melee capable. The inf archers suffer a reduction in range for this capability.
    - The CAI was often preventing scripted actions by the rebels - Fixed.
    - Reduced AI access to ballistas
    - The 'ranked general required for recruitment of cavalry' script has been removed.
    - The first turn decisions have been removed. You are now forced to use these options:
    --Points enabled.
    --Unit and settlement costs enabled.
    --Limited homeland garrisons for AI settlements enabled.
    --AI debt prevention enabled.
    --DLV style AI enabled. (Not 'total war')
    This will make developing a better game much easier. Feedback and suggestions about these scripts are appreciated.

    13/06/11 - BB3.01
    - Fixed some wrong text (2 lines in strat)
    - Fixed some errors with coding for models
    - Removed the 'kill the human' effect from the dark ages. Just a relations hit now. When it ends wars will cease but relations will still be bad.
    New campaign required for the dark ages adjustment.

    14/06/11 - BB3.02
    - CTD during battle loading fixed
    Save compatible.

    16/06/11 - BB3.03
    - Gov and mill points were not working properly
    Restart your campaign (Not optional).

    17/06/11 - BB3.04
    - Updated that pesky History Campaign

    18/06/11 - BB3.05
    - Garrison script fixed
    New campaign needed to enable spawning the garrisons

    17/07/11 - BB3.06
    - 4 Turns Per Year (1180 - 1405)
    -- Leader has trait to show you the season
    -- Seasonal movement traits
    -- Supplies and campaign experience traits adjusted
    - Adjusted CAI to make the AI much less likely to want to attack the player on easy difficulty but slightly more likely on hard.
    - Fixed a few of the issues with the new skins TQ imported
    - New title screen by Tokus
    New DLV Campaign required.
    The so-called 'History' campaign will be broken.

    23/07/11 - BB3.07
    - I've improved/wrecked the already awful map.
    Save compatible.

    03/08/11 - BB3.08
    - Slightly smoother map.
    Save compatible.

    06/08/11 - BB3.09
    - More map smoothing.
    Save compatible.

    07/08/11 - BB3.10
    - Map 'roughness' added, don't know what it does...
    - Water surface revised, slight change in water prettiness.
    Save compatible.

    19/08/11 - BB3.11
    - Most map terrain sculpted (The campaign/battle map is loads better looking)
    - New rivers that provide ports
    Not save compatible.

    20/08/11 - BB3.12
    - Climate data improved - Hopefully no more buggy rocks!!
    - The roughness map is just black again.
    Save compatible.

    24/08/11 - BB3.13
    - A ton of map ass kicking.
    Save compatible.

    27/08/11 - BB3.14
    - Most of europe's mountains look like .. well mountains.
    - Some regions adjusted to help roads.
    - Oporto migrated across river.
    - Sea region added to river locations.
    Save compatible? Possibly not, so I keep the old update up to revert to.

    30/08/11 - BB3.15
    - Fixed logged errors (Frankfurt on a river. A resource in water. A diplomat too close to the sea.)
    - Touched up some connections between rivers and navigable rivers.
    - Fixed a small mistake in my BAI script which would have caused a rare and insignificant problem.
    If you don't start a new campaign then the Frankfurt fix and the river connections will be the only effect.

    01/09/11 - BB3.16
    - TaronQuinn introduces excellent new PSF models.
    - Kaiser has made some really nice unit cards for his Guisarmes.
    - La Bestia helps fix the aging trait.
    - I make mountains (anatolia, middle east and egypt).
    MMMmm probably save compatible...

    04/09/11 - BB3.17
    - My mountains come to north western africa.
    Save Compatible.

    13/09/11 - BB3.20
    New RPG elements.
    - Removes rebellion/dungeons/etc.
    - Removes retirement
    - Removes education
    TaronQuinn's fixes and improvements for the forts.
    Removed merchants.
    Removed america invasion script.
    Tweaked mongol invasion script a little.
    Not save compatible.

