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Thread: Want a subforum for your community game? Read this first.

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    Default Want a subforum for your community game? Read this first.

    Do you want a subofum for your community role-playing game? Here's what you have to do.

    Start a thread here with the community RPG proposal. Run it for at least 1 week, and update the first post with the following information, in this order, in a format easy to overview:
    • name of the forum (TITLE and SUBTITLE)
    • detailed subfora structure (with subforum TITLES and SUBTITLES)
    • a list of recommended local moderators, who don't have any active infraction points (min. 2)
    • a list of active, committed members who are ready and willing to play the game (min. 5)
    • well thought-out, viable, detailed and original game proposal: how would this game work, what kind of mod are you using, what is the basic rule-set, what are the original ideas, etc.
    Please understand that if these informations are not there in the first post, the admins can't set up the subforum.

    Useful tip: if the subforum is set up, please make a stickied FAQ for newcomers ASAP, that contains all the necessary information for joining the game.

    Note: this subforum is for RPGs based on the Total War series. If your proposal is based on another game, start a thread in the Coliseum.
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    Default Re: Want a subforum for your community game? Read this first.

    I have been running this forum for about eight months now. In that time I have set up seven RPGs, only one of which has lasted more than four weeks. Setting up these games takes several hours. I am going to be very demanding from this point forward whether or not a game will be approved because frankly setting up a game that fails immediately is a waste of time.

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