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    The Cuman nobles was in great disagreement, and of no clear mind. In the end, the Italian lands, where the selfproclamed leader of the heathen Christians resided, was chosen.

    Khan Asim travelled southeast, alongside with his two sons, the Prince Hakki, and his brother Munir, the priest Izzeddin, the spy Dursunand a host of cuman soldiers. They travelled along the coast of the Black Sea, untill finally they were able to hire boats that could sail them further down. They sailed past the magnificent city of Constantinoble, and several great castles.
    Several times, they spotted pirates in the distance, but luck was with them, and they were not attacked.

    Finally arriving at the shores of Sicily, at the foothills below the Castle Palermo, the Khan and his sons assembled their forces. Before them stood the Sicilian king, with his many knights. Behind him another host of Italian spearmen marched.

    It was a bloody battle indeed! The Khan send the cuman horsearchers out to circle around the italian forces. Both horsearchers, and infantry archers let loose countless arrows at the Norman Knights, but weary from the long travel, only few founds their marks. The Knights sounded their charge, and many of the infantry militias fell to their lances and was trambled under their thundering hooves.

    The Khan and his son encircled the italian forces, and charged home deep within the already engaged italian forces. The militias was all but destroyed, and many of the archers were forced into close combat with the italians. Many of the horsearchers had been on the recieving end of arrows from muslim archers, and several had been caught up by the christian Knights.

    At some point it could have been feared that the Cuman Exodus would end there on the shoreline before the Castle. The Khan broke from combat, and searched for the Sicilian King. They spotted eachother from far across the battlefield, looked into eachothers eyes, and both sounded the charge.

    Lances clashed, swords rang, and the noblemen of both sides fell. Suddently ran the sound of another horn. Hakki had maneuvered his nobles behind the battle, and charged hime at the rear of the italian kings knights.
    Several fell instantly, and there was much confusion amongst the italians. The King was distracted by this, only long enough for the Khan Asim to bury his sword in his side. The italian king fell.
    This struck terror in the remaining italians, and many turned tail and ran.
    The Khan and his sons charged forward, and soon the battle was won!

    The Cumans entered Palermo, and several opposing citizens were cut down by the hand of the Khan. The remaining cumans were let loose to pillage the town - to a certain point naturally. By nightfall 1500 civilians had been slaughted, but no more resistance were to be seen.
    The Khan now sits at the thone of Palermo, and asserts the situation.
    Out of the 900 cumans he arrived with, less than 300 still stands.
    But the Cumans have arrived at their promised lands, and Palermo stands as the new capitol. Both his sons survived the battle, and several children were born during the travel.

    If they can stand their ground here long enough to build up their forces, the Cumans wil soon be a force to be feared as it should be!

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    Khan Asim lay a extravagant bed, in Naples. He was old now, he could feel it in his bones. He would not have long time left on this earth. He did not mind much though. He had had a most glorious life. The Comans, once normads on the great plains in the far east, now held claim to a fair amount of Southern Italy, at the heart of Europe.

    Alongside with two of his sons, Prince Hakki and Munir, he had taken Naples from the Sicilians, only a few months ago, finaly pushing them away from the mainland Italy. The Cuman now controlled all of the island Sicily, and the southern lands of Italy, Bari and now Naples too. The scouts in the watchtowers, he had ordered constructed along the borders, could see all the way to the city called Rome, where the Pope held residence. One day, that would be the capitol of the Cuman Empire, he thought to him self.

    Not now though. His forces were spend, and the coffers empty. This was not the time for war. He wondered if his sons would manage to keep control of the growing empire. Hakki was a supreme warrior. Asim remembered with great pride how Hakki had engaged the sicilian crown prince, under the shadows of the volcano Vesuvius, and defeated him in glorious battle, to send the last sicilian troops out of Sicily.

    He could defeat any enemy in battle, that much Asim knew for sure. But could he also rule? (Great Khan!) Well, time would tell. He would have good advisors at the very least. Several of his own children, and grandchildren had come of age, and all but one have shown great interest in the management of the public. As such, Palermo, Syracuse and Bari each had their own member of the Khan's family to govern them. (Great Khan!)

    Suddently a man, barged through the doors, which swung open with a loud clang. His clothing marked him as a scout. 'Great Khan! I bring dire news!'
    Clearly annoyed at having his chain of thoughts interrupted by this man, Khan Asim angrily sneered at the man.
    The intruder bowed deeply; 'Great Khan! We are besieged! An immense army have gathered just outside the walls!

    Khan Asim leaped up, pushed the scout aside, and hurried directly to the walls. When he arrived, Hakki was already there. As he reached the wall, and looked out from the battlements, his face turned grim. Outside the walls was a grand army. A quick assessment told him they was well over three times as numerous as his own forces. Even worse was the fact that a large part of his army consisted of cavalry, which would have a hard time to manouver within the castle walls. As he inspected the banners of the sieging army, he realised that this was not the Sicilians who had come to reclaim their capitol. This was an army out of Rome. These men wore the markings of the Pope!

    He looked to Hakki to his left, and then to Munir, who had arrived at his right. The odds looked grim. Conflicting feelings surged through his mind. He was not afraid of death. In fact, he was most thankfull that he would have to chance to die in glorious battle, and not in his deathbed. But his children! He feared for their lives. This would be their greatest challenge yet.