    14/09/11 - BB3.21
    TaronQuinn's fort work properly implemented.
    New campign required (and recommended!).

    16/09/11 - BB3.22
    - New RPG character development system fixed (Should have been many more specialisation points to spend)
    - Factionleader gains a set of traits to show you the financial event status.
    - Financial status popup events and king death events removed.
    New campaign required.

    16/09/11 - BB3.23
    - Scandinavian and scottish terrain made more interesting
    - Touched up river mouths (made them reach the sea where they didn't)
    - Removed high quality units that the player has to do a lot to obtain from rebel armies (I think it's a spoiler)
    New campaign required for that last point.

    01/10/11 - BB4.00
    Tokus*Maximus' sexy new makeover
    - Stunning new GUI for the campaign
    - New loading screens and menu screens optimized for widescreen
    - New faction symbols (and pronounceable names!)
    - Many many tweaks and tricks
    New RPG features
    - 18 Levels for Rogue, General, Governor and Ruler
    - 6 Extra general traits attached to the specs
    Mountains exaggerated.
    Game now runs in a borderless window. (Thanks Kaiser, a great idea that I was slow to appreciate!)
    Various scripty bits optimised or fixed. Like hopefully the Ruler will be able to quell rebellions by going over to the rebels when they are stuck in place... We'll see how that works out.
    New campaign required.

    08/10/11 - BB4.01
    - TaronQuinn's added new religions, including one for Mongols.
    - Also TaronQuinn's fixes and improvements for the recent unit additions.
    - New Tokus event pictures, and various other tweaks and changes.
    - Fixed some serious stuff.
    New campaign required.

    13/10/11 - BB4.02
    - Tokus kicking more UI ass.
    - Traits replace events for trusted ally status.
    - Fixed adoptees getting lvl 10.
    New campaign required.

    14/10/11 - BB4.03
    - Fixed knights disappearing from recruit options.
    Save Compatible.

    14/10/11 - BB4.04
    - UI tweaks and fixes from Tokus.
    Save Compatible.

    21/10/11 - BB4.05
    - Tokus has reworked the faction colours.
    - Ports in every city type settlement.
    - All settlements start with stone walls.
    -- Some castle/city level buildings to build but most are restricted.
    -- AI recruitment set to match mil points level.
    -- All siege workshops can build all siege machines.
    --- Pool recharge rate is the only thing that improves by upgrading a siege workshop.
    --- Ballista towers require the final upgrade of the siege workshop.
    - Improved pathfinding and defense points for Northern European Castle. (Fortress and Citadel are still to do)
    - Probably fixed the intermittent CTD occurring near the start of the player's turn.
    - Fixed the issue where mongols were unable to recruit.
    Save Compatible.
    New campaign required to get the walls and the CTD fix.

    22/10/11 - BB4.06
    - Many more UI tweaks and changes from Tokus*Maximus
    Save Compatible.

    23/10/11 - BB4.07
    - Fixes strange castles that somehow become fortresses in the battlefield.
    - Nicer text for some of the new traits.
    - Proper bonuses for the Ruler aspect.
    Save Compatible.

    04/11/11 - BB4.08
    - Autumn means a large boost in bonuses from fields.
    - Boosted trade bonus for trade specialisation.
    - Various construction options restricted.
    - Some fixes (No changes to text).
    New Campaign Required.

    05/11/11 - BB4.09
    - Tokus revises his Eastern European event art.
    Save Compatible.

    07/11/11 - BB4.10
    - Fixed an issue with script assisted battle AI that may have caused reinforcements to become totally idle when defending.
    - More agricultural buildings provide their bonuses only during harvest time.
    - Wool farms provide a bonus in summer, when sheep are sheared.
    New Campaign Required.

    08/11/11 - BB4.11
    - Northern European event art revised by Tokus*Maximus.
    Save Compatible.

