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Thread: Retrofit Multiplayer (Retrofit MP) released!

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    Default Retrofit Multiplayer (Retrofit MP) released!

    Multiplayer balanced release of the Retrofit Mod





    1.0 OVERVIEW
    6.0 MODDING
    9.0 CREDITS

    1.0 OVERVIEW

    The Retrofit MP Mod is a multiplayer balanced version of the Retrofit Mod. The Retrofit Mod retrofits various Medieval II Total War (M2TW): Kingdoms features, improvements and bug fixes to vanilla M2TW. This mod can be used as it is, or as a base to create additional M2TW: Kingdoms mods (see section 5.0).

    The major features of the Retrofit Mod are:
    • Hotseat Campaigns.
    • Control AI Reinforcements.
    • Boiling Oil.
    • 4 Additional custom battle maps (Backwoods, Borderlands, Forts, Trenches).
    • Unit rebalancing.
    • AI Unit Recruitment tweaks.
    • Campaign AI Tweaks.
    • Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements.
    • Installer: The mod is packaged with an easy to use installer for computers with a valid installation of M2TW: Kingdoms.


    The changes made to the Retrofit Mod in Retrofit MP are:


    • Accuracy 0.05 = cav_composite_arrow & cav_bodkin_arrow accuracy (was 0.06).
    • +2 to ranged attack for all horse archers.
    • Range 140 for cav_bodkin_arrow.


    • Range 180.
    • New costs for:
      • Longbowmen: 480 fl (-70)
      • Yeoman archers: 590 fl (-50)
      • Dismounted Longbowmen: 650 fl (-10)
    Weapon upgrades:

    • A standard 150 cost for weapon upgrade; for smaller units or units with 2 hit points, then take as upgrade cost 150*(%default unit size)*(number of hit points)
    Armour upgrades:

    • Formula: armor upgrade = [50 x (max armor - default armor) x (% of default size) x (hit points) x (1/number of upgrades)] florins for any unit (default size = 24 for cavalry, 48/60 for infantry). Examples: armors that goes from 3 to 5 in one step should cost 50 x (5-3) =100. Armors that go from 0 to 5 in three steps should cost 50 x (5-0)/3 = 83.3, rounded to 85, and so on.

    • Highland Pikemen: 350 fl (-10).
    • Heavy Pike Militia: 480 fl (-20).
    • Tercio Pikemen: 470 fl (-30).
    • Pikemen: 350 fl (-10).
    • Aventuros: 690 fl (-40).
    • Flemish Pikemen: 420 (-10) and 2 max (was 1 max).
    • Landschknett: 470 fl (-30).
    • Noble Pikemen: 600 fl (-80).
    Tabardariyya and Varangian Guard:

    • Tabardariyya: 680 fl (+170), max 3 without penalty.
    • Varangian Guard: 700 fl (+50), defense 5,10,0 (was 5,10,5), 2 max.

    • Removal of the 25 base morale for elite Aztec units, lowering to M2TW vanilla morale stats.
    • move_speed_mod set to 1.2 for Aztec units (was 1.3).
    • Aztec Spearmen: 330 fl (+20).
    • Aztec Archers: 400 fl (+20).
    • Jaguar Warriors: -3 attack value (from 12 to 9), -2 morale (from 10 to 8).
    • Cuahchiqueh: 550 fl (+130).
    • Coyote Priests: 470 fl (+170). Removed frighten_foot attribute. 2 max penalty.
    • Eagle Warriors: 400 fl (+30). –2 morale (from 10 to 8).
    • Aztec Bodyguards: 200 fl (+20).
    Other issues:

