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A lot of Company of Heroes and currently doing a realistic play-through of Modern Warfare 2 (basically set to hardest and play like i was a real soldier using as many real tactics as allowed by the retarded AI)
i've tried Company of Heroes II again and generally like the game but the fact that the keys are bound to arrow keys is a big downer for me. is there a way to rebind the control keys to WSAD? the only solution i've seen seems to involve installing a program of some sort.
I am currently playing The Long Dark. I am personally a great fan of this game because I like to play survival games because I think they are close to reality. After playing this game too much I came to practice different survival guides in this game. I want to share those survival tips which I gathered from my personal experience to remain alive in the game.
1 Navigation is the key in this game.
2 Manage the resources.
3 Set up Camp and be efficient.
4 Prioritize tasks.
These are some general tips I want to give from my experience. Other than this, I want to say be creative and enjoy this game because only the tough one survives.
thanks for the tips. it was sitting in my library for ages, will give it another go.