    11/11/11 - BB4.12c
    - Revised settlement info pips, and trade resource pips, from Tokus*Maximus
    - Removed pyramid outside Stettin
    - Moved polish rebel army outside Cracow out of the river
    - Georgia regains the option to recruit Spear Militia from the City Barracks
    - Economic events now have the proper effect on building bonuses
    - Optimised performance of campaign script a little better
    - Reduced tendency for AI to leave a settlement it has freshly conquered
    - Tiny text change in export_VnVs.txt - No translation necessary, it's a hidden trait.
    New Campaign Required.

    12/11/11 - BB4.13
    - Tokus*Maximus updates settlement info pips, and trade resource pips.
    Save Compatible.

    20/11/11 - BB4.14
    - More building restriction stuff
    - Fixed an intermittent CTD issue
    - Slowed AI turns slightly for better AI
    - Papal States made incapable of maintaining alliances and war
    - Papal States will grow to dislike non Christians and have a higher regard for Catholics
    - Reduced possibility of passively maintaining perfect relations without an alliance
    - Removed field costs for armies ending turn in own lands
    - Removed guild and mission code related to merchants
    - Removed reputation adjustment triggers
    New Campaign Required

    29/11/11 - BB4.15
    - Fixed battle AI script:
    -- Defensive behaviour should be much improved in normal field battles
    - Black and centralised event text
    - Turned off trace logging
    - Removed weird diplomacy numbers
    - Removed city view feature (Sorry but it freaks me out to keep a feature that can cause the player to lose a city)
    New Campaign Recommended

    01/12/11 - BB4.16
    - Fixed battle AI script (again):
    -- Defensive behaviour should be much improved in normal field battles
    New Campaign Strongly Recommended

    02/12/11 - BB4.17
    - Fixed battle AI script (part 3):
    -- Defensive behaviour should be much improved in normal field battles
    - General level 6+ are night battle capable.
    - AI generals are night battle capable.
    New Campaign Strongly Recommended.

    08/12/11 - BB4.18
    - Aztecs removed
    - America removed
    - Factions start with a couple of missions
    - Papal states removed from list of playable factions
    New Campaign Required

    10/12/11 - BB4.19
    - Correct campaign script included this time...
    - 4 new provinces:
    -- Rostov
    -- Murom
    -- Kursk
    -- Oleshye
    - More thorough removal of aztecs
    - Fixed Moors CTD issue
    New Campaign Essential (if you were using 4.18)
    Not Save Compatible

    11/12/11 - BB4.20
    - 4.19's new regions removed to fix CTD on loading savegame
    - New sea colouring from Tokus*Maximus
    New Campaign Essential (if you were using 4.18 or 4.19)
    Not Save Compatible

    14/12/11 - BB4.21
    - 4.19's new regions are back
    Not Save Compatible

    17/12/11 - BB4.22
    - Fixed rebels in water for Byzantium
    - Fixed Highland Nobles having AP weapons
    Save Compatible
    New Campaign Required For Byzantium Only

    19/12/11 - BB4.23
    - Noble swordsmen (Scots) get shield wall
    - Removed tier 4 badelaar miltia recruit options
    - Removed all mention of Arguin from campaign script (might have caused a CTD for some)
    Not Save Compatible

    28/10/12 - BB4.24
    - Back in May I worked on improving the special effects, the weather, lighting and shadows.
    - Also seem to remember adding a burning pool of oil that lies in the wake of fiery artillery projectile impacts.
    -- And yes it burns any soldiers foolish enough to wander into the flames for a short duration
    - Be aware that this update might cause performance issues on the battlefield - back up the files before overwriting to save any hassle!
    Save compatible.