    He quickly regained control of his thoughts, and started yelling orders. His men fell into place, and prepared for the attack.

    Alongside Hakki and Munir, he took place at the castle grounds.

    In the distance, he heard the horns sound.

    Would the Cuman Khanate be able to survive this?

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    Khan Asim stood at the town square, while the drums of war sounded louder and louder. The Papal forces advanced with rams, ladders and siege towers.
    Asim watched as the javaliners threw their spears at the advancing enemy, and the horse archers fired over the walls at an enemy they could hear, but not see. They were of little use within the city walls.
    The Khan cursed himself for letting the enemy catch him off guard, unable to face them in oben battle.


    The rams had started to knock down the gates. At the same time the ladders arrived at the walls, and shortly after the siege tower. Soon the Papal spearmen surged in over the walls, while the javaliners desperatly sought to fight them off.


    The spearmen at the gate braced themselves. It would not be long now.


    Khan Asim watched the gates swing open, and seemingly endless hordes of white-clad enemies stormed through the gates. Several times they were drowned in a bath of burning oil, but it didn't seem to stop them pouring through. The spearmen fought valiantly to keep them at bay, and the horse archers continously send arrow after arrow into the mob.

    He looked to the left wall, and saw a few remaining javaliners try to run for their lives, but got cut down. The right wall didn't seem to be faring much better.
    The Horsearchers had spend all of their arrows, and returned to their Khan at the City Square. It would only be a matter of time before the entrance to the city had been completely lost. Khan Asim expected the last defenders to come fleeing past him at any moment.

    But it did not happen. The Khan was surprised to learn that no spearman had ever broken from the defence. They fought to the last man, taking a great number of enemies with them. Every man died a brave warriors death.

    Now only the Khan, Prince Hakka and Munir, alongside with their bodyguards, and a handfull horsearchers without any arrow remained.

    Suddently Munir jerked his head with attention, and shortly after Asim and Hakka saw it too. The enemy general, apparently thinking the battle was won, had started his victory march towards the City Square, far ahead of his army!

    Immidiatly Amir sounded the charge, and the rest of the Cumans surged forward to clash with the enemy general.
    Caught completely off guard, by this sudden resistance, the general and his knights barely had time to reach for their swords before they were all cut down. A contigent of spearmen turned around the corner, but seeing their leader slain, and a heap of angry cuman horsemen charging at them, they quickly turned tail and ran.

    The cuman charge continued at the italian forces, who had been completely struck with confusion and terror. They thought they had won the day, but now saw their comraded flee for their lives, heard cries of the death of their leader, and around the corner a group of cuman horsemen came charging directly at them. Some fled immediately, some tried to make a stand, and many were cut down while trying to decide.

    With his two sons at his side, Asim slashed right and left at the italians, with such a fury, seemingly impossible for a man of his age. It was not long before the italian forces turned tail and fled.
    The Khan ordered the cavalry forward after them, and in the end, only a very few men escaped. Over 500 italians had been taken prisoner, and a equal number slain in the battle.

    After the battle, the Khan ordered ropes to be fastened to the battlements on the walls. The end of each rope would be fastened to the legs of an italian prisoner. They would then, still bound on their hands, be thrown off the wall, thusly hanging with their head down, halfway down the walls.

    'Let the carrion birds end their heathen lives!' he proclaimed.

    In the next 18 months, the pope attacked several times, but now the Cumans were prepared. Nomad archers, with their powerfull composite bows had arrived from Palermo, alongside with Tartar spearmen, and Cuman Axemen. The Papal forces were defeated at the walls each time.

    Finally, having massed a great army, Khan Asim, Prince Hakka and Munir marched towards the papal city of Rome. No sooner than the siege had started, the personal emmisary of the Pope approached.

    Asim rode out to recieve him. They talked for some time, then Khan Asim returned to the army.

    'Friends! Family! Great Cumans!' he announced. 'We have defeated the treacherous papal dogs in battle, again and again. Now they come crawling, asking for their lives! I have agreed to let them live. For now. In return they will offer us a chest of gold twice a year, and officially proclaim all the lands south of Rome, the new Cuman Khanate! We finally have a new homeland, friends!'

    There was a great cheer from the cumans, and shortly after the army prepared to return to Naples.
    Khan Asim approached his som Hakka. 'My son' he said, while he loosened his ornate sword. 'You will be the first Khan of the new Cuman Khanate. Take this sword, and wield it proudly.' With these words, Asim turned to his tent, and closed the entrance. He would never again exit.

    Khan Asim will forever be remembered fondly by the Cumans. He reigned untill his death in 1113, and led the Cumans from their poor homes on the plain, and forged a proper Khanate in southern Italy. He was time and time again faced with impossible odds, but prevailed against all odds. All Cumans will look up to him for all time to pass.

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    Nice job, that sounds like a crazy journey with a lot of potential problems! What setting were you on?

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    Good, but can you insert some pictures? Would be a very nice addition!

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    Unfortunatly my harddisk have crashed, so I will be unable to continue this campaign.

    It will have to end with the death of Khan Asim.
    I was quite enjoying it too

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    Very nice story. I like it. I will try something like this too.

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    That was a very good story. I really wish you could have continued it.

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