    • Improved missile and hand to hand combat performance for javelin units and costs reviewed to be worth used. They are more light hand to hand units plus the ability of skirmishing with javelins. Accuracy of foot javelin improved from 0.3 to 0.2.
    • Addition of "affected by rain" for hand_gun_bullet, arquebus_bullet, musket_bullet, pistol_bullet, camel_gun_bullet, crossbow_bolt & steel_crossbow_bolt. Gunpowder should be affected by rain even more than arrows! Javelins now are very useful in raining days.
    • Worse accuracy vs. troops for siege weapons, more expensive costs for some models and in some cases less ammo (a reduction of 33%) in order to not be forbidden in multiplayer. Accuracy lowered giving them an x1.5.
    • Addition of more mass to camels: Changed from 2 to 3 to give a higher mass than ponies. Also added to the mass of mailed horses a 0.25, to establish a difference among heavy horse (mass 3.25), barded horse (mass 3.50) and mailed horse (mass 3.75 - was 3.5 too).
    • Exhaustion in desert: Back to MTW days where armor was important in deserts, and where light units were essential: stat_heat value is (default armor + max armor), not counting defense or shield bonuses. In case of lack of armor upgrades, then max armor = default armor. That gives suitable numbers for light and heavy units, being 0 the lowest and 16-18 the highest (for lancers, gendarmes, gothic knights, etc.).
    • Smaller size for Bodyguards. 50% of size reduction (size 8; size 16 for Aztecs), and just 1 hit point and a cost of 300 for early bodyguards and 320 for late bodyguards (Greek 300, Mongols 330, Aztecs 200). Giving only 1 HP will avoid getting massive valor upgrades in battle, which is an unbalance source.
    • A reduction of morale. Troops previously hold for too long even flanked or surrounded. It would better encourage people to keep their army united in a compact front line and not bulked in balls/islands full of banners. It has been lowered by one point.
    • +1 melee attack for all cavalry units, as they seem less powerful in hand to hand due to size reduction.
    • -1 defense for heaviest foot spears, as they look to hold too long vs. non spear infantry.
    • 150 new maps, all them with weather selectable.
    Minor adjustments in unit costs and stats to make them worthy/more balanced:

    • Norman Knights: 3 max without penalty.
    • Chivalric Knights: 2 max without penalty.
    • E Chivalric Knights and Royal Banderium: 890 (was 920) and defense of (6,4,6) instead of (6,5,5) – all cavalry shields give 6 defense excepting in these units. 2 max for E Chivalric Knights.
    • Polish Nobles: 750 fl (was 880).
    • Polish Retainers: 850 (was 820)
    • Latinkon: 740 (was 720)
    • Conquistadores: 850 (was 870)
    • Huscarls: removal of frighten_foot attribute
    • SE and NE Late Bodyguard: defense (7,5,6) (was 7,5,5). They now cost the same as others Late bodyguards with (7,5,6).
    • Teutonic Knights: 950 (was 930)
    • Knights of Santiago, Templars and Hospitallers: 890 (was 920)
    • Condottieri: 590 (was 530) and (7,2,6) (was 7,3,5). +2 Morale too.
    • Reiters: 850 (was 900). Removal of Cantabrian circle.
    • Scouts: 420 (was 400).
    • Jinetes: 600 (itwas s 650).
    • Mounted Crossbowmen: Removal of Cantabrian circle. 20 ammo, like other mounted missile.
    • Boyars Son: 680 (was 740)
    • Hungarian nobles: 800 (was 820)
    • Vardariotai: 900 (was 930), 2 max without penalty.
    • Lithuanian Cavalry: changed its missile weapon from arrow to cav_composite_arrow.
    • Polish shooters: 830 (was 850), and fast pony instead of heavy horse (faster). 20 ammo, like other mounted missile.
    • French mounted archers: 860 (was 950).
    • Noble Highland Archers: range increased from 120 to 140.
    • Crossbowmen: 380 fl (was 360). Missile attack raised from 9 to 12.
    • Cossack Musketeers: 650 florins (was 720).
    • Bosnian archers: now have composite_arrow (range 160). Defense (0,1,5) (was 0,1,8), because small archer shields should not protect as heavy infantry shield or pavises.
    • Lithuanian archers: 330 (was 420) Defense 0,1,5 (was 0,1,8).
    • Hand Gunners: 510 (was 630).
    • Portuguese Arquebusiers: 680 florins (was 730).
    • Norse archers: Defense (2,2,5) (was 2,2,8). Range increased from 120 to 140.
    • Dismounted Lithuanian Cavalry: now use composite_arrow (range 160). New cost of 430 fl (was 410).
    • Highlanders: 390 (was 340).
    • Javelinmen: 250 fl (was 270). Attack 9/5 (was 7/3). +1 defense.
    • Lusitanian Javelinmen: attack 9/7 (was 9/5).
    • Almughavars: 540 fl (was 560).
    • Croat Axemen: 320 fl (was 270).
    • Irish Kerns: 200 fl (was 220).
    • Catalans: 580 fl (was 600).
    • Religious Fanatics: 350 fl (was 300), 2 max without penalty.
    • Sergeant Spearmen: 380 fl (was 400). Defense (0,4,8) (was 0,5,8).
    • Armored sergeants: 560 (was 640), defense 3,5,8 (was 3,6,8), and –2 morale (was as high as knights’ morale).
    • Town Militia: 210 (was 280). They should cost same than Slav Levies or Byzantine Town Militia since they have same stats.
    • Pavise Spearmen: defense 3,4,8 (was 3,5,8), 450 fl (was 470).
    • EE Spearmen: defense 2,4,8 (was 2,5,8), 410 fl (was 430).
    • Italian Militia: defense 0,2,8 (was 0,3,8), 360 fl (was 380).
    • Italian Spear Militia: defense 2,4,8 (was 2,5,8), 410 fl (was 430).
    • Papal Guard: defense 3,5,8 (was 3,7,8), 710 fl (was 740).
    • Mercenary Spearmen: defense 3,4,8 (was 3,5,8). 450 fl (was 470).
    • Crusader Sergeant: defense 3,4,8 (was 3,5,8). 450 fl (was 470).
    • Dismounted Frankish Knights: defense 5,5,8 (was 5,6,8) . 500 fl (was 520).
    • Highland Nobles: 550 fl (was 490).
    • Zweihander: 600 fl (was 520).
    • Venetian Heavy Infantry: 510 fl (was 430).
    • Berdiche Axemen: -1 attack, -2 defense.
    • Norse Axemen: 600 fl (was 440) and defense of 5,10,0 (like varangians). They had 5,9,0.
    • Obudshaer: 740 fl (was 830).
    • Dismounted Imperial Knights: +4 morale to be as good as other knights and therefore to balance this morale raising: 510 (was 460).
    • Dismounted Gothic Knights: 670 fl (was 590).
    • Swiss Guard: 830 (was 940).
    • Dismounted Polish Nobles: +1 attack, +2 defense.
    • Armoured Swordmen: 4 max (was 2 max).
    • Dismounted English Knights: 3 max (was 2 max).
    • Dismounted Portuguese Knights: 3 max (was 4 max).
    • Dismounted Noble Knights: 3 max (was 4 max).
    • Dismounted Huscarls: removal of frighten_foot attribute.
    • Dismounted Conquistadores: 3 max.
    • Dismounted E Chivalric Knights: defense 6,1,8 (was 6,4,5). All dismounted knights have a shield bonus of 8 excepting this unit.
    • Quapukulu: 950 (was 980).
    • Desert Cavalry: 480 fl (was 530).
    • Bedouin camel raiders: 550 (was 610)
    • Mamluk archers: 830 (was 880).
    • Granadine Jinetes: 550 fl (was 600).
    • Granadine CB cavalry: 500 (was 530). Removal of Cantabrian Circle. 20 ammo, like other mounted missile.
    • Camel gunners: 1000 (was 1060).
    • Elephant Artillery: 10 ammo (was 20).
    • Kwarizmian Cavalry: 630 (was 670). Defense 6,5,0 (was 6,4,0)
    • Ottoman infantry: better hand to hand combat stats plus a higher cost. Defense 3,5,8 (was 3,2,8) and a cost of 620 (was 570).
    • Janissary archers: +1 missile attack and 600 fl (was 800).
    • Janissary musketeers: 720 (was 880)
    • Turkish Javelinmen: 250 fl (was 270). Attack 9/5 (was 7/3). +1 defense.
    • Naffatun: 350 (was 290). 2 max without penalty.
    • ME Handgunners: 560 (was 700)
    • Sudanese Gunners: 580 (was 630)
    • Sudanese Javelinmen: 300 fl (was 320). Attack 9/5 (was 7/3).
    • ME Peasant Crossbowmen: 370 (was 360)
    • Kurdish Javelinmen: 330 (was 360). Attack 9/7 (was 7/7).
    • Lamtuna Spearmen: defense 0,5,8 (was 0,6,8). 530 fl (was 550).
    • Afghan Javelinmen: 490 fl (was 570).
    • Saracen Militia: defense 3,4,8 (was 3,5,8) . 450 fl (was 470).
    • Hashishim: 760 (was 840)
    • Dismounted Christian Guard: 3 max.
    • Mongol Horse Archers: 530 (was 630), -2 morale
    • Mongol Light Lancers: 570 (was 580), -2 morale, defense 2,3,6 instead of 2,4,5. Fast pony instead of Heavy horse (faster).
    • Mongol Heavy Archers: 600 (was 710)
    • Mongol Heavy Lancers: -2 morale, defense 3,4,6 instead of 3,5,5.
    • Khan’s Guard: defense 6,4,6 instead of 6,5,5
    • Mongol Infantry: 520 (was 540)
    • Sabadar Militia: 650 (was 720)
    • Dismounted Heavy Archers: 640 (was 650), -2 morale.
    • Dismounted Heavy Lancers: -2 morale.
    • Arrow Warriors: Attack 9/11 (was 7/11).
    • Ballistas: 500 fl (was 370).
    • Catapults: 550 fl (was 400).
    • Trebuchets: 650 fl (was 430).
    • Rocket Launcher: 900 fl (was 1100).
    • Mortars: 700 (was 520).
    • Serpentines: ammo reduced to 15 (was 36). Cost 1100 (was 700).
    • Caroccio Standard: 450 (was 750).
    • Great Cross: 450 (was 750).
    • Irish Kerns Mercs: 200 (was 220). Attack 7/5 (was 7/3).
    • Galloglaich Mercs: 2 max instead of 1 max because in early Scots have poor unit rosters.
    • Elephant Artillery Mercs: 10 ammo (was 20).
    • Afghan Javelinmen Mercs: 490 fl (was 570). 2 max (was 1 max).
    • Sudanese Tribesmen Mercs: 2 max (was 1 max).
    Rosters Modifications:

    • Hungary: Removed Crossbowmen from Late Era and given Pavise Crossbowmen Militia instead.
    • Added Handgunners to Milan in Late.
    • Added EE Crossbow Militia to Russia and Poland in Late.
    • Added Irish Kerns Mercs to Scotland in Early.
    • Removed Dismounted MAA from Sicily in Late.
    • Added Bill Militia to England in Early.
    • Added Merchant Militia Cavalry to Spain, Portugal, Poland and Hungary in Early.
    • Added Town Militia to France and HRE in Early.
    • Added Voulge Militia for France in High.
    • Added Dismounted Noble Knights to France in Late.
    • Added Zweihander to HRE in High.
    Minor Modifications:

    • Addressed the models used for Venetian Archers and Venetian Heavy Infantry.


    The Retrofit MP Mod requires M2TW: Kingdoms.

    To install the Retrofit MP Mod, simply run the supplied executable file. If you have a valid installation of M2TW: Kingdoms, installation setup will automatically determine the installation path and appropriate language assets (game audio and text) for the Retrofit MP Mod.

    The Retrofit MP Mod installs all game files into a separate mod path and does not modify any existing M2TW or M2TW: Kingdoms files. This protects the existing M2TW and M2TW: Kingdoms installations and allows multiple mods to be run from the same M2TW installation.