    04/10/13 - BB4.25
    Revised the Governor\General\Rogue class/trait stuff a bit:
    - Removed specialisation points.
    - The many 'specialisations' are now simply available to earn once the character is of a certain level of the corresponding class.
    - At the momemnt only the General(1-18) trait text offers the player exact instructions on how each is to be achieved.
    - Some of these 'specialisations' also allow certain situational traits to activate.
    - - Example: A Rogue(13) character ambushes and defeats an enemy army once again. He has just gained the third level of the Bandit specialisation. Amongst other bonuses, he now need not worry about resupply, as long as he can idle in enemy lands
    - - Another example: A General(5) has recently beaten the enemy in siege defence and then in attack on the field. Earning him Field Attack and Siege Defence tactical specialisations. If the enemy should return and besiege this character's city then his combined Field Attack and Siege Defence capablities will grant him 'Ready to Sally'.
    - (There's lots of it, please try to break it )
    - This mod is very lucky to enjoy the efforts One Day, Drinka of Rum, and maybe someone else ... sorry guys, crap of me... But it's very much appreciated work!!
    -- I will read the thread and credit you guys better when I can.
    Not save compatible.

    18/10/13 - BB4.26
    - Added gov points for gov trait levels.
    - Increased/Added gov points for the paid events.

    22/12/13 - BB4.27
    - Fixed CTD after night battle when using General(5) or above.
    Save compatible.

    13/03/14 - BB4.28
    - Fixed .27's fix...
    Save compatible.

    28/07/14 - DLV:BB4.3
    - Presenting GeminiSandy's excellent Western Units Overhaul
    - Version includes DLV6.2 for the first time to help simplify installation.
    - Introduced a missile weight system for visual effect - Light troops knocked back, knocked down, and even sent flying depending on what missile is hitting them.
    - A few tweaks and fixes here and there.
    New campaign recommended.

    04/08/14 - DLV:BB4.31
    - New supply system (beta)
    -- Supply usage in enemy land variable on General and distance from capital.
    -- Supply usage in home and neutral lands variable on General and distance from capital.
    -- Besieging versions of the above.
    -- Supply depletion while besieged.
    -- Supply gain in settlements variable on General.
    -- Supply gain in allied territory depending on Trusted Ally status
    -- Supply gain within radius around capital variable on Ruler.
    - A lot of tweaks and fixes here, there and everywhere.
    New campaign required.

    24/08/14 - DLV:BB4.32
    - Battlescript ceasing to function fixed (Should be good news for field battle AI, stakes placement, and AI reinforcing armies)
    - Battlefield graphical glitch caused by bowstring models fixed by removing a one handed sword fatality D:
    - Increased supply gain in settlement
    - Removed more civil war related stuff that might cause an issue
    - Numerous other tweaks
    Not save compatible.

    02/01/15 - DLV:BB4.33
    - Some stabs in the dark attempting to fix the 'immobilised general' bug reported.
    - Supplies trait text fixed and updated.
    - A few other tweaks.
    Not save compatible.

    06/01/15 - DLV:BB4.34
    - Banditry adjustments.
    - Fixed AI characters receiving supplies when they should not.
    Not save compatible.

    10/01/15 - DLV:BB4.35
    - Menu UI adjustments
    - Relaxed religious recruitment requirements
    - Fixed gunpowder units causing CTDs
    Save compatible.

    25/01/15 - DLV:BB4.36
    - Fixed some archer units causing CTDs
    - Menu UI tweaks
    - Fixed rebel army stuck outside Venice in Venice campaign
    Save compatible.

