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Thread: Stainless Steel 6.1 Released

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    Icon14 Stainless Steel 6.1 Released

    Stainless Steel 6.1
    Medieval II Total War - Kingdoms expansion required.

    Download Links SS 6.0

    If you install BGRIII via the 6.1 Stainless Steel patch installer be sure to apply
    either the or before starting a new campaign.
    Both can be found at the end of this post.

    Click here and read the BGR troubleshooter for further information.

    Stainless Steel 6.0

    Http-Mirror 1 Gamershell:
    Gamershell (SS 6.0 Part 1)
    Gamershell (SS 6.0 Part 2)

    Http-Mirror 2 (SS 6.0 Part 1) (SS 6.0 Part 2)

    Http-Mirror 3 Megaupload:

    Http-Mirror 4 Multiupload:

    Stainless Steel 6.1 patch:

    Torrent mirrors 6.0+6.1 patch:

    Torrent mirror 1:

    Torrent mirror 2:


    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    New installer options for:

    - Real Recruitment
    - Byg's Grim Reality III
    - Permanent Arrows
    - Removing the Byg II army supply system


    - Fixed campaign script errors
    - Fixed unit descriptions
    - Fixed event/buiding/tooltip typos
    - Fixed missing (gunpowder) events
    - Fixed ship spwaning on lakes
    - Fixed Hobilars, Kazaks & Knights of montesa textures
    - Fixed wrong/missing unit cards
    - Fixed un-clickable Kwarezmian symbol
    - Fixed wrong names
    - Fixed non-recruitbale Bodyguards for Kwarezm and Cumans
    - Character Trait fixes/changes
    - Kaaba wonder symbol fixed
    - Several other little fixes


    - Slightly raised moral for all units
    - melee hit rate slightly increased
    - Bodyguards weakened
    - Most spear units slightly weakened
    - Bodkin arrow using longbowmen slightly weakened
    - several other little unit stst changes
    - Lowered Squalor/lowered positive effect of garrisons
    - Ai less likely to rebel
    - Changed several AI recruitment priorities
    - Changed "turkish" references to "seljuk"
    - Changed "russian" references to "novgorod"
    - Slightly more spies/assassins allowed
    - Scots Guard recruitbale for Scotland
    - Generals can get slightly older
    - a very slight map extension to the north
    - Tobacco ressource changed to Salt
    - Batumi is now Kutaisi
    - New (fun) historical battle by horton

    - Quark (for the help with character traits and scripts)
    - Point Blank (for his great Real Recruitment)
    - Byg (For his help in implementing BygIII)
    - gracul (for his patient help with the new installer)

    Thank you all!


    Click here for the Stainless Steel 6.0 - 6.2 Install Guide
    (also includes download link for 6.2)

    Install Part1, Part2 and the 6.1 Patch into the default Medievall II Total War directory.
    Normally this is: .../SEGA/Medieval II Total War.
    If you have installed Medieval II into another folder, please select the folder manually.
    NOTE: Stainless Steel 6.0 will not overwrite older Stainless Steel versions, so you have to delete them manually.
    Also a FAQ can be found at the bottom of this post.

    Important note for those who own the German game version:
    In order to get correct voices and sounds, follow these steps:
    1. download this file
    2. put it into Stainless_Steel_6/data and overwrite the existing file.
    3. go into Stainless_Steel_6/data/sounds and delete the events.dat and event.idx files

    Earlier versions can be found in
    Stainless Steel 5.1 and Stainless Steel 4.1


    *--- New Intro Video ---

    1. The Campaign Map

    *- Completely new and huge campaign map, covering most of Europe and the beginning of Persia.
    *- New ground types and custom climates.
    *- Maximum width the engine allows of 510 movement tiles.
    *- Mountains, hills and map outlines are based on satellite data.
    *- Maximum amount of almost 200 historically medieval settlements. (A few had to sacrifice historical accuracy for better game balance)
    *- Every Region has its own ressources, including new valuable resources in the "outbacks" of the map.

    Map Screenshots:

    New campaign map models:
    *- New Coat of Arms for most factions
    - New character models for all faction leaders
    *- New captain models for catholic factions
    *- New captain and general models for all orthodox factions
    *- New character skins
    -* New models for trade ships, sieges and trade wagons
    - New models for european castles, fortresses and citadels
    - Unique models for brick castles
    - wooden walls now have a wooden colour

    2. The Campaigns

    *- Extended and more reasonable win conditions
    - Date is shown shown as years and turns
    - Money Script to support AI Factions

    *- New menu music
    - New campaign music from the Kingdoms Expansion:
    * Crusades Music for the middle eastern factions
    * Britania Music for north european factions
    * Teutonic Music for east european factions

    The Early Era Campaign
    -Time frame 1080 - 1560.
    - 1.5 years per turn and 320 turns.

