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Thread: Stainless Steel 5.1 Released

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    Icon14 Stainless Steel 5.1 Released

    Requires the official Medieval 2 Kingdoms Expansion!

    Important note: The 5.1 Patch is not save-game compatible with games from SS 5.0!

    Alternate download links courtesy of bane_TW:
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    5.1 Patch Features

    Bug Fixes

    - wrong/missing accents fixed
    - missing unit sounds added (also Firethrower and Mangonel)
    - German text fixed
    - German videos fixed
    - short campaign win conditions fixed
    - CTD with French and Irish King fixed
    - Wrong size of siege equipment fixed
    - animation of destroyed ram fixed
    - teutonic castle testures on battlemap fixed
    - Some wrong shield textures fixed
    - wrong rebel ship textures fixed
    - Hanseatic League conditions fixed
    - Some recruitment changes
    - non-working campaign script fixed
    - Inquisitors reduced

    Campaign Changes

    - New money script that depends on the difficulty,
    which should give the player a much more challenging game.
    - New music from the Kingdoms Expansion:
    Crusades Music for the middle eastern factions
    Britania Music for north european factions
    Teutonic Music for east european factions
    - Teutonic order emerges in the early era campaign
    - William Wallace emerges
    - Spain emerges in America
    - 3 new settlements: Hamar, Lund, Skara (Gothenburg deleted)
    - Some other map changes/improvements
    - Some changes to the starting settlements of the late era campaign
    - Slightly higher movement rates for all characters
    - Lusted's newest Campaign AI
    - AI Siege equipment production reduced
    - Swordsmtih guild bonus changed to keep the balance of Real Combat.
    - Population requirement for citadels lowered
    - Leon & Castille has correct coat of arms

    Battle map

    - Pikemen more vulnerable to missiles
    - Slightly more attack for gunpowder units
    - Crossbowmen more effective on walls
    - Morale of very low level units slightly raised
    - Peasants and Highland rabble deploys in the horde formation (as known from RTW)
    - More balanced siege equipment (gates weaker/rams harder to destroy/towers easier to burn)
    - Most Cavalry units and Bodyguards slightly weakened in secondary attack and armor.
    - Lusted's newest battle AI


    - Complete reskin of Lithunia - Lithuania Mod by B.A.L.T.S
    - Complete reskin of Russia - by Disgruntled Goat
    (for both factions I tried to fill the "gaps" of missing textures with proper reskins)
    - Recoloured/Slight skin changes for Denmark and correct Banners and Coat of arms.
    - New Horses for Templar, Hospitaller and Montesa Knights
    - Second upgrade of all Dismounted Order Knights deleted
    - New upgrade for Eastern Bodyguards
    - New shields (and old horses) for Norman Knights (shields originally done by Salty)
    - New aurora sky from kingdoms
    - Blood Reduced (Burrek's "more blood" mod)
    - New grass textures from kingdoms






    5. 0Features

    1. The Campaigns

    1.1.2 The Early Era Campaign

    - This is the normal "grand campaign" which will start in the year 1080.
    - 1.5 years per turn and about 350 turns

    1.1.2 NEW The Late Era Campaign

    - Time Frame is 1230 - 1530
    - 1 year per turn and about 300 turns.
    - All factions start out with historical accurate empires (A couple of settlements have to sacrifice the historical accuracy for a better balance)
    - Advanced settlements and units available at the game start
    - Every faction owns one or two very advanced settlements, which will be your local military powerhouse. Loosing this key settlements can seriously drop the military and econimc power of one faction.
    - Playable Mongols