    DLV:BB credits
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Myself (Taiji) for designing, developing, and directing others in the development of DLV+BB. Everything in the changelog is mine, unless otherwise specified, and all unspecified changes are also probably mine. (Game designer)
    Tokus*Maximus, a good friend providing support and encouragement, and high quality professional 2D artwork for free. (Artistic director, 2D art)
    Shadrach for helping Tokus*Maximus with some coding. (Coding assistant)
    Raaka for professional quality new Norwegian models and textures based on the Arn movies and made specifically for DLV+BB. (3D models and textures and associated coding)
    TaronQuinn for coding variation in permanent stone fort models, for importing many new units from Broken Crescent, and for making all units able to go rebel - A lot of coding! (Coding assistant)
    kaiser1993 for helping to import MADTAO's Polish and Lithuanian units, also for Militia Sergeants and numerous other helpful acts.
    Pnutmaster for scripting the scribe ancillary which tracks princess availability.
    Agis Tournas for his unit cards project and Byzantium text revision. (2D Art)
    Gemini][Sandy for importing his huge open source overhaul of Western faction unit models and textures. (3D models and textures and associated coding)
    Shaxx for his Text Overhaul Mod work on DLV+BB's ingame text. (Text)
    Hbhadast for the Real Moors Project which reskins the Moors. (Texturing)
    One Day and Drinka of Rum for miscellaneous bug fixes while I was a away for an extended period. (Coding and scripting assistance)
    Renesans for translation of DLV:BB into Russian. (Translation)
    Wilking for providing translation for DLV:BB's growing Chinese audience. (Translation)
    Niko, Point Blank and Banzai! for some nice new animations and tweaks to existing animations. (Animation and coding assistance)
    MADTAO for creating the excellent new Polish and Lithuanian units. (3D models and textures)
    Charge for allowing me to use his Mapmod 1.7 (Campaign map textures)
    Magus for allowing me to use his Crimson Tide 4.2 (Blood and 'nodirt' textures)
    Ziher for the performance improving city textures (Downscaled city textures)
    Total War Center for hosting the development thread
    And finally yourself, if you played my mod and gave me feedback, you helped!

    DLV 6.2 credits
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    - Repman: Originator, scripting (Campaign gameplay director)
    - TheDrakken: Traits\Ancilliary System
    - Tokus Maximus: Graphical Artwork and Ideas
    - Wirapuru: graphics
    - Miak : america map
    - Unspoken Knight: Retrofit + custom campaign mods
    - Harry Lime: bugfixing, minimods, betatesting
    - Gaius Baltar: betatesting
    - juggernawt: skinning Teutonics
    - DeZzErX: Flanders
    - SB2ean: Armenia, Desert Tribes
    - Boicote: Kiev Rus, Lithuania, Crusader
    - Ordensritter
    - Burrek
    - Eternal cocoon
    - Himmelsfeuer
    - Horsearcher
    - Salty
    - plasticfigurine
    - WhiteWolf
    - zhumin1978
    - ziher
    - Maced0n
    - Silent Resident
    - Joedreck: banner, shields, graphics
    - Renown: Traits/Ancillaries
    - Darth Vader: BATTLE AI + EDU balancing
    - Pinko: Battle AI tweaks + edb file elements
    - Oda Nobunaga: Traits/Ancillaries Enhancements
    - GrandViz: Ultimate AI mod 1.5
    - Spurius: Big Map 1.06
    - Rawghi: Heraldic mod
    - Kobal2: Traits Bugfixer
    - Marcus Camillus: old Career System, refined by Drakken
    - GAFH modder: Age simulation
    - Dearmad : smoke mod, cannon fix; traits/ancillary system
    - Kivals: adjusting parameters and optimizing russian\kiev faction
    - Rob the celt: ireland faction
    - Zapppa: Career System
    - Hephaistos: naval addon 1.1
    - Zaid: islamic enhancements
    - gladiatort, madtao: Lithuania mod
    - character names: deRougemont, finneys13
    - byg: Grim (supply) mod
    - Belgae: trait optimization
    - Belgae, StrikeQ : Student System
    - deRougemont, finneys13: characternames project
    - Byg: Grim (supply) mod
    - LAca's: Byzantine spearman
    - Megalos: english skins
    - Sambo: reskinning
    - gfortune: KoJ tweaking
    - riczu74: strat models: siege, sea blocade
    - Rex Cobalt: ordo teutonicus reskin
    - Isilendil and Tyre: strat+battle models: leader, heir,...
    - AverroŽs: ressources
    - NeoUA: Georgian skins from Knights of Honour Mod
    - Kivals: resource buildings
    - Niko: battle models
    - Lord_ET: battle stuff, Historical Campaign
    - RomanStory, SigniferOne: Animations
    - Ivanhoex: edu stuff
    - Tsarsies: Population Limited Recruitement
    - Flagbearer mod: Niko, Isilendil
    - Dave Scarface: Kingdoms music
    - Furin: Forts
    - Argent Usher: Real Horses 1.0
    - Agart: stone castles : greek, middle eastern
    - Agis Tournas: Graphic enhancements
    - Taiji: All unit stats, unit balancing, battle AI and animation arrangements, as well as importing Rusichi and CBUR stuff. (Battlefield gameplay director)
    - Rusichi Team :Rusichi mod
    - Pinotchet09: Scenario Battles
    - Blueoran: graphical enhancements
    - Brips: warhorn compilation
    - Agis Tournas, Agart: Settlement models, graphics (menu, banner,..)
    - BamaToon: Hedjaz fixes
    - JJN: middle eastern graphics
    - new grass
    - Grimblade: little fixes
    - Shaxx: text overhaul
    - sinople: geomod tool
    - CBUR Team (AnthoniusII,...): Byzanz
    - Germanicu5: AI stakes script.
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    Default Re: Battlefield Balance for DLV 6.0

