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Thread: Write Discussions/Questions/Errors Here

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    Hello Guys, I've played mods back in the day for Medieval, and I found this one for Rome TW and find it quite interesting. I've managed to install it correctly. But I have some trouble. I start the mod, enter the game properly, with the fancy Hospitaller screen and etc. But when I try to start a game some problem appears. When I hit Grand Campaign it tells me - Select one from the list /OK/. In Historical Battles there is nothing. In custom battle, after I pick units for teams, it takes me back to the pick nation screen. When I click custom campaign, I can choose Grand campaign and then it tells me again 'Pick one from the list' /OK/. I dont understand what is wrong. I want to play that mod, so any help will be appreciated. I didnt manage to read through all the 60 pages, so excuse me if this has already been asked and answered.

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    Hey, how do I unninstal the enhanced graphics? It made all my other mods way too bright

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    I am playiing with Bizantine Empire, ok. After 16 or 15 turns, when I hit "End turn", when it comes to Kingdom of Castille and Leon, it crashes.

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    I fixed that problem by not playing with Rome Medieval Alex Now I don't understand a thing. Why my game lags? I played Roma Surrectum II and it lagged, but only a bit. Here, it lags a lot, and I didn't install any Optional material. Yes, my PC is weak.

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    Well, I am playing with Kingdom of Denmark, but the Viking Huscarls (dismounted) is "invsibile",, I can only see their shadows, but their body do not appear, and when they appear, it flashes.

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    Just wanted to say what a great mod you guys made! thanks, anyway i noticed after i installed this mod during battles some troops have a golden-cross type thing above their banner, normaly i wouldn't mind this but when i tried playing some other mods that i have this golden-cross with an eagle thing now shows up in all of my other mods. Does anyone know what i am refering to? can someone tell me how to disable it?
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    The units that have the golden eagle/cross/cresent have the command ability, they give moral bonus to nearby units

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    Just an FYI, with CA's incompetent patch of Medieval 2 TW, which has rendered M2TW totally inoperable, you can expect quite few more downloads. Yes. You heard right. CA's "incompetence." I only wish they would realize it and fix their stupid patch.

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