    1.1.3 NEW Hotseat Campaign included

    1.2 The Campaign Map

    - NEW New models for castle, fortresses and citadels

    - NEW Different models for faction leaders and generals
    - NEW Some new skins for generals
    - NEW Unique models for Teutonic castles (also on battlemap)
    - NEW wooden walls now have a wooden colour
    - NEW Many small map improvements
    - Campaign Map completely resized and reworked
    - Slight Map Extension to the north and east
    - More space between settlements in order to have more field battles
    - Many new details like smoother forests, new rivers, mountains, isles, trade routes...
    - Slightly changed borders of all regions in order to make them less noticeable
    - NEW About 70 New Provinces, well spreaded and historically correct:
    (Exeter, Bari, Oporto, Arta, Barcelona, Belgrade, Balearic Isles, Bryansk, Lyon, Athens, Munster, Ancona, Isle of Lesvos, Warsaw, Diyarbakir, Salzburg, Kirov, Melilla, Salamanca, Groningen, Clermont, Thebes, Mecca, Basra, Astrakhan, Tortosa, El-Oued, Sinop, Norrkoeping, Benghazi, ...)
    ....additional settlements not listed yet...
    - Every Region has its own ressources, including new valuable resources in the "outbacks" of the map.
    - Some ressources deleted to make others more valuable

    1.3 NEW 9 New Playable Factions
    - Battle map sounds for all units added

    1.3.1 New Self-made factions

    Kievan Rus

    - 8 unique units with unique descriptions
    - All units, banners and models reskinned
    - Historical Character Names
    - Difficult starting position
    more information:

    Crown of Aragon

    - 5 unique units with unique descriptions
    - New historical unit names
    - All units, banners and models reskinned
    - Historical Character Names
    - New Order of Montesa guild
    more information:

    Order of the Knights Templar (only playable in the Early Era Campaign)

    - 7 Unique Units with new cool Descriptions
    - All other units have specific Templar Knight Designs
    - Historical Characters and new Templar Knights Events
    - New Unique Titles which represent the Templar Hirarchy
    - Very different and hard campaign
    more information:

    1.3.2 Factions from Kingdoms

    NEW Ireland

    NEW Norway

    NEW Lithuania

    NEW The Teutonic Order (only playable in the Late Era Campaign)

    NEW Kingdom of Jerusalem (only playable in the late Era Campaign)

    NEW Playable Mongols (only playable in the Late Era Campaign)

    - Area of Recruitment
    - Kalos' New Mongols skins
    - Must be played as a real Mongol horde!

    1.4 500 Different Units

    - NEW Many units from the Kingdoms Expansion added
    - NEW All factions now have a logical and more complete recruitment tree and several reasonable and interesting units are added.
    - NEW Many units are only recruitable in specific regions or with specific buildings
    - NEW Many "clone" units like town militia and many units that you won't notice are deleted or replaced.
    Some new units:

    ...and many more...

    (an overview over all unit rosters follows soon...)

    1.5 Kingdoms features

    - NEW Boiling Oil from Gatehouses

    - NEW Control your reinforcements

    1.6 The Campaign AI

    Lusted's newest Campaign AI

    1.7 The Mercenaries

    - Over 15 New mercenaries for the Early and High Medieval Period:
    Numidian Cavalry
    Sergeant Swordsmen
    Hashishim Mercenaries
    Viking Mercenaries
    Prussian Spearmen
    Highland Pikemen
    Armenian Infantry
    Heavy Axemen
    English Huscarls
    Swabian Swordsmen
    Andalusian Infantry
    Mercenary Saracens
    Brigandine Crossbowmen
    NEW Some mercenaries from Kingdoms
    - New and more varied mercenary pools
    - Greater mercenary variety
    - Mercenaries have more experience
    - Less mercenary missile units
    - Regions have more of mercenary special units

    1.8 Improved and challenging AI Armies

    - Proper Mix of Infantry, Missiles, Cavalry and Artillery.
    - AI produces more Elite and Heavy units.
    This was done without changing any unit costs

    1.9 New Traits, Ancillaries, Titles and RPG elements

    - NEW Kingdom Traits for the Teutonic Order
    - NEW Many own tweaks and various traits and ancillaries
    - Titles for all Cities and Castles and for both Islamic and Catholic/Orthodox factions and with important bonuses in various settlements.
    - Army attrition and supply system demands much more tactical decisions and religion is much more important (Byg's Reality traits)
    Watch and take care of your general and his army!
    - NEW Countless new Traits, Transferable Titles, Ancillaries (Blood, Broads, & Bastards 2.1)
    more information here:
    - New Patriarch titles for Orthodox Factions available
    - Many broken Character Traits and Ancillaries fixed
    - New Knights Templar Titles
    - AI has more chances to get great generals