    The Late Era Campaign
    - Time frame is 1220 - 1560
    - 1 year per turn and 340 turns

    - Historically accurate empires
    *- Historically accurate family trees (within the limits of the game engine)
    - Advanced settlements and units available at the game start
    - A few settlements are different than in the Early Era
    - Every faction owns one or two very advanced settlements, which will be your local military powerhouse. Loosing this key settlements can seriously drop the military and econimc power of one faction.
    - Mongols playable
    - Teutonic Order playable
    - Kingdom of Jerusalem replaces Knights Templar

    Hotseat Campaign

    - Play the early Era Campaign in Hotseat mode. (guide to play late era follows)

    3. The Factions

    28 Playable Factions

    New Factions:

    *The Khwarezmian Empire

    *Cuman Khanate

    Kievan Rus

    Crown of Aragon

    Knights Templar (only playable in the Early Era Campaign)

    *Genoa (replaces milan)

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 


    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    *The Teutonic Order (only playable in the Late Era Campaign)

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 


    Kingdom of Jerusalem

    Reskinned Factions:


    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 


    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 


    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 




    4. Units & Mercenaries


    *- New captain and general models

    - Maximum amount of 500 Different Units and mercenaries
    *- New and additional units for all factions
    - All factions now have a logical and more complete recruitment tree and several reasonable and interesting units are added.
    - Some units are only recruitable in specific regions or with specific buildings
    - Early/Late Generals recruitable in castles/citadels
    - Added Additional Units:
    Dismounted Order Knights
    Dismounted Armored Clergy
    Regular Light Swordsmen for many factions
    Greek Arquebusiers
    Guard Pikemen for Byzantium
    Desert Raiders for Moors and Egypt
    Calivermen for Scotland
    Armored Clergy for Norway
    *Mangonels for most factions
    *Heavy Hussars for Poland

    and many more units from the Kingdoms Expansion...


    - Many new mercenaries for the Early and High Medieval Period:
    *Doppelsoldner, Sergeant Swordsmen, Hashishim Mercenaries, Viking Mercenaries, Prussian Spearmen, Highland Pikemen, Armenian Infantry
    Pikemen Mercenaries, Hunters, Arbalesters, Macemen, English Huscarls, Swabian Swordsmen, Andalusian Infantry, Mercenary Saracens, Axemen

    Pisan and genoese Sailors, Armenians of selicia, Gwent Raiders
    - New and more varied mercenary pools
    - Greater mercenary variety
    - Mercenaries have more experience
    - Regions have more mercenary special units

    5. Gameplay

    Improved AI.


    - More aggressive Ai
    - Better defending AI
    - Better AI expansion and invasion
    - Stronger alliances
    - Rarer Catholic - Islamic alliances

    - Increased flanking
    - Better pathfinding
    - Better Siege AI

    New buildings

    *- New education structures: Schools, libraries and universities
    *- Medieval Wonders can now be constructed in important medieval cities: Dome of Rock (Jerusalem), Church of the Holy Sepulchre (Jerusalem), Cordoba Mosque (Cordoba), Kaaba (Mecca), Notre Dame (Paris), St. Marks Basilica (Venice), Hagia Sophia (Constantinople), Great Aqueduct (Constantinople)

    - Other buildings:

    highways, Hanseatic League and pagan shrines.

    Role Play Elements

    *- Completely reworked military and economical education, based on the inclination towards Military or Adminastrative skills, the quality of schools, libraries and universities and of course skills you show in battle.
    *- Different titles for greek, catholic and islamic culture for every settlement. The effects and descriptions are often based on historical backgrounds.
    *- Crowns for faction leaders that have conquered historical biggest empires
    *- Royal Bloodlines for all existing factions
    - Army attrition and supply system demands much more tactical decisions and religion is much more important. Watch and take care of your general and the moral and suply of his army!
    *- Most ancillaries are now transferable from one character to another
    *- Countless new Traits, Transferable Titles, Ancillaries
    *- Several boosts for the AI to get better characters
    - Unique Traits and Ancillaries for the Teutonic Order and the Knights Templar
    - New Patriarch titles for Orthodox Factions available
    - Many broken Character Traits and Ancillaries fixed
    - and much more...


    *- Interactive Events: great fairs, lateran councils, pirates, tournaments. Choose yes or no with different impacts.
    *- Faction Events: emergent Kingdom of Jerusalem, Teutonic Order and William Wallace, the capture of Jerusalem, the first Great Masjid...
    *- New Historical Events like Order foundations, Inquisitions, cultural and scientific events, deaths of important persons...
    - Informative Events when a certain capital is fallen, when a princess comes of age and when a monarch dies

    Improved and challenging AI Armies

    *- Ai now uses unit priorities to build their armies
    - Ai is forced to make better mix of Infantry, Missiles, Cavalry and Artillery.
    - AI produces more Elite and Heavy units.

