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Thread: ----- Official Fight Club Announcements ----

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    Default ----- Official Fight Club Announcements ----

    Hello there everyone. (Don't forget to come to the Questions, Comments and Suggestions thread to let your voice be heard. )



    Oct 10th - Introduction of commentary threads for non-combatants to discuss in.

    Oct 12th - Signature thread.

    Oct 13th - Standardisation of thread titles for better archiving is introduced. NAME OF TOPIC [Debater 1 vs. Debater 2] {-Complete-}

    Oct 30th - A new set of Rules and an official Charter to replace Garb's old rules. The new Charter and Rules

    Nov 1st - Questions, Comments & Suggestions thread.

    Nov 5th - Announcement Thread is created and stickied.

    Nov 14th - We will be adding links from the Commentary Threads to the Debate Threads and vice versa, in the OP of the individual threads.

    Nov 30th - New Fight Club user group.

    Dec 7th - New Commentary sub-forum introduced. Can be found here.


    Jan 25th- New challenge issuing thread here.

    June - Archives created


    May 28th - Challenge Archive Catalogue created.

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    Default Fight Club Signatures!

    This is where all the fight club signatures and user bars will be stored. Feel free to use them and represent the Fight Club!

    Thanks to all contributors. If you want to contribute just PM me, and I will gladly put it here for all to see.

    These are by Guy.

    And these are by Caradog.

    If you want to rep them or ask them questions or commission anything feel free to, you can find them here in their Art Forum.

    These new good ones, by TestudoAubreii.

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