    What's the shuffle forward animation?
    All map textures improved mod(MTW2,DLV):
    Real crazy medieval music (4pages!):
    More war horn sounds(MTW2,DLV)!
    More Loading screens MEGA pack Team!(MTW2,DLV):
    Mods Oblivion and Fallout3:
    Tape "Brips" on nexus then go to author name "Brips".

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    Default Re: Battlefield Balance for DLV 6.0

    Infantry in combat used to move away from the front line and since 5.8 they move towards it.

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    Default Re: Battlefield Balance for DLV 6.0

    /// cropped from my other post:

    also i still think baltic spearmen should not have more attack damage than a mercenary armored spearmen
    as a reminder for myself: metz xbow have too much attack as well
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    Default Re: Battlefield Balance for DLV 6.0

    Sorry mate, metz xbow? I don't know which unit that is.

    I'm stressing about this polish druzhina causing CTD. I really don't get it so far

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    Default Re: Battlefield Balance for DLV 6.0

    mmm the lithuanian early xbow (not the regulars) they have a lot of attack and i am not sure wich type of armor they wear also.. basically it looks that all lit needs a closer look and a little overhaul
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    Default Re: Battlefield Balance for DLV 6.0

    Ah, letts crossbowmen, sorry I could have worked that out. They're regular missile inf with swords so they get 5+5-2=8. You think they should be militia grade? Maybe you think I should give non-melee missile units -3 instead of -2?

    BTW I've gone for giving lit units leather armor where it's ambiguous because not many of them get upgrades. Still I think you're right in general about the lith rosta needing some work doing on it.
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    Default Re: Battlefield Balance for DLV 6.0

    exactly, i dont take this guys for regulars, as later on lit get its regulars (armored but this guys dont look too harshly trained either)

    also, in my calcs i dont use fixed numbers but percentages, tends to work best in some cases. as they are now, this guys are good swordsmen despite lower training
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    Default Re: Battlefield Balance for DLV 6.0 - 19/01/09

    What will increasing the mass of the units do for the pace of combat? Will it slow it down? Have you changed other values like attack ect, like for the spearmen after increasing their numbers?

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    Default Re: Battlefield Balance for DLV 6.0 - 19/01/09

    mass will make units to keep farther away between themselves

    therefore with high mass you will see a thin fighting line and a lot of troops waiting on either side

    with more than 0.5 and less than 1.5 mass things will get more messy, there is a front line but it is wavy and prompt to become just a mess. this way more units will be fighting simultaneously and battle will be more real but faster as well.

    with less than 0.5 mass math gets broken and you will get rivers of men going here and there charging berzerk mode

    the best would be to have a natural range of mid mass and measure battle speed using attack speed, damage/armor, higher defense skill (the one used to avoid being hit in melee).