    Installation consists of four main components:

    • Required Retrofit MP Mod Files: Core files required to install and use the Retrofit Mod. (REQUIRED)
    • Copy M2TW Campaign Files: The installer will copy the required campaign files from the original M2TW installation. (REQUIRED)
    • Copy M2TW Custom Battle Files: The installer can copy the custom battle files from the original M2TW installation. (REQUIRED)
    • Copy M2TW Save Games: The installer can copy save games from the original M2TW installation for use in the Retrofit MP Mod. (OPTIONAL)

    The Retrofit MP Mod can be launched via a number of methods:

    • Start menu shortcut
    • Desktop icon
    • M2TW game launcher (English)
    • Batch file located in: [M2TW Path]\mods\RetrofitMP\medieval2_RetrofitMP.bat


    • Version 1.0 of the Retrofit MP Mod is designed to work with M2TW: Kingdoms with M2TW updated to version 1.03.000. Version 1.0 of the Retrofit MP Mod may not work correctly with future versions of M2TW: Kingdoms and M2TW.
    • The Retrofit MP Mod may not install and/or run correctly for some downloadable distribution methods of M2TW or M2TW: Kingdoms.
    • Although the Retrofit MP Mod contains assets for all available game languages, it has not been exhaustively tested for every language of M2TW: Kingdoms.
    • The additional custom battle maps have not been translated for non-English languages.
    • Using M2TW save games in the Retrofit MP Mod has not been exhaustively tested.

    6.0 MODDING

    The Retrofit MP Mod may supply a good base or reference for other M2TW: Kingdoms mods. Other mods may include content of the Retrofit MP Mod in whole or in part. Please acknowledge credit to the Retrofit MP Mod when Retrofit MP Mod content is used in other mods.

    It is requested for others not to release mods that directly modify an installed Retrofit MP Mod. This is to avoid compatibility issues in multiplayer battles between players with different Retrofit MP Mod data. If you wish to create a mod for Retrofit MP, please ensure it uses a new ModPath.


    Support for the Retrofit MP Mod is provided through the Total War forums:


    This is an unofficial Mod for Medieval II Total War: Kingdoms. SEGA and the Creative Assembly do not endorse or support this Mod.

    All right, title, interest and ownership rights in this Mod belong to the Authors of this Mod (as far as is legally possible).

    The Authors of this Mod (and for the avoidance of doubt SEGA and The Creative Assembly) will not be held responsible for the risks connected with any loss (financial or otherwise), damage to property, lost data, console, computer or handheld device failure, errors and lost business or other information as a result of possession, use or malfunction of this Mod.

    9.0 CREDITS

    Authors & Support

    Jake Peterson
    Jason 'Palamedes' Turnbull
    Scott 'Unspoken Knight' Lowther

    Beta Team


    Special Thanks to

    Sir Eudes
    Sir Heinz


    Bractwo Stali
    Brotherhood of Aggony
    Brotherhood of Steel
    Devoti Custodes
    Grey Wolves
    Hermandad de la Guardia
    Imperium Polskie
    Sarmaci Krolewscy
    Warriors of Crom

    Sites supporting Retrofit MP Tourneys & Campaigns

    Clan Wars Championship :
    Clan Community Shield :
    Clan Celtiberos 2v2 Tourney :
    Clan LEGIO MP Italian Campaign : http://tournaments.realtimestrategy....b9d7f8fe44bd16

    And of course all those who support this wonderful mod playing it in multiplayer! This update wouldn't have been done without you, mates!

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    Default Re: Retrofit Multiplayer (Retrofit MP) released!

    Thank you very much, Unspoken Knight

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    Default Re: Retrofit Multiplayer (Retrofit MP) released!

    Thanks Ergion, and the rest of the team for your hard work.

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    Default Re: Retrofit Multiplayer (Retrofit MP) released!

    Very nicely done gentlemen, I'm sure the MP community will really appreciate this.

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    Default Re: Retrofit Multiplayer (Retrofit MP) released!

    I assume this is not compatible with your mod Candelarius? Can I have this and Retro single player installed at the same time?

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    Default Re: Retrofit Multiplayer (Retrofit MP) released!

    No, I seriously doubt it. You will need to install this mod and then manually integrate my own mod. But I think the point of this mod is for Multiplayer only, to maximize the number of compatible MP opponents you'll have available to fight against, you probably shouldn't modify the MP mod. But, we probably shouldn't discuss my mod any more than this in this thread, if you wish to discuss this with me, I'm sure Unspoken would appreciate it if you post in my thread instead. :-)

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    Default Re: Retrofit Multiplayer (Retrofit MP) released!

