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Thread: Hidden Loading Screen(?)

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    Default Hidden Loading Screen(?)

    As I am a TWC Wiki editor, are current project is on R:TW. I was browsing through the files and came across a strange file in the loading_screen 's folder. Take a look at this;

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Can anyone identify this. I've never seen this before on R:TW and it is said to be a loading screen. If it is a hidden one, obviously thats why but please do help.


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    Default Re: Hidden Loading Screen(?)

    Never seen it anywhere at all. Perhaps it was an old loading screen from a previous patch or something, that CA left in the loading screen folder, but is not utilised?

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    Default Re: Hidden Loading Screen(?)

    Never seen it either. The reminds me of the time the RS team found a skin for Maximus (Gladiator) in the files.

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    Default Re: Hidden Loading Screen(?)

    CA had lots of unused stuff hidden in the files, although I'm surprised no one found an extra loading screen by now...

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    Default Re: Hidden Loading Screen(?)

    I have seen that before and I wondered what was that?

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    Default Re: Hidden Loading Screen(?)

    I thought everybody knew about that one?:hmmm:
    I found it ages ago when modding loading screens for my mod.
    My guess it is from a beta CA build or the lost Caesar in Gaul campaign.:hmmm:

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    Default Re: Hidden Loading Screen(?)

    Nope never seen it before either, looks good though.
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    Default Re: Hidden Loading Screen(?)

    It is most likely (like 99%) left behind from an earlier build of RTW. CA did this a lot. You can see a bunch of other unused stuff in the menu folders and stuff like that. They also have a couple of unfinished campaigns in and a bunch of legacy code that didn't make it into the main game.

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