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Thread: Komnenean army units roster...!With pics...

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    Icon2 Komnenean army units roster...!With pics...



    This army roster aims to mods that start at 1080ad!

    Unit cards...

    Unit list:

    Acontistae (javelinears).
    The basic infantry unit of a provincial army armed with light javelings,small wooden baclers and small axes!
    Basicaly peseants armed by the local governor...


    According to standard millitary orders each provincial ruller(general)had to keep a large number of "soft"bows to provide the city's defending poppulation a basic weapon to help against the attackers!
    The description"soft"refairs to the string's power!!The peasants were not profesionals to know who to hundel a combosite bow!
    Unlike the other "psiloi" units toxotae with battle expiriance were paid by the local general in order to have access to some basic armors to ingrease their surviving possibilities!
    Their most ussual equipment was exept the bow,a small wooden bucler and a small axe or a sword for close combat...
    Often they used hard leather or padded armors!


    As a word means spearmen from the ancient greek word "kontos" and the later byzantine version "kontarion"...


    Gasmuli:Latin merchants often created families in the cities
    they lived.Children of theirs called by the rest popullation
    gasmuli.Some historians of their times use to claim that
    gasmuli were exelent naval crews mostly naval heavy

    5:Latin handgunners

    In order to protect their interests in the cities they had merceant stations,Italian
    merceants formed some small units with exnaval crews or mercenaries
    strait from Italy!They armed them selvs with every "new"weapon they could buy..
    Handguns were some of them!


    Every province ruller(the local general) had an obligation by the law to reqruit a small profetional hardcore unit by his expences!
    They took their name(castrophilakae) by the word 'καστρα" castles a generic name for fortification walls in the greek languege...
    So they were mainly the wall keepers in peace times.As wall keepers we mean that they maned the border forts or the kleisoures(small forts on crossroads and other strategic positions...From the kleisoures forts their officers took a name as kleisourarchae...
    Their 2nd task was to enforce the law as a "pollice" force in the cities by the General's orders!


    Archontopula:Their name means "children/sons of the nobles...
    For the 1st time in the empire's existance emperors reqruit underage
    (younger than 19 years old)soldiers...They may lack of expirience but
    they are considered some of the most"fanatic"troops!!



    Acritae.For the greek/romans these soldiers were the most famous of all(and population wrote many epic songs and myths for them)...
    They were the successors of the limitanei roman troops and afcource their name also means border (acri=final line of the state=border)...
    As troops were the majority of semiprofessional soldiers of each province(thema).For the reqruitment of Acritae the "military lands" status were invented...Lived by the military lands close to the empire's borders they transformed from light to medium multi role soldier acting as border guards during peace and as raiding forces or ambushers during war time...
    They were a multi functional tool to every generall and his province.



    Their name means the shield cariers!(just like ancient greek hoplitae)...
    They were part of the majority of the line infantry and the unit's name continued to exist all the empire's life...
    They used to name like this for the easiest separation of the lansarii (light spearmen-later known as contarati) and from the heavier of the 600-800 era unit of promachi!After 800 the scoutati and promachi coexist in one unit as simple scoutati!In some ocations also named as (h)oplitae as well!


    The empire often suffered by lack of good archers ...
    Komneneans were somehow lucky by the entance of large number steppe warriors
    mostly turks and turkomans who change their religion and became sitizens of the empire...
    The kursores/defensores unit system was in use again!


    Cavalarii.Their name means horsemen...They were not just one unit through out history but they are remembered as the medium multi role kind of cavalry the empire used almost all it's eras and survived until the end in the Empire of Trapezond 1460ad!


    The cost of having and support a horse,often millitary training and the cost of a good
    and afective armor was quite big...Thematic way of reqruitment solved that problem
    by giving a farm (the farm's income)to a soldier in order of keeping him to his millitary
    obligations(and not care how he will manage to survive)...
    Their name was often Stratiotae...

    15:Varangian Guard

    Etairia ton varangion(Varangian Guard):
    Warriors from north europe were in the empire's service from the late
    roman era especialy from germanic tribes.In the years of the
    emperor Basileios II a new kind of warriors became part of the
    imperial army's roster...The famous viking origin Varangians known
    as (pelekiphoroi phrouroi)”the guards armed with axes”.This unit
    of mersenaries was in duty to the last moments of the empire.
    Many saxon warriors entered the unit after 1070ad!
    Type:Saxon huscarls,viking varangs.

    16:Skithikon(steppe merc warriors)

    Skythiki etairia(skythikon):
    As scyths romans named all eastern type of warriors,mostly the
    steppe ones like turks,petzenengs and others.They were tough warriors and
    skilled horsemen and the correct antidote to scimilar opponets.


    Latiniki etairia(latinikon):
    Since the time of Jiustinianos and the roman reqonquista in Italy
    many european origin warriors offered their military servise to the
    empire.Francs,goths,lombards and the most famous of
    them the Normans...


