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Thread: Progress thread

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    We've moved on to a Rome Remastered version which won't have so many...

    but for M2TW we were stopping the upgrade of settlements, so if a settlement was faction_creator=france and large_city, it could be the only one of that model that would ever exist. We were using the cultural default models in some places as unique, if the culture only had one example of a certain level of city, and also using the faction_variant system (which is limited)

    however, the total load of faction_variant models, and different residence models overall, does seem to have a detrimental effect on campaign loading times and stability. Hence part of the reason we're moving away from doing that!

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    Pleased to see you're still working on this.
    Long time since I did any modding but if there's ever a release that needs play-testing do let me know

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