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Mod name: Rome Total War:Res Bellicae
Platform: all above 1.5 (including Alexander and BI)
Mod Creator: Gaio Giulio Patrizio

Mod description: Res Bellicae Res Bellicae is a mod focusing on the 600 years between 530 b.c.e. and 108 c.e., featuring three campaigns covering the Greek wars against Persia, Rome's rise to power in the Italian peninsula, and an imperial campaign seeing the roman expansion in the world, along with a lot of reforms,new formations , new skins, new units, new music and buildings for all factions and never seen before game scripts.

Other Info: it's not a minimod .if you need futher descriptions write me

Keywords: Res Bellicae RB


Permissions: you cannot distribute any of the files in the mod without the written permission of the creators.