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Thread: The Rise and Fall of the Last Emperor of TWC

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    Icon1 The Rise and Fall of the Last Emperor of TWC

    “Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.”

    -Marcus Aurelius

    So, where does my story start? I've been thinking about for the last 10 minutes, sitting here to figure out what to be my first sentence or where to begin. I think it's best off to go all the way back when I wasn't a member, when I was lurking around for several months before I signed up here.

    I was only semi-interested in web forums and boards, when they first announced RTW and to tell you the truth, I wasn't a big strategy game fan. I was an active member of the, under the name "Desertfox7" and the only reason I joined, because I really liked the entire idea of the DC-Combat mod made from BF1942. I followed through the development of the mod, from early Alphas all the way to the final release and I tested all releases in the MP fields. By the way, if you don't know, the original DC mod team was hired by DICE and they were the ones involved of making the Battlefield 2 game.
    So anyway, before I go too far with my previous forum experience, just wanted to give you a quick info of my "forum" life before I became active here. I have joined other forums as well, but they are irrelevant, because beyond a few posts, they didn't hold my interest too long.
    What played the major role of the desertion of the DC forum, was that I was banned.
    It was a mistake by one of the mods, who mistaken me to a another member who managed to hack himself into the DC forum's control panel and mess around. I wrote several emails to the administration as well as to the forum-provider ForumPlanet, but I received no replies up to this day.

    Before the time I was banned, I was already lurking here as a guest and -I kid you not,- I felt intimidated by the quality of discussions and the members.
    I simply didn't feel like joining, because I thought, I can't make posts like these, I'm gonna end up looking like a fool as I read through the posts of Shigawire, Wilpuri, WBK, Siblesz and many others.
    When I finally decided to sign up, I was staying only in the general discussions and the Help section most of the time, I could only watch in awe Mehmed II and Wilpuri going around in the political mudpit and I knew well, that I can only make myself look like a fool just trying to quote or comment on any of the posts.

    When finally the game -RTW- was released, things got a lot more hectic and the site received a large amount of new members, was the time, when I started to feel comfortable going around with my 50-something posts under my belt, because I no longer felt, that I was the lowest "mire" in the "mire field", plus I started to become very active in the Help section of the forum.
    I still felt intimidated by the presence of any Quaestors let alone the Praetors and God Forbid- Siblesz himself, so I tried to stay low and common and I hoped that I won't get noticed somehow for any particular reason.

    Meanwhile I was posting in only the RTW-related sections, I kept reading around as well, especially in the Curia and the rank-related threads, because that civitate rank did look sweet, especially after the boost of members, I was getting to that point, that I need to distinguish myself, but I never wanted to farther than a civitate badge.

    Anyone Interested of the Continuation? I hope it's not to boring....

    To be Continued...
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    Default Re: The Rise and Fall of the Last Emperor of TWC

    Please go on, HA. You were the one of the greatest, until you decided to throw everything to the air. Don't give a damn for how people insult you in an online message board!
    "Romans not only easily conquered those who fought by cutting, but mocked them too. For the cut, even delivered with force, frequently does not kill, when the vital parts are protected by equipment and bone. On the contrary, a point brought to bear is fatal at two inches; for it is necessary that whatever vital parts it penetrates, it is immersed. Next, when a cut is delivered, the right arm and flank are exposed. However, the point is delivered with the cover of the body and wounds the enemy before he sees it."

    - Flavius Vegetius Renatus (in Epitoma Rei Militari, ca. 390)

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    Default Re: The Rise and Fall of the Last Emperor of TWC

    Yes, Archer, there is nothing like a bit of story telling about oneself. Keep on with it. I would write a story about me, but I'm not very good at writing (despite being on the Helios, but that's more reporting that writing) and have little to write about - I have hardly been an influential member.
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    Default Re: The Rise and Fall of the Last Emperor of TWC

    I'm very eager to read your story Archer. Please do keep it coming and don't let it peter out.

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    Default Re: The Rise and Fall of the Last Emperor of TWC

    I like it. Please continue.

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    Default Re: The Rise and Fall of the Last Emperor of TWC

    Keep it going mate, I like to read your story.
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    Default Re: The Rise and Fall of the Last Emperor of TWC

    Keep it coming, Horsearcher. Whether deserving or not, you are probably one of the more villified ex-admins here at TWC; it's time that we heard your side of the story.
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    Default Re: The Rise and Fall of the Last Emperor of TWC

    I can honestly say this will be the first (and probably only) TWC autobiography I will ever read...I can't wait...