    Agents and Characters
    - Historically accurate Character Names
    - Reasonable limits for assassins, spies and priests
    - Merchants income increased, movement increased
    - Inquisitors less effective
    - Spy's chances decreased, movement greatly increased
    - Princesses movement increased, more charming
    - Diplomats movement increased
    - Priests movement increased
    - Captains are less likely to rebel
    - Assasins slightly improved, movement increased
    - Imam's required Piety to call a Jihad raised
    - Less Heretics and Rebels
    - More Witches

    Settlement and Unit Recruitment Changes

    - Important medieval Cities like Constantinople, Jerusalem, Kiev, Rome and Paris more powerful
    *- Many Guilds changes for more varied guilds
    *- More logical recruitment, for example cities can build more ships & artillery than castles.
    - Fortesses/Citadels & Large/Huge Cities have 4-5 recruitment slots
    - Castles-Citadels have 1-2 free upkeep
    - City growth slightly reduced
    - Slightly lowered law bonus in cities
    - Tax Income slightly decreased
    *- Money income bonus for late game buildings decreased
    - Unit recruitment depends on barracks and armorers

    6. Battles

    *Complete rework of unit stats and balance.

    - Much bigger difference between different unit classes.
    - Cavalry stronger and with an devastating charge, very expensive.
    - Missile and gunpowder units do more damage
    - Spearmen are now stronger against cavalry
    - Increased effect of heat on heavily armored units.
    - Unit recruitment costs and upkeep costs derived from actual medieval sources
    - Improved unit cohesion
    - Longer Lasting Battles due to slightly higher morale and lower attack values
    - More realistic battle map movement
    - Artillery crews reduced, morale lowered
    - (Great) Bombards, Serpentins can deploy Stakes
    - Shield walls for several early era units
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    - Ballista/Cannon Towers fixed
    - More Archers can deploy stakes
    - All Longbowmen ranges increased
    - Pikemen very vulnerable to missiles
    - and much much more...

    Custom Battles

    - All historical Battles playable (except Hastings)
    - New scenario battles for singleplayer
    - New scenarios for multiplayer
    *- New Custom Battle Maps

    Kingdoms Expansion Features

    - Boiling Oil from Gatehouses
    - Control your reinforcements

    7 Graphics

    - New menu design

    *- New Unit Cards for all factions

    *- New Unit Info Cards for all factions

    - New Faction Symbols

    *- 42 new epic loading screens

    *- New models for Mailed Knights, Armored Sergeants, Crusader Sergeants and Knights, Light Swordsmen, Berdiche Axemen

    *- New models and skins for all captains and east european Generals

    - New Horse models and skins for Templar, Hospitaller and Montesa Knights
    - New skins for all Order Knights
    - New upgrade for Eastern Bodyguards
    - Special shields for Norman Knights
    - New skies from kingdoms, including aurora sky
    - More spectacular Sky variations
    - New grass textures from kingdoms
    - Different interfaces for eastern, northern and arabic cultures
    - New unique Shield textures for all catholic factions
    - New unique Unit Textures for all European Early & High units
    - New unique Unit Textures for all Feudal & Mailed Knights
    - New unique unit textures for all Order Knights armor upgrades
    - New historical accurate faction banners and banners for special units
    *- Improved Musket & Artillery Smoke
    *- several other little changes

    Credits (also in-game)

    First of all, I want to thank Quark for his intense help, support and great ideas in the last months.
    Akvilonn (Unit info cards)
    Alletun (Faction symbols)
    Apkairan (Loading screens)
    B.A.L.T.S team (Unit models & textures)
    Burrek (Unit textures)
    Byg (Army Supply system)
    Danova (Unit models & textures)
    Dearmad & Pnutmaster (Traits & Ancillaries)
    Disgruntled Goat (Unit textures)
    Doge Cristoforo (Beta Tester)
    Echad (for his great support)
    finneys (Historical character names)
    hellfire15 (Beta Tester)
    Horsearcher (Sky textures)
    Ice Beast (Unit stats tables)
    IZ Master (Beta Tester)
    Joe Dreck (Banners)
    Kalos (Unit textures)
    Lusted (Battle & Campaign AI)
    Point Blank (Unit stats & balance)
    Quark (Traits & Ancillaries, Wonders, Events, Beta Tester and great supporter)
    Rex Cobalt (Unit textures)
    Riczu74 (Trade ship & Siege models)
    Rozanov (Beta Tester)
    Salty (Shield textures)
    Seleukosart (Intro video)
    shenryyr (Beta Tester)
    Sher Khan (Unit cards)
    Nikola Aleksic (aka Sir Nicholas Altman) (Beta Tester)
    Skaven (Unit cards, extraordinary efforts)
    Tommyknocker (Campaign map)
    trashing_mad (Heavy Hussars)
    Tyre (Unit textures)
    wolfslayer (Beta Tester and contributions)
    Xeryx (For great efforts and work, Beta tester)
    Ziher (Shield textures)

    Thank you all for your work and help and the support of Stainless Steel!
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    Icon14 Stainless Steel 6.1 Released

    Stainless Steel 6.1 FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I install this mod?