    Thanks Candelarius, as you pointed out, this mod is designed for multiplayer and to maximise the number of online opponents and reduce online incompatibilities, it is best to leave this mod untouched.

    Applying the unit add-on mods to this mod will overwrite the EDU and hence remove most of the multiplayer balance changes, leaving it almost identical to applying the add-on to the normal Retrofit mod. With this in mind, it is best for people to leave Retrofit modifications to the normal Retrofit mod and keep Retrofit Multiplayer as it is.

    @Queen Annes Revenge:

    You can have both Retrofit Multiplayer and normal Retrofit installed at the same time, they each use a different installed mod path ("[m2tw path]\mods\RetrofitMP\" and "[m2tw path]\mods\retrofit\" respectively).
    Last edited by Unspoken Knight; March 22, 2008 at 04:17 AM.

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    Default Re: Retrofit Multiplayer (Retrofit MP) released!

    Thank you very much Jake, Jason, Scott and Carlos "Mordred", and all the rest of people involved in this great mp mod.

    Cya in the battlefields.

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    Default Re: Retrofit Multiplayer (Retrofit MP) released!

    thanks a lot ive seen a lot of ppl plays with it im gonna try it hjehehe

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    Default Re: Retrofit Multiplayer (Retrofit MP) released!

    How can you easily play this game in multiplayer? I've tried it with a friend with making some common map and with the Medieval 2 hotseat launcher. But this takes ages to upload and download the files (about 4 minutes per turn waiting).

    There must be another way. Can someone please tell me how to play this online properly?

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    Default Re: Retrofit Multiplayer (Retrofit MP) released!

    The hotseat launcher is probably the easiest way to play multiplayer campaigns from M2TW Kingdoms or my mods. The speed issue is most likely due to a slow internet connection either on your end or on the server used as a mapped network drive.

    You could try starting a normal hotseat game (not using the hotseat launcher) and emailing each save game to the next player, but this will not help if the slow upload/download speed is due to your internet connection speed.

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    Icon9 Re: Retrofit Multiplayer (Retrofit MP) released!

    Sorry about this but how can i save and load up games again

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    Default Re: Retrofit Multiplayer (Retrofit MP) released!

    Quote Originally Posted by chrissie_mcc View Post
    Sorry about this but how can i save and load up games again
    I am not entirely sure what you are asking. If you are referring to Retrofit Multiplayer, you can save and load campaigns as normal. If you are referring to the Hotseat Launcher, it would be better to post in the Hotseat launcher thread, but there is no need to save and load games. When you end your turn the save game will get sent to the next player.

    For clarification, Retrofit Multiplayer is designed as a multiplayer battle balanced mod for competitive online games. The hotseat launcher is a completely separate tool for simplifying play by email hotseat campaign games.

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    Default Re: Retrofit Multiplayer (Retrofit MP) released!

    Hi Unspoken Knight,

    what about the realization and the release of new RMP version
    which the players say often?

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    Default Re: Retrofit Multiplayer (Retrofit MP) released!

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    Default Re: Retrofit Multiplayer (Retrofit MP) released!

    Alright... it's YEARS since anyone last posted here... here goes nothing.

    A friend and I have been playing Stainless steel mod with the hotseat launcher.

    By turn 7 in my denmark campaign it seems that none of my settlements can neither recruit nor retrain any more units. I can't build longboats, I can't train spearmen. When I end my turn, my friend cannot recruit any units either, playing as HRE. Even though he hasn't built a single unit of peasants, he cannot recruit any more. We both can add spear militia to the queue, but since there are no recruitment slots they are stuck grayed out in the queue.

    We tried playing as Denmark and Venice too, just to try this, we basically just stood completely still, built troops as we could. After a few turns when we started reaching a fair amount of units, all the cities have had their recruitment slots removed. Which means we can't recruit ANY unit. Even if we haven't used that unit before. I tried building the building for ballistae and tried building them, but I couldn't.

    I am going to try and see if the same thing happens even without the Stainless Steel mod, but I'd love to play stainless steel more than anything else.

    Does anyone have any idea what does this, and how to fix it? I am desperate.

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