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Mod name:Romano British Province Campaign
Platform: v1.6 patch for Barbarian Invasion expansion pack
Mod Creator: player1
Mod description:
It's year 363 AD.
You are Placus Flavius, appointed Dux Britannium.
Natives call you Flavius the Horsemen, due to great skill as cavalry commander.
By Roman emperor, you were granted the rule of Britannia province to deal with Celtic problem.
If Celts are dealt with and army is mustered, everything is possible...

The scenario features:

-same Barbarian Invasion campaign starting in 363AD
-playable Romano Britons in control of two Britain regions that West Roman Empire holds
-exact same conditions in buildings and units like in main campaign
-control of same Roman general as in main campaign, but now as new faction leader
-need for "mini-reforms", since money is tight at start

Other Info:Installation:
Unzip the download into your Rome - Total War folder. If it's done well, you'll get a new provincial campaign available with Romano British as playable faction.

Installation does not modify any of original files, it just adds extra campaign.

Compatibility: Since this campaign is based on slightly altered main campaign, it should work with most mini-mods that don't alter game map. For example: BUG-FIXER, DarthVader gameplay fix, etc...

Known issues:
-If your last family member dies during AI turn, you won't get defeat message and game will freeze
-Provincial campaign suffers from same bugs that exist in main campaign
Keywords: Romano British Campaign

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