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    Default Re: The Rise and Fall of the Last Emperor of TWC

    Sounds interesting,please continue...
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    Default Re: The Rise and Fall of the Last Emperor of TWC

    Can you get to the point and and fast please?

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    Default Re: The Rise and Fall of the Last Emperor of TWC

    This just has to be pinned...

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    Default Re: The Rise and Fall of the Last Emperor of TWC

    Keep it going Horsearcher, I would really like to hear the rest.
    RIP Calvin, you won't be forgotten.

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    Default Re: The Rise and Fall of the Last Emperor of TWC

    Very interesting story, Horsearcher, I will read it again when you add further to it.

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    Default Re: The Rise and Fall of the Last Emperor of TWC

    Quote Originally Posted by Garbarsardar View Post
    Can you get to the point and and fast please?
    For Garb only : After all the crap I day I have risen as the emperor, and then fallen. End of story.



    So where I left off is that all I wanted to get was the civitate badge. By this time, I was very familiar with the game, as well as I started to learn to post well, while I was hanging out in the Help Section, replying to all sorts of problems, and just reading out from other discussions, of which I still kept myself away to participate.

    One day, out of the blue, Marenostrum sent me a pm, asking, If i want to be a civitate. This really shocked first, didn't know how to reply and according to the rules, I supposed to write a paragraph, why I want to be a civitate. The pm is probably still in the dusty archives of the admin forum, somewhere in Ian's nest, because each of these paragraphs were posted there for the rest of the "Hexagon" to see and decide, whether or not the person was a worthy candidate. I can't remember what I have written, but it was probably the 5th or 6th version, because to tell you the truth, we all want to be all sorts of things, but when someone ask the simple question "why", it might stump your brain, especially if you know, that your response will be reviewed.

    One week later, I had the badge, I think the vote was something like 6 -aye and 2 or 3 nay. I have to remind you (for the newer readers) , that back in these days, only the administration voted in the candidates, there was no CdeC or anything like that.

    Things started to speed up in many different aspects. Spartan, who was a Quaestor at the time, became a Praetor and he after reviewing of my work in the Help section, he put me out as the "help center manager", which basically gave me a local moderator priviledge.
    In these times when I noticed another fellow named Crandar, whom I spotted first in the Help Section, doing pretty much the same thing as I did. I mentioned it to someone, either Spartan or another staff, that he could be also a worthy civitate if someone would patronize him. More about him later... and also GENERAL_MAXIMUS...the spammer of the Curia..

    So as the time passed, for a few months (or maybe weeks), nothing particular happened, beside the Help section was renamed "Help Center" and some other small changes around the forums. Of course, it's possible that other things were in motion, that I wasn't aware of, but again, this is my diary, of my point of view and what I saw.

    Also worth to mention, these were the times when serious modding has just begun of RTW, since the game was released a month or 2 already, people started to take it apart and see what's inside.
    A good friend of mine, who noticed my limited experience in RTW modding, -Burebista- started to ask me questions about certain modding help, I think it was about the buildings, I can't remember perfectly. The forums received a new structure, Spartan was who came up with the idea of the sub-forum sections given for each mod and mod teams, instead of running a lonely thread. I thought, it was one of the most revolutionary ideas I have ever seen, and as we all know, it's something that greatly benefited the site and the popularity.
    Also, just about that time I have learned about the anti-CA problem we had and it really gave its setbacks, since no CA member visited the board. TWC was an outlaw, due to some actions and decisions coming from the top, for which I will not go into, because I don't know too much about it, beside the whole deal with CA suing Paul (the original owner) due to some copyright violation and piracy of certain videos. (don't worry I have read those threads in the staff forum locker). But again, I'm not going to discuss who is right or wrong, all I know, that the damage was done and it was definitely a
    dark stain on TWC.

