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Thread: Medieval Total War - Redux (Beta)

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    Alright, good...

    If you enjoy RXB1007, post up some screenshot here (from your RX-campaign) and tell us all what element you liked the most about it. I am probably not the only one that would like that. As for the included Redux bonus-materials, it is various stuff and some can be used directly in the game - applied and installed after Redux is already installed. Its all from promotional pictures, to design-documents, to backup files, and portraits or additional alternative textures. Here is a small guide on how you can change and use the extra portraits done for Redux (also included in the bonus materials)....

    Quote Originally Posted by Axalon
    This little guide is an extended version on how to change the
    portraits in MTW-redux. To apply one of the redux bonus portraits in
    the game you apply and follow these steps:

    1. Determine what kind of unit it is that you want to change portrait
    on. Let’s say it is a general and he got the white number-tag “16”
    in the right upper corner.

    2. You locate the bonus-portrait you want to put in “general 16’s”
    place in the game. Let’s say it’s the one located in “RX Bonus
    Material\Portraits\Hero “–folder with the filename of “Hero20”/

    3. You make copy of “Hero20.tga” and put this copy on, let’s say,
    you’re desktop.

    4. Now you locate your reduxed MTW-install folder, either named
    “Redux - Total War” or “Medieval – Total War” and from there
    you go to “………-TotalWar\campmap\Portraits\Catholic\General”, when
    you found your way to that place, you locate the file which is
    named: “general16.tga”. Copy that file-name.

    5. Get back to your desktop and the “Hero20.tga”-file you earlier put
    there. Now, replace or change that filename with the one you copied
    at step 4. The “Hero20.tga” should thus now be named;
    “general16.tga” if you have followed the instructions and steps

    6. Now open up the “………-TotalWar\campmap\Portraits\Catholic\General”
    -folder again, make a copy of your renamed file placed on your
    desktop and paste it into the generals-folder and let it replace
    the existing file with the same name.

    7. Start up redux a locate the general you wanted to change portrait
    on, he now has the portrait of “Hero20” taken from the Hero-folder
    in the “bonus portraits”-folder which in turn is placed in the
    Redux Bonus Material-folder.

    Now, if you for some reason would want to reset one or all portraits
    the game-portraits to redux default again, you simply use copies of
    the files located in the Back-Up Files-folder. As in the same way you
    did on step 1-7. Also located in “Bonus portraits”. There are back-ups
    on both “kings” and “generals” there.

    This concludes “GUIDE 1A ON CHANGING PORTRAITS”.
    Btw folks - in 2018, I created "hotfix3" for RXB1007 and it is still available in this thread (see post:619). It will improve the camp-map AI-performance in general and it corrects various errors on costs for several buildings/tech. I recommend that anyone who is currently playing Redux to search out post:619 and grab that hotfix3 ASAP! After all, it will make your Redux-game better...

    - A
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