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    Default TWC Modding Awards Winners 2007

    The TWC Modding Awards Winners.

    TWC would like to congratulate all the winners and runners up, well done to all.

    We would also like to thank the modding community and fans for taking part in this years awards.


    Favourite RTW Modder.

    2nd DimeBagHo
    3rd Foot

    Favourite RTW mod.
    Europa Barbarorum

    2nd Roma Surrectum
    3rd Rome Total Realism

    RTW coding award.
    Europa Barbarorum

    2nd dvk901
    3rd DimeBagHo

    MTW2 battle AI Award

    2nd Darth Vader
    3rd GrandViz

    Favourite M2TW Modder.
    King Kong

    2nd Mirage41
    3rd Lusted

    Creative Mapping Award

    2nd EB
    3rd Broken Crescent

    Favourite MTW2 mod.
    Stainless Steel

    2nd Deus Lo Vult
    3rd Lands to conquer

    Favourite RTW Unit Model Artist Award.

    2nd Balbor
    3rd (Tied) stefan 25 & Publius

    Favourite MTW2 Unit Model Artist Award.

    2nd Strelac
    3rd Alletun

    Favourite RTW Post-Roman Era Mod.
    Napoleonic 2TW

    2nd IBFD
    3rd Arthurian TW

    Favourite MTW2 Unit Texture Artist Award

    2nd Strelac
    3rd Alletun

    Mentor Award
    Halie Satanus

    2nd MasterofNone
    3rd Makanyane

    Most Promising MTW2 Mod Award

    Broken Cresent

    2nd Europa Barbarorum II
    3rd Basilea Total War

    Favourite RTW/BI Fantasy Mod
    Fourth Age TW

    2nd Lord of the Rings:TW
    3rd End of Days

    Favourite Original Audio Award.
    Europa Barbarorum

    2nd FATW
    3rd Rome Total Realism

    MTW2 2D Art Award
    Broken Crescent

    2nd Stainless Steel
    3rd Deus Lo Vult

    MTW2 coding award.

    2nd Mirage41
    3rd Lusted

    Scholars Award.

    2nd (Tied) The Persian Cataphract & Halie Satanus
    3rd GrnEyedDvl

    Favourite RTW Pre-Roman Era Mod.

    Rise of Persia

    2nd Troy Total War

    Best Tools Award.

    2nd Vercingetorix
    3rd Alpaca

    MTW2 campaign AI Award


    2nd GrandViz
    3rd (Tied) xeryx & Shaba Wangy

    Favourite RTW Era Mod Award
    Europa Barbarorum

    2nd Roma Surrectum
    3rd Rome Total Realism

    Most Helpful/Responsive Modding Team.
    Roma Surrectum

    2nd Broken Crescent
    3rd EB

    MTW2 Scripting Award

    2nd derdrakken
    3rd Mirage41

    Outstanding Achievement; individual Award

    2nd DimeBagHo
    3rd dvk901

    Favourite RTW Unit Texture Artist Award

    2nd Caius Britannicus
    3rd stefan 25

    Favourite RTW 2D Art.
    Europa Barbarorum

    2nd FATW
    3rd Ran No Jidai

    RTW Scripting Award
    Europa Barbarorum

    2nd (3-Way Tie) Epistolary Richard & Ramon Gonzales y Garcia & Salvor Hardin

    Outstanding Achievement; Team Award.
    Europa Barbarorum

    2nd Roma Surrectum
    3rd (Tied) Rome Total Realism & Napoleonic II: TW

    Thanks to Harry lime for helping with the runners up.
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