    1. Requirement is the official M2 Kingdoms Expansion.
    2. Install Stainless Steel 6.0 Part1 & Part2
    3. Install Stainless Steel 6.1 Patch

    Note: It is very important that you install both parts of the mod into the correct directory.
    Normally this is ".../Program Files/SEGA/Medieval II Total War".
    When you have installed the mod in another directory, just point it manually to the correct directory.

    How do I launch this mod?

    - Double-click the "Stainless Steel 6.0" icon on your desktop
    (or double-click "Stainless_Steel_Kingdoms.bat" in your default "medieval II Total War\mods\Stainless_Steel_6" directory)

    How can I disable the "supply traits"?

    - Stainless Steel Patch 6.1 has an option to disable the supply traits.

    Why are not all factions playable in custom battles?

    The game has a limited number for factions in custom battles. Therefore some factions had to be disabled for custom battles.
    You can re-enable a missing faction in the descr_sm_facctions.txt (Stainless_Steel_6/data) file. Search for the faction that is missing, look for "custom_battle_availability no" and change it to "custom_battle_availability yes". Then you have to change any other faction to "custom_battle_availability no", otherwise the game will crash.

    Problems & Solutions:

    Expanded FAQ here:

    Poland, Hungary, Denmark, Norway, Scotland, Russia and Kievan Rus have no sounds on the campaign map. How can I solve this problem?.

    1. download this file
    2. put it into Stainless_Steel_6/data and overwrite the existing file.
    3. go into Stainless_Steel_6/data/sounds and delete the events.dat and event.idx files
    4. start the game

    What can I do when a crash to desktops happens?

    - IF you have one, please look into your system.log file (In "Medieval II Total War/logs" folder) and paste the last 5 lines in the bug thread. This will help me to find the problem faster.
    It would be even better if you would upload a save-game before this crash happened. This helps a lot to find the problem easier.
    You could easily upload one at
    Just select your file, make any description, accept the "terms" and click on "send".
    Thanks in advance!

    What are the known bugs?

    Other helpful links:

    - By honga: Online Unit Database

    - By IceBeast: F.A.U.S.T for SS 6.0 (Faction And Unit Stat Tables)

    - By IceBeast: F.A.U.S.T for SS 5.1 (Faction And Unit Stat Tables)

    - Stainless Steel Screenshots

    - Stainless Steel Signatures

    - By Chola_Kingdom: Guide for Cinematic Editor
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    Default Re: Stainless Steel 6.0 Released


    question : rumours said lithuania can go christian, if this is true are they able to participate in a crusade? and will it affect relations with the pope? (affect in a positive way)
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    Omg! Awesomeness

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    Default Re: Stainless Steel 6.0 Released

    Beautiful!! Dling now.
    "July 14, 2008: I think this is a case where Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae are fundamentally sound. They're not in danger of going under. They're not the best investment these days from a long term standpoint going back. I think they are in good shape going forward. They're in the housing market. I do think their prospects going forward are very solid."
    -Barney Frank

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    No way in hell am i the 2nd person to see this

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    nice one kong! gonna be slow dload though.

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    Default Re: Stainless Steel 6.0 Released

    Thanks KK +rep

    KK, this is the most anticapated release that i have been a part of. Over the last couple months it has gotten a little crazy around here. I know you have been busy and haven't had the time to police this forum. So I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Moderators for the policing of the SS forum. After the release most of the newbies will go away and things will get back to normal. Hopefully a few will stick around as this release have brought a few good guys to the SS community.
    Don't let a few spoil it for the rest. This is a good community.
    Again thanks Moderators, and thanks KK for putting up with all the around here.

    Posted here as the other thread was closed.

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    A very big polite THANK YOU!

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    Default Re: Stainless Steel 6.0 Released

    Thank You King Kong! +rep

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    THX MAN< KISSES- and I'm not a gay man...>

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    Oh yea...I have 5.1 on my comp now, can I just install this over it?

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    Yes, thank you very much for all this great work! a great end to my holiday!

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    Be proud on all your great work King Kong!
    You made many people very happy!!

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    awesome! this is great!!!

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    Thanks you very much!

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    Default Re: Stainless Steel 6.0 Released

    Thank You! All Hail KING KONG! And the SS Team!

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    congratulations on this masterpiece

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