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Thread: BoA - Bugs Reports

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    After I instal the campaign mode custom battle doesnt work because it simply crash into deskop everytime I try. Before instaling the campaign I test one custom battle and worked so , does l this had to do with Campaign Add-on?
    Also the campaign itself sometimes crash after some minutes plaing it will crash for same reason same thing crash to deskop.
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    Delete please.

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    Icon9 Re: BoA - Bugs Reports

    Well i tried today (and yesterday) theres some delay with the files from file front , took a while to dll , did a fresh install of RTW 1.5 then boa main file then the add on .. loads and the campaigain seemed to be working but when i enter my first battle it crash to desktop and ive tried more then 1 clan , always the batles crashing up .. seems a good and worked mod , any chance of a hotfix or clues why it does happen ?

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    When I try to load the game it ctds and gives the error "unable to find skeleton 'fs_BoA_katana'". Any help?

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    Please also check my ten posts under "Rebel CTD bug fix".

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    Default The 1 bug I have

    I am running V2.0 With the campaign addon. The only problem I have is sometimes when I zoom in on a unit in real time battles I get screen tearing and a crash.
    Thank you for listening!

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