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Mod name: Siege Mod
Platform: Siege Mod is made for both Barbarian Invasion and Rome - Total War
Mod Creator: fatsheep

Mod description: I have been very frustrated with the siege gameplay in Rome: Total War and the Barbarian Invasion expansion. This mod is an attempt to improve gameplay in sieges.
Siege Towers no longer fire missiles.
Siege Rams are not as likely to catch on fire.
Gatehouses no longer use boiling oil. (Credit to this discovery goes to wlesmana)
New Barbarian and Eastern Siege Rams. Roman factions retain the old tortoise ram (used for all factions in Barbarian Invasion). In Rome - Total War greek factions use the barbarian ram, Carthaginians and Egyptians use the eastern one.
There are now four siege weapons per unit instead of two.

Other Info: For RTW 1.5 Vanilla and BI 1.6

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