    1.10 Much more interesting Historical and Game Events

    - Events for Orders, Inquisitions, Cultur, Battles...
    - Events when a princess comes of age or when a monarch dies; many different portraits of beautiful and less beautiful princesses
    - Including New Era Events which affect unit & mercenary recruitment
    - Events who inform about the fall of any faction's capital cities.
    - NEW Some new kingdom events & videos

    1.11 Agents and Characters

    - Historically accurate Character Names (CNP 3.0)
    - Reasonable limits for assassins, spies and priests
    - Merchants income increased, movement increased
    - Inquisitors less effective
    - Spy's chances decreased, movement greatly increased
    - Princesses movement increased, more charming
    - Diplomats movement increased
    - Priests movement increased
    - Captains are less likely to rebel
    - Assasins slightly improved, movement increased
    - Imam's required Piety to call a Jihad raised
    - Slightly less Heretics and Rebels
    - Little more Witches

    1.12 Settlement and Unit Recruitment Changes

    - Important medieval Cities like Constantinople, Kiev, Rome and Paris more powerful
    - More logical recruitment, for example cities can build more ships & artillery than castles.
    - Fortesses/Citadels & Large/Huge Cities have 4-5 recruitment slots
    - Castles-Citadels have 1-2 free upkeep
    - City growth slightly reduced
    - Slightly lowered law bonus in cities
    - Slightly increased the distance to capital punishment
    - Tax Income slightly decreased
    - Unit recruitment depends on barracks and armorers
    - Early/Late Generals rarely recruitable in castles/citadels
    - Byzantium can build Highways
    - Added Missing Units:
    Dismounted Gothic Knights
    English Armored Sergeants
    Dismounted Broken Lances
    Hussars for Hungary
    Added Mounted Longbowmen for custom battles
    - Added Additional Units:
    Dismounted Order Knights
    Dismounted Armored Clergy
    Greek Arquebusiers for Byzantium
    Guard Pikemen for Byzantium
    Desert Raiders for Moors and Egypt
    Scottish Arqeubusiers
    - Missing triggers for Swordsmith guilds fixed
    - Triggers slightly changed to have more varied guilds
    Other Changes
    - Historically more accurate Faction Names
    - Win Conditions distended to 55 regions
    - NEW Date is shown now shown as years and turns
    - Conquering the Aztecs is much harder
    - More balanced money Script to support AI Factions

    2.0 Battles

    - NEW Real Combat 1.3b
    - NEW Lusted's newest battle AI
    - NEW All historical Battles playable (except Hastings)

    - NEW 8 New scenario battles for singleplayer
    - NEW New scenarios for multiplayer
    - 10 new Custom Battle Maps
    - More balanced units stats and costs
    - Longer Lasting Battles due to slightly higher morale
    - More realistic battle map movement
    - Artillery crews reduced, morale lowered
    - (Great) Bombards, Serpentins can deploy Stakes
    - Strenght of Gates slightly increased
    - Ballista/Cannon Towers fixed
    - More Archers can deploy stakes
    - All Longbowmen ranges increased

    3.0 Graphics

    - NEW "Kingdoms style" menu
    - NEW Different interfaces for eastern, northern and arabic cultures
    - NEW Kalos' new Mongol textures ("Bringing justice to the horde")
    - NEW Mailed Knights' nose guards and coloured helmets deleted
    - NEW More dust when armies are marching (Horsearchers' Dust mod)
    - NEW New skies from Kingdoms
    - NEW Some new Coat of Arms
    - Completely new Faction Symbols & Menu Designs by Alletun
    - 20 new epic loading screens
    - New Symbols for the battle map
    - New unique Shield textures for all catholic factions
    - New unique Unit Textures for all European Early & High units (Burrek)
    - New unique Unit Textures for all Feudal & Mailed Knights (Knights&Knaves)
    - New unique unit textures for all Order Knights armor upgrades
    - High quality unit textures & banners for Byzantium (DG's One Faction At A Time)
    - New unit textures and banners for Hungary (Magyar Mod + own additions and improvements)
    - New historical accurate faction banners and banners for special units (Kings Banner 2.0)
    - Campaign Map Banners for Scotland, France, Poland historically accurate
    - More spectacular Sky variations and little more blood (improved Horsearcher's skymod)
    - Improved Captain models (plasticfigurine)
    - Improved Musket & Artillery Smoke (Headlock)

    !!! Known Menu Bug:
    - if you change the factions in the faction selection menu too often you may get a crash to desktop.
    - if you switch fro one single player menu option (i.e "Late Era Campaign" back to "custom battles") you will get a crash to desktop.

