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Thread: [Questions?] You ask... we answer...

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    Total War Center es un foro en idioma InglÚs. Para preguntas detalladas (por ejemplo en espanol) puedes escribirme un mensaje privada.

    But to say that clearly once more - and to answer the last question (of course in english), the decision to continue modding based on the old engine has been discussed long time ago. Attila is probably a phantastic game and provides an engine which offers amazing graphics and a better AI. Also the interface has been improved in many ways compared to the parent game Rome2.
    This is doubless the case - on the other hand the game-mechanics and the general overview combined with new textures and new models is still well located at RTW+BI. Some of us joined TWC 10 years ago (!) and the focal point of those people (including myself) has most likely changed to the rest of the (in parts) new community.
    The game itself fell certainly to the background. Meanwhile, other priorities are moved into the foreground. This would be the historical analysis, detailed questions on equipment, formations, political and geo-strategic circumstances and many others.
    Please do not misunderstand. The game is still the focus. But it was simply extended by many parts. The question on which engine you change is simply not the most important anymore. I was also asked many times to change the engine to M2TW (medieval 2) - leaving aside that this one is meanwhile old as well.
    If someone wants to create a modification on the basis of Attila, one can ask me anytime for advice - for example to improve the historical authenticity.
    But after more than six years of coding and modding a new generation is next in turn of doing this (I mean coding and modding based on a new engine). My "world" is RTW/BI/Alexander - and when our mod is done, there is still much to do concering research and to give suggestions etc. But there is for sure no jump to a new engine - at least not from my side.
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    Hey, how are things going with the mod? Is there any news to report on it?

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    Can you, please, re-upload pictures of Theodosian walls and do you still working on the mod ?

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    I remember someone saying an internal alpha was underway years ago... I wonder if they could, if they no longer want to continue work on this, upload what they have done if for no other reason than that all that hard work shouldn't be wasted, so other mod teams can use assets from it? Or better yet finish the mod haha
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pompeius Magnus View Post
    That's the secret of Mikhail.
    The mod is dead - when I say it's dead. So long as I have to work like a roman horse in my new house I have to stop modding "for a while"! That doesn't mean that the mod has been retired.
    Modding will go on when I find some more time.
    Nice to hear that!
    By the way, I completely support your decision to not change the engine! The RTW is still playable, especially if you have slow PC but strong intention to "smash some heads" on tactical map
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