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Mod Name (s) : Vanilla Rome; Vanilla BI Mod.
Platform: Rome: Total War (1.5); Barbarian Invasion (1.6)
Mod Creator: Gaul

Mod Description (s) : Vanilla Rome allows you (the player) to play good old fashioned factory made vanilla RTW, with all the joys and grievences we came to love with the original game, 4 years ago. It's all there! From war dogs to the Senate, but fine tuned to be harder, enjoy a flash back to the past back of when you first bought RTW. ;

Vanilla BI is my interpretation (and personal obsession) with Barbarian Invasion, the expansion pack that I think is great but noone wanted to give any time too. The Western and Eastern Roman Empire garrisons have been beefed up, their starting treasuries drastically increased, to give both empires a fighting chance against the barbarians. Or play as the barbarians, and try to fight and break the backbone of these two strong empires and even stronger alliance.