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Thread: Medieval II Mod Questions & Recommendations

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    Default Re: Need Mod Recommendations? Ask Away Here


    (I'm not new, not lazy, but I really can't find it...)

    If I remember it correct, there was once a mod for mtw2 were you was able to play with the Roman Empire. Not the Holy Roman Empire but the people who once conquered the main part of Europe (and Northern Africa)

    I think, they where situated in Rome and the papal states moved to.......?
    The storyline was sort of.. The Western part of the Empire didn't fall but was declined to just the city of Rome..

    A real fantasy mod, back then I wasn't interested but now, getting bored of real and accurate play, without some factions I'd rather see, I do want to play this mod!

    Can anyone remember this mod?
    Does anyone know where I can download this mod?
    If not, is anyone interested in creating this mod?

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    Default Castle Units in Cities!?

    I'm looking for a mod that allows castle units to be recruited in cities. Can anyone help?

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    Default Re: mod for iceland

    I would be awesome to have a mod that includes Iceland. I'm from Iceland myself and i would love it. Perhaps make them be under the vassalage(?) of Norway.

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    Default Which is the best AI mod?

    im now aware that there are several AI mods out there, but i cant seem to quite find the right one. the main one that i use right now, would be the ultimate AI mod, but in my opinion, it makes the game a bit too easy, as when you make alliances, they really never attack you. it ends up making the game too wasy for me, because im able to build up my economy and attack at my leisure. so what im really asking, is, are there any AI mods out there that have both better diplomacy, whilst still keeping aggressive AI?

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    Default Re: Need Mod Recommendations? Ask Away Here

    Can anyone recommend me a mod that has:

    - Bigger map
    - More provinces
    - Crusade Faction

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    Default Re: mod for iceland

    just wondering, whats the point of iceland in a war game? maybe if this was medieval: total colonization then iceland might be good but its a war game.

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    Default Re: mod for iceland

    Well. It won't be very useful. But then again. It would add some cash flow and maybe help a little if you want to flee far far away. But as a military strong point back then ? No way.

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    Default Re: Which is the best AI mod?

    just install the 1.2 patch, I think it's far better than any 1.1 diplomacy/ai mod.
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    Default English Retinue Longbowmen Armour

    Anyone else noticed the armour upgrades for Retinue Longbowmen seem to be back to front? LV1 looks better than LV2?

    Does anyone know of a mod that fixes this or of a tutorial that tells you how to fix it as I'd glady fix it myself if I knew how?

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    Default Re: Need Mod Recommendations? Ask Away Here

    Clouds Across Europe is a really good mod that may interest you. It features the Teutons and the Kingdom of Jerusalem.

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    Default Re: Need Mod Recommendations? Ask Away Here

    Thank you King Kong for your reply. I will give SS a try then, i'm not afraid of big mods (I play EB too)
    Good luck for your future updates

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    Default Re: English Retinue Longbowmen Armour

    Well, you can try...

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    Default Re: mod for iceland

    Reykjavík could also just be added as a rebel city garrisoned with a few spearmen or something like that

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    Default Re: mod for iceland

    I would really love the idea indeed.
    Iceland is part of Europe and is a nice place to sit and wait, and build up, and at one point when you're strong enough.... take over Europe

    I do the same now with Russia, Scotland and Denmark, but with Iceland you are totally isolated and I think there will be nobody harm you

    But unfortunatly, I can't help...

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    Default Re: English Retinue Longbowmen Armour

    Go to export_descr_unit (you must unpack or get the file from somewhere) and find the 'Dismounted Longbowmen' entry. Find this line:
    armour_ug_models Dismounted_Longbowmen, Dismounted_Longbowmen_ug1, Dismounted_Longbowmen_ug2
    and swap the ug1 and ug2 so it looks like this:
    armour_ug_models Dismounted_Longbowmen, Dismounted_Longbowmen_ug2, Dismounted_Longbowmen_ug1
    Or however it needs to be fixed. ug1 is just the first upgrade level, and upg 2 is the second.

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    Default Re: Which is the best AI mod?

    then howcome ive seen posts on this site that say the contrary? could you compare it to ultimate AI 1.2? where can i find the patch?

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    Default Re: Need Mod Recommendations? Ask Away Here

    Hi, new to mods but in the few days I've been looking for them I've played a few, mostly for RTW but have got a couple for M2. Anyway I'm after a mod with some of the following

    -years are represented by two or more turns
    -either a larger map/more settlements or smaller area map (eg Italy or the British Isles)
    -has units that any faction can recruit in certain settlements (like the Europe Barbarorum mod for RTW if that makes any sense)
    -more units, mercs and factions

    so any help would be welcome, all these mods its difficult to work out which does what and I get overwhelmed by it all! Thanks in advance.

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    Default Which mod has the best AI atm?


    not wanting to start some drama but i am really curious.
    I tested around a lot the last days and i cant figure out which mod has the best AI to make your life as hard as possible.

    Actually i am not just talking about the ai but also about mods with scripts to support the ai players. Everything what can make the game harder.

    Thx for the feedback.


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    Default Scotland and Byzantium mods?

    Hey all, my internet connection is too slow to research all the mods, and all I really want is a mod that will give Scotland and Byzantium gun units. Also, if there are any 'Must Have" mods, please let me know, I just dont have the time to look them all up on this slow connection. Thanks!

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    Default Re: Scotland and Byzantium mods?

    I haven't seen any Scotland mods (although people have been talking about that) but I did make a Byzantine Mod. Heres a link to forum where the download link is.
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