    every one of the forementioned has its own perils if done on its own, and it has to be handled with care trying to ballance all factors together.

    anyway!!!! once you get heavy armored guys vs pikes, things slow down a lot already. test it out and see if you can hold yourself to fight 4 full battles of this level in a row.. without touching time controls

    ps: with higher mass you will see that soldiers push other soldiers up up up in the air, and that when cavalry tries to get through them it just stops still... buuuuuuggy
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    Default Re: Battlefield Balance for DLV 6.0 - 19/01/09

    Increasing the mass allows for more subtle differences between units though I've not made much use of that yet. Mass needed adjusting to help pikes deal with spearmen believe it or not. While doing that I noticed that other units would also benefit from adjustment. Horses are made slightly more vulnerable due to increased mass for heavy infantry and their charges are slightly less powerful against dismounted knights, etc. It needs more play testing as things stand and then I can come up with some kind of system which refines it further.

    Before this adjustment I found that massed spearmen units could easily take down pikes and so could heavy cavalry.

    There is a slight system to it but nothing fancy.

    Halberds 1.2-1.4 - depends on quality
    Pikes 1.2-1.6 - depends on quality
    Spearmen 1-1.2 - depends on quality
    Heavy Inf 0.8-1.2 - depends on quality and weapons
    Light Inf 0.4-1 - depends on quality and weapons
    Missile 0.4-1 - depends on quality

    Or something like that. I am personally finding less instances of troops being launched into the air by infantry as well as by cavalry. It will take a couple of charges to kill off a strong heavy infantry unit with knights, it's best to engage them with infantry first. Cav bogged down fighting infantry have a slightly harder time and need pulling out faster but on the other hand they kill more people in the area they charged while they are spreading as because they cannot push enemy inf out of the way so easily they are slowed down and can get more hits in.

    I'm sure it all needs adjusting and any feedback is much appreciated.

    @Ivanhoex, I think you're right about having a proportional reduction in attack for missile units. I'm thinking to assign a second troop quality for their secondary weapons.
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    Default Re: Battlefield Balance for DLV 6.0 - 19/01/09

    in order to face this kind of issue i took several measures, including:

    -giving ap to cav. this way heavy armored foots shall have less anti cav quality. spearmen and pikes ought to be the anti cav not them.

    -giving 3.0 mass to pikes, 2.0 mass to spears, 1.5 mass to halbs, everyone else in foot goes from 1 to 0.5
    the few longspear(s) get 2.5 mass.
    it has to be tested, in my game today it was bizarre the extra mass + the forward river of men was.. funny indeed. got a hundred screenshots lol

    offcourse this correlates to specific settings on mount.txt to define cav mass... i believe a reasonable amount may be found in the old files at my sig. (along with some extra data i am likely forgotten)
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    Default Re: Battlefield Balance for DLV 6.0 - 19/01/09

    found the latest data i was testing:
    hope it serves for comparison purposes

    for each quality change from "trained" on the unit type add +/- 0,5

    Codename (trained) mass
    BOW 0,35
    LBOW 0,35
    COMPO 0,35
    JAV 0,4
    GUN 0,4
    ARQ 0,4
    MUSKET 0,4
    CROSS 0,35
    HCROSS 0,35
    FIRE 0,4
    NAFTA 0,4
    DAGGER 0,4
    SWORD 0,6
    2HSWORD 2
    BLUNT 0,6
    2HBLUNT 2
    LSPEAR 1
    SPEAR 2
    PIKE 3

    please remember that in my calc pikes have 2 weapons, so they are much more vulnerable to cav charge.
    they have to kill half a cav unit in their first charge or they get into trouble

    Horse Mass in mounts.txt
    (all cav units in edu shall have 0.5 mass just in case)

