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    Silmarillion: Total War has been resurrected! Aenarion has decided to breathe new life back into this very promising modification for Medieval: Total War. Taking place in Beleriand in the First Age the mod will let you experience the great struggle between the Houses of Elves and Men, and the dark minions of Morgoth, the Black Foe of the World.

    The STW team are now recruiting, so if you think you can help them out with anything, head over to their recruitment thread.

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    I posted a bunch of screenshots (about 80, I think), and they really show what a great mod this is promising to be:

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    Great news Apoc!
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    *reinstalls MTW*

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    Wow, those are some kick ass settlements, especially Osgiliath.

    Wait a awesome would it be to have Minas Tirith!!!!"?!?!?!?!

    Or is that what this is?

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    That's supposed to be Gondolin, I think. Minas Tirith was not built yet.

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    This is amazing news! I was so dissapointed when the mod was stopped. Let's hope that same period will be recreated in RTw or M2TW.

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    O no not another excuse for me to play MTW again............

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amroth View Post
    That's supposed to be Gondolin, I think. Minas Tirith was not built yet.
    actually there where minas tirith then (sauron conquered it)
    EDIT: sry that i has to post this long dead topic, but I'm lotr geek

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hopit View Post
    EDIT: sry that i has to post this long dead topic, but I'm lotr geek

    ….BTW, have a look at the General Rules, Minor Offenses, Gravedigging entry….

    While I am here, I might as well add to the obituary of Silmarillion: Total War. I think it is a real shame this project did not make it – I would have gladly tried it out if it had ever been released. The wonderful concept of middle earth would have been as excellent setting as any other. I think it was a healthy break from the usual misguided history-centrism-craze that follows every TW-game around. I never understood that notion or why it had to be that way - it is hardly warranted - as the conventional concept of “History” and “historical-accuracy” has a life-expectancy of about 20 minutes in any Total War-game.


    I am re-opening this thread. Now folks, please stay off any further geek-posting or otherwise
    redundant remarks here. At least try to be constructive and relevant here from now on... Or I
    will just close down this thread again. That said...

    Thread opened...
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    Does any developer still own the mod files? Possibly if they were available, we could finish it and release it someday, since to make modification in Medieval I: Total War is not something difficult. Apparently a lot was done, both in units, faction symbols and city models, I think what's missing is only campaign map...

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