    I'm sorry for this, but I have tried everything to solve this problem, yet without success...
    I hope I can fix this soon with the next patch.


    A very BIG Thanks goes to: (in no particular order)

    - Alletun for making beautiful symbols and designs for my mod
    - Student for his help and research on the Knights Templar
    - Disgruntled Goat for his outstanding unit textures
    - Yuiis, shaeffer, numerosdecimus, M2_Junky for their great contributions
    - Byg for his Reality traits
    - Horsearcher, Ziher, Plasticfigurine, Salty, Headlock for their graphical improvements
    - Burrek for his unique European textures
    - Joe Dreck for his Kings Banner mod
    - Dearmad and Pnutmaster for BBB 2.1
    - Unspoken Knight for his config file entries
    - Lusted for his great battle and campaign AI
    - Tyre for some of his new textures
    - My beta testers Ceasar Clivius, Kalos, wonkuruben, delra, Rozanov, Pachinko and numerosdecimus
    - Quark for being a great help in many occasions
    - All others who have contrbuted in the forum with hteir ideas, suggestions and their (bug) reports!

    Thank you all mates!
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    Default Re: Stainless Steel 5.0 Released


    Thanks a lot KK! U RULE!!!


    "1.5 The Campaign AI
    not finally decided..."

    So, there is vanilla AI in 5.0 right now? Is it possible to use Lusteds newest campaign AI with it?
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    Default Re: Stainless Steel 5.0 Released

    Thanks a thousand times, I can't wait to play it

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    Default Re: Stainless Steel 5.0 Released

    Very nice KK!! Thank you very much!
    Under the patronage of King Kong
    Proud patron of y2day and yelowdogg23

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    Default Re: Stainless Steel 5.0 Released

    Brilliant work KK

    GOD OF MODS!!!
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    Default Re: Stainless Steel 5.0 Released

    Downloading it before this was posted

    Do the Irish, Norwegians, Crusaders, etc have proper CNP names?

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    Default Re: Stainless Steel 5.0 Released

    Me thinks file front is about to blow up
    Thanks again king kong and all other modders/helpers in this mod grerat work indeedy

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    Default Re: Stainless Steel 5.0 Released

    outstanding! thanks for the hard work Mr Kong

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    YEAH!! thanks a lot KK, im gonna hit this ALL WEEKEND!!!!

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    Default Re: Stainless Steel 5.0 Released

    King Kong I have never posted on this forum but I visit often and let me say that the whole MTW gaming community owe you a massive thank you for all the hard work and for making MTW2 so enjoyable. If you are ever in Lisbon mate the drinks are on me

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    is this the one that needs kingdoms or the non-kingdoms one?

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    Looks very promissing, downloading now.... thank you KK and SS team for such a great mod! I was on DLV but now SS has attracted totally my attention.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aedan2812 View Post
    is this the one that needs kingdoms or the non-kingdoms one?
    Needs kingdom.

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    Icon7 Re: Stainless Steel 5.0 Released

    This greate this is best mod for m2tw.
    Downloading now.


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    Default Re: Stainless Steel 5.0 Released

    ah then i shall go buy kindoms.

    thanks for the mod KK looks brilliant.

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    Dl'ing will be long hours of play now

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    Default Re: Stainless Steel 5.0 Released

    WOOOOOOOOW!!! Thanks KK!
    Could someone make a torrent download please, will rep you
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    Default Re: Stainless Steel 5.0 Released

    I hoped it'd be this weekend to get SS 5.0 and the hope has turned into the miracle

    thank you for this, KK! even I'm just downloading your mod I already know it's going to be a brilliant one!
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    Default Re: Stainless Steel 5.0 Released

    Looks like we got a load of new SS players around?

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    Default Re: Stainless Steel 5.0 Released

    Hell yeah, been waiting for this baby to come out. Thanks KK.

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