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Thread: 1.2 Fixes You Should Try Before Posting

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    Default 1.2 Fixes You Should Try Before Posting

    Quote Originally Posted by bovi View Post

    Having a crash before even starting the campaign? Take a look at the EB installation validation thread before posting a thread for help. It contains a wealth of possible solutions you should try. You may want to state your case (in a new thread!) and get advice on what to try first, but you should post the validation results in your help thread as a minimum.

    I will post important updates here, for instance CTD fixes. When the instructions say to unpack files, you can use 7-zip, which is free.

    If your game crashes, with all permanent fixes installed, please try more than once as some crashes happen as flukes, never to return. These flukes are impossible to investigate, so only post a report if the crash is persistent (or happens very often spread over some turns).

    The temporary fixes will disable varying degrees of functionality and should therefore only be used to get past a persistent crash. Try all the temporary fixes before posting.

    Retroactive means having an effect on ongoing campaigns, and not retroactive means you'll have to start a new campaign to get its effects. As a rule, all fixes are savegame compatible though (meaning they won't break a campaign), if one isn't it will say so in the information about it.

    Fixes for 1.1 are not applicable for 1.2 or vice versa - DO NOT install them if you have the wrong version of EB.

    Permanent fixes for 1.2:

    • Missing sprites RETROACTIVE
      • Updated 2008-11-25: Included the DMB fixes that IAmPhet posted about.
      • Several sprites for units added soon before the release (of 1.1 ) were again forgotten, causing CTDs while loading battles. This fix will add the missing sprites and also fix another two errors in descr_model_battle.txt.
      • Download this file from the EB FTP, or if that fails, from Dropbox.
      • Unpack into <RTW directory>/EB/data.

    • Missing general recruitment RETROACTIVE
      • Updated 2008-11-24: Created.
      • The nomad client kingdom government did not allow recruitment of generals (which turn into client rulers). This fix will add the recruitment.
      • Download this file from the EB FTP, or if that fails,from Dropbox.
      • Unpack into <RTW directory>/EB/data.

    • Script fixes (mainly reform marker spams) PARTIALLY RETROACTIVE
      • Updated 2009-02-01: Moved to permanent fixes as its effect was tested.
      • The Carthie reform markers were still created once every time you loaded a game.
      • The Sweboz reform markers were still created once every time you loaded a game.
      • The Sweboz reforms did not trigger properly if you had upgraded your MICs too high in certain settlements.
      • The fix won't remove the excess markers that have already been spammed, so it is not entirely retroactive. Still, it will work on your ongoing campaign and preclude any immediate crashes if you're encountering this problem.
      • Download this file from the EB FTP or from Dropbox.
      • Unpack into <RTW directory>/EB/data.

    Temporary fixes:
    No temporary fixes yet.

    Optional changes:
    And why are they optional and unsupported? Because they do not concern fatal bugs, or haven't been properly tested.
    No optional fixes yet.
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    Default Re: 1.2 Fixes You Should Try Before Posting

    Greetings EB fans. At the risk of sounding like a digital ignoramus, it might help some novices to mention that "unpack" means to extract the compressed downloaded file(s) directly into the EB/data file. My first fumbling attempts found me extracting the files to the wrong place, then copying them into the EB/data file. Didn't work, of course, so my game kept crashing. (It gives you some idea of how engrossing this game is to note that I completed Roman and Baktrian campaigns, losing countless hours replaying crashed battles. Talk about dedication!)

    Finally I figured it out and it's made a huge difference. Whereas a previous attempt with the Lusotanni saw a crash about every other battle, I've restarted the campaign and after half a dozen battles there've been zero crashes. Smooth as silk. So make sure them fixes are properly installed, eh?

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    Default Re: 1.2 Fixes You Should Try Before Posting

    How does one unpack properly? My PC tells me to use Winzip but it says I have to pay for it.

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    Default Re: 1.2 Fixes You Should Try Before Posting

    Use Winrar (Ignore the notice that asks you to register after 30 days) or use 7zip.

    I just started using 7zip and I find it a lot better.

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