Given that, while I'm sure progress is continuing as usual, there has been little discussion lately, I've decided to provoke some by showing some nice sources on the mod material I found. Here are some decent sources on Scottish warfare of the period, about the common Scots you'd see in the lowlands and the Highlanders as well. Here is one from the same site but about the Irish, although I hate the green format. Sure, these sources deal with some "dba" game I know little of and care for even less, but they do give what appears to be a decent and accurate idea of what these guys looked and fought like. Here is a site about the Welsh, and here is one with nice pictures of troops of the period, but mostly later unfortunately.

Judging by these sources, the models the developers have made and shown us seem spot on so far, although I've heard them say most have been redone. But if the WIP is this good and accurate, then I can't even imagine how much better the final product will be. For example, no kilts, unlike every other mod save for one other WiP (A Lion Rampant), plaids are worn as cloaks, there is an abundance of saffron shirts and groovy leather jerkins in addition to targes, beautiful akhetons for the longspear troops, and I even noticed the iconic Welsh mustache on the one pic of standard Welsh troops they released. Very excited for the release of more screenshots, to say nothing of the mod itself.