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    Default Course Information & Overview

    Class Name

    • Basic Mesh Texturing


    Number of Parts & Names

    1. Basic Mesh Texturing 101 - Basic Vanilla Mesh Re-texturing.

    Class Objectives

    • Give students the basic knowledge to be able to re-texture an existing vanilla mesh.


    1. Medieval II : Total War installed and patched to at least version 1.2. Kingdoms expansion is ok, but not necessary.
    2. Must have a basic working knowledge of the mod switch procedure.
    3. Some experience editing text files.
    4. Adobe Photoshop or Gimp and a working knowledge of your program of choice. Screens will be shown in Adobe Photoshop.
    5. nVIDIA DDS plugins for required programs. Can be found here.
    6. .texture/.dds converter which can be found here.
    7. Willingness to learn and be creative.

    Basic Information

    • I will be hosting a two part class on "Basic Mesh Texturing" starting September 29th.
    • The first part will be Basic Mesh Texturing 101 - Basic Vanilla Mesh Re-Texturing. This part is sort of a get your feet wet intro to the basic fundamentals of mesh textures. I will provide the base blank vanilla texture for the unit set of my choice.
    • Registration will be open from September 10, 2008 until September 24, 2008 at 9:00PM GMT -5 (East Coast, United States). Once Registration is closed, I will pm all those interested with their class confirmation and further information.
    • I will be available via private message here and msn messenger during the duration of this course. That information to be given at the time of confirmation. As always, I look forward to your interest and happy modding.

    B. Ward, TWC University Professor
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