    Type Mass

    Camel 1.8
    eastern armoured horse 2.6
    armoured horse 2.5
    barded horse 2.1
    templ barded horse 2.1
    hospi barded horse 2.1
    mailed horse 2.3
    templ mailed horse 2.3
    hospi mailed horse 2.3
    pony 1
    fast pony 0.5
    heavy horse 2
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    Default Re: Battlefield Balance for DLV 6.0 - 19/01/09

    Very interesting info and approach Ivanhoex, thanks for sharing. I shouldn't have varied the rider mass based on horse armor now I think about it, I should have varied it with rider armor and quality. I think with current settings horse mass will need to come up slightly. I am happy that high quality heavy infantry troops are not sent flying all over the place when charged, these men would have trained to defeat heavy cav and would probably be heavier in reality than most spearmen.

    I am thinking we could reduce the mount radius if increasing the horse mass slightly does not improve cavalry penetration. We could also reduce the radius of some anti cav units to increase resistance to cav penetration.
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    Default Re: Battlefield Balance for DLV 6.0 - 19/01/09

    adjusting units radius might cause more problems all around. becareful.

    think about thin walls, broken doors, etc, where units will be one on top of the other, they will push people in the air or just bug themselves

    about heavys, i dont care about them not flying in the air, if they die like the rest... as you can see, i didnt allow swords to be good anti cav but i allowed it to 2 handed weapons.
    also 2 handed weapons have more mass because they are supose to be able to break into a pike formation. with less mass they just cant get near a phalanx... not close enough to hit.

    this way you enforce the use of different types of units, not having the overall perfect unit like it was the DFK

    btw in later mid ages only a mad man will allow a row of heavy armored fellas with swords or one hand axes to face and try to stop a heavy cavalry charge.
    it would be the best way of suiciding their best shock troops. they will use spears in the front or pikes. if they had not any of those (weird uh?) they will try to set up a defensive position, using trenches and the like were a cavalry charge wont be an option...

    if short weapons were the clue against heavy cav then no one would have used spears or pikes XD

    also, my quality levels just in case:

    2-fanatic/low training
    3-trained/slightly profesional/merc
    4-highly trained/professional/knight

    for example a lot of lit units belong to 2 because they are hunters or with similar low training
    i make the difference between quality in mounts be achieved by other qualities than mass. i am not sure the game even reads the mass value in edu for them.
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    Default Re: Battlefield Balance for DLV 6.0 - 19/01/09

    It's still very foolish to use all heavy inf as front line anti cav. Spears, halberds and of course pikes do a fine job. Still if you are looking for a target for heavy cav you will no longer be able to 'fire and forget' with confidence versus good heavy infantry, you will need to charge them a couple of times or as the cav becomes bogged down they will start to fall. Previously you could take 3 or 4 heavy cav units and wipe out an entire enemy army in a single charge regardless of the armys composition, well not any more.

    I like how heavy armored guys with swords can stand and fight each other for a long time, really raises the value of AP weapons

    Also I'm quite happy with kill rates for missile weapons so far.

    I am still not happy that spearmen die faster than everyone else, they still flow too tightly together raising their kill rate but also their opponents. I like the chaos of it but it's just not right.

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    Default Re: Battlefield Balance for DLV 6.0 - 19/01/09

    test a little with unit formations, the part of edu taht asigns depth and width of ranks... maybe that helps
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    Default Re: Battlefield Balance for DLV 6.0 - 19/01/09

    OMG you could be onto something there Ivanhoex! That sounds like it could solve at least half the problem. I'll check it out mate, thanks!

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    Default Re: Battlefield Balance for DLV 6.0 - 19/01/09

    Hello Taiji,
    Which are your latest files?
    Are the ones in the first post?
    Thank you
    A mini-mod is never late! Nor is it ever early. It arrives precisely when I mean it to do!

    Son of Agisilaos / Grandson of jimkatalanos / Great-grandson of Garbarsardar

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    Default Re: Battlefield Balance for DLV 6.0 - 19/01/09

    Yep, grab the EDU from here.

    Then I really recommend you grab the weapon upgrade removal from here
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