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Thread: Rome Mod Questions & Recommendations

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    Default Re: Rome Mod Questions & Recommendations

    Most of the mods are having any kind of CTD or bug, but still they are pretty playable.

    You can begin experimenting with these two great mods:

    - Rome Surrectum II
    - Europa Barbarorum



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    Default Re: Rome Mod Questions & Recommendations

    Are they easy to install, i found that EB installation is complicated

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    Default Re: Rome Mod Questions & Recommendations

    EB it has a normal installation, like most of the mods, as well as RSII, but personally I find RSII more complicate to understand because inteface changes.


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    Default Re: Rome Mod Questions & Recommendations

    Quote Originally Posted by BHL 20 View Post
    I would second the suggestion of Extended Cultures but get definitely get v4. There's no point trying the public v5 yet as that's a very early version. Extended Cultures is best if you want improved campaign mechanics, its biggest selling point is the new buildings, traits and ancillaries it adds. If you're more looking for graphics and would prefer the campaign to stay as simple as vanilla, I would probably recommend 280 b.c. That mod has overall the best looking collection of units out of any lightweight mod and I think it has RS2 environments as well.
    (emphasis added)

    I'm not familiar with a mod called "280 b. c." but I would like to look at it. Can someone link to it, please. Thank you.
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    Default Re: Rome Mod Questions & Recommendations

    Recently I have an urge to play Rome... Can someone offer me a few mods to try out?

    - stability, not many CTDs
    - preferably vanilla-like in complexity AND graphics (easy on the laptop), I think lightweight
    - working download

    nice to have:
    - no fantasy, but anything from history. (medieval 1 style "dirty" mod would be nice. Never like how cavalry works in Med2)
    - not too many units (vanilla-ish is fine)
    - most factions playable (eg. not level 3 barbarians cities like in vanilla)
    - slower battles
    - not too many provinces (probably barbarian invasions is ideal, or vanilla Rome. Less sieges, more siege battles)

    not important:
    - perfect historical accurancy (vanilla is passable)
    - complex build tree
    - battle map graphics
    - building, traits, missions, crusades...
    - full world (I always liked focused campaigns, like Med2 kingdoms)
    - I don't really like playing phalanx factions (but don't mind if they exist on the map, as long as there are other factions to play)

    Mods I liked:
    Broken crescent, Last kingdom, Retrofit.
    What I didn't like:
    Stainless steel&Third Age (too "heavy"), Warhammer (med2, too buggy)

    Thanks a lot for considering!
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    Default Re: Best mod for Rome period setting?

    Quote Originally Posted by Incendio View Post
    Which mod would you consider the best in Rome period setting? After a quick research I've seen Rome Surrectum, Rome Total Realism and SPQR.
    A while ago I have tried several of the biggest RTW mods. There are many good ones but I liked this one, Rome Total Realism, the most. Rome Surrectum and RTR both also were very good. There are some other good ones for sure, Darthmod is probably worth a try. I haven't tried any of the pre or post roman era scenarios, or the fantasy..

    I have been playing vanilla for the last few week and I am going to start RTR soon. It's been a while since I've played it but I will try to post some insightful feedback

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