    This was the name of all "german"origin mercenary troops from 3rd to 14th century.
    They started as tribal or auxilia troops and tranformed to allied(help from German allies)
    ones...They ussualy formed heavy infantry units...

    19: Pronoiarii

    Nikephorus Phokas as emperor made the start...
    In order to have access to heavier cavalry gave biger lands to some soldiers...
    Komneneans trying to find not only heavier cavalry but also armed political support
    gave the right to some soldiers not only to have access to more larger farm lands(Pronoias)
    but also the right to arm some private serveants with the obligation to attach to the imperial
    armies when needed...It was the feudal era in Medeival Roman Empire...


    Sholae units(or Vasilika Tagmata):These ellite fully proffecional
    imperial units well known as cataphractoi or clivanophoroi (from
    the type of their armor),are the hard core of the imperial army.Mostly
    are very heavy cavalry but they have infantry units in their roster too.
    Their infantry units were known as vasilica tagmata ton opliton and
    their cavalry were known as vasilica tagmata ton ippeon or simply


    Very few things are known for those "imperial" troops...
    They were among the most trusted (becouse of the secret weapon they caried)
    and most protected(by armor) troops of the empire!
    We know that they started as ship asault troops but they soon used as wall asault
    or defending ones too!!!

    22:Spatharii tou Vasileos

    After excubitors lost the their duty
    as imperial guards and became one of the four(4) imperial ellite units known as Vasilica Tagmata,the very personal guarison of the emperor
    was a small,mostly dratitional unit the spatharioi. Their leading
    officer was known as Protospatharios tou vasileos (he carried the
    emperor's sword in official presentations and seremonies.Having in their
    disposal the imperial armoury,they were one of the most heavily
    armored unit in the world!

    23:Athanati (General's Bodyguard)

    The emperor created a unit ussing an old ideaof the persians and the antropoi tou vasileos previus unit!!
    The main diferance between the "anthropoi tou vasileos" and the new "immortals" was the nature of reqruitment...
    Anthr. tou Vas. were the emperor's most trusted men and when some of them were killed in battle it was extimly dificuld to be replaiced...
    Nikeohorus changed that...the new"emperor's bodyguard"remained full as number reqruiting new members for other units...
    Somehow they became the new mounted praitorians but only a number of 512 men of them!

    Lesser officer:

    For their ranks see "Titles-Units and Ranks" post...
    Medeival Romans continued the clasic roman heritege to choose their lesser
    officers by their abillities in battle(like Primus Pillus of the clasic roman era)!
    As citizens they could easily become high ranked generals or even Emperors!
    They could continue their training via the empire's millitary schools in Constantinople!


    Often from a millitary and aristocratic familly of the empire,a strategos is responsible for
    not only the perform of the army in the battlefield but also responsible for the prosperity
    of the province he rulles!!!

    Emperor's heir...

    He is the future (bright or dark)of the empire...
    You can not know how a child will become as a mature man!
    Often an adopted man...or placed by the council's desition...


    Serveant of the God!
    Protector of the cristians all over the world!
    The rightfull ruller of all romans present or former!

    Optional artillery units:

    24:Lithovolos catapeltes(roman catapult)
    25:Repeating arrow thrower!

    Infantry Units:14
    Cavalry Units:9
    Artillery Units(unique):2

    For any questions please post to "You ask We answer" topic!
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    Updated with some screenshots. More to come soon.

    That lamellar...oh that lamellar....

    Updated the first post with some new screenshots.

    Updated first post with Stratiotae

    Stratiote are perfect!!!
    Good Job Clivus!!!

    Updated first post with Acritae (infantry and mounted) and an updated shot of the Archontopouli

    Another unit has been completed: the Pronoiarii!

    Gradually we can see the might of Byzantine army,an army whose it's sight was enough to win the battles.....(i am moved by the progress)

    Updated again with Gasmuli and Latin Handgunners. Dost thou feel lucky, punk?

    Updated with some new screenshots of the Scholarii. Nothing can stop the charge of the mightiest of cavalry!

    More infos for the units you can find in:
    Relative historical rescearch that is the basis of our project thread...

    Updated the first post with the Skythikoi. Beware the arrows of these lords of the steppe!

    Stay out of Latinikon path!!!!

    Indeed. Anna Komnenos wasn't kidding in her description of Norman knights (maybe a little exaggerated though)

    Updated the first post with the Alamanoi.

    Another update with screenshots of the Siphonatores. Burn baby burn!!!

    A short brief info added for every unit!
    Live the medeival Roman world and enjoy!!!

    Updated the first post with the model for the Byzantine general.

    Updated with the Lesser officer(captain)!

    The Emperor himself has come forth to lead his troops to victory!

    Updated the first post with pics of the Faction Heir model

    Updated with the unit cards...
    After that CBUR's motto is...Caesar Clivus for Artifex!

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