    I have almost forgot about the deal, that Burebista was prosecuted for. Again, these were the times, when the Trivium Organization formed, or at least made itself known. I believe the TTO was made with good intentions, no matter what the .org people say. The entire organization was full of the best modders ever been here, many tools and mods came from them and many of those tools are still widely used by the modders of today. The map maker, the Idx extractor, all kinds of unit editors, settlement editor, you name it.. even there was some unorthodox unpacker made for RTW, way before CA ever released anything for the game.
    Anyway....all I remember, that the TWC was accused of elitism, I think Spartan and maybe Siblesz and other old-timers remember this more correctly. All I know is, that Burebista was accused of going around the forums and gathering and pushing people into a giant pool of modders (TTO) and redistribute them to the EB team and wherever they were needed. Again, correct me if I'm wrong, but it was such a long time ago, I don't remember each details. I'm also not sure, if only Bureb was accused, but all I remember that the .org admins were here, discussing the issue with Sib and others and Burebista was found guilty, who really took this entire thing way too seriously. But again, I can't blame him, his case was publicly discussed in the middle of the forums, for everybody to see, of which I didn't agree with, even though, I was just a civi at the time.
    I'm sure Spartan remember Bureb carrying around a sig "Et Tu Brutus", since Burebista didn't think that even Spartan would be on the list of the accusing jury list.
    The entire deal was very fierce and just too much open for my taste. After, when Burebista was found guilty, he said he was going into exile from the site, and it was almost impossible to talk to him, because he felt so bad.

    Not long after this incident, I received my first moderator rank (Quaestor), which was almost again something out of the blue, but I didn't complain.
    The next stop worth to mention, was the deal with the RTR crisis of which later got blown out of proportion and changed the course of TWC history forever. I'm not sure, how much anyone knows about this...but what I know.. be continued....
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    Default Re: The Rise and Fall of the Last Emperor of TWC

    Nice read, as before. Interesting to read about stuff that happened 100 message board years ago.

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    Default Re: The Rise and Fall of the Last Emperor of TWC

    You know, I really like not pouring everything out in a single posts, because the bits and pieces are coming together slowly and I can't remember everything at once.

    I almost forgot to mention, the deal with the petition I have signed along with another 5000 people, because of a dreaded 2 patch policy of which was enforced by the Activision publisher of CA, before Sega. Some people today cry about SEGA and somehow they find reasons to have a negative opinion, my answer is, "You haven't seen nothing yet, if you never heard about the deal with the 2 patch policy from Activision".
    What happened was, that not long after RTW was released, the game had a broken multiplayer option, along with a significant amount of bugs, enough to ruin the gameplay somewhat. CA/Activision quickly released a patch a few weeks after the game released, which only addressed the multiplayer bug, but nothing else. They promised to send out another patch, which would fix many problems - almost all- that was troubling the RTW game.

    As wise and experienced game players might know, there is a certain risk of releasing large patches. While it might fix many things at once, it could possibly break or even introduce new problems to the game, gone undetected while testing the new patch.
    That's exactly what happened. I don't know if anyone remember the "siege-bug"?
    Basically, after the 1.2 patch for RTW, there was a new bug found within the game, which did the following: If you had saved and quit out of RTW, upon reloading, the towns, that were under siege by the AI controlled factions, would retreat and brake the siege. I'm not sure if there were other effects to it, but many called it game-breaking, since the AI simply reseted itself from its previous activities and felt like you were playing a new campaign, every time you reloaded. There were of course other bugs too, but none of them were so significant as this one.

    The real problem, wasn't about the bug though. The real problem was, that CA/Activision said, that they have a 2 patch policy, which means, that they will not make another one, no matter what. So we could have a dead-broken game after 1.2, but drop all hopes, because the policy said, that CA will not be paid and neither authorized to continue to work on RTW patches, but instead, they should be working on something new or else. (business is evil).

    The other real problem was, that CA/Activision denied the bug and fought with claws and teeth and saying it was a "feature" not a bug, and went as far as banning members off the official TW forum, who ended up exiling to TWC, because they could discuss the issue, without any sort of nazi moderation or banning, matter effect it was encouraged to discuss all bugs on TWC (still is).

    Spartan, the admin at the time actually started up a petition against CA/Activision, that requested the game to be fixed, because when we cashed out for the game, we expected to have a working game for our money. Plain and simple, but not so the people. There were a large anti-base even on TWC, disapproving and attacking the petitioning group, for unkown reasons, since our idea could have also benefited them, because they also paid for a working game, unless I'm wrong and they don't mind to pay for a finished and working product but instead to receive an unfinished product.

    To make the long story short, the petition was sent out, but there was no response.

    Eventually, there were some hand and arm signals coming from CA, after the announcement of the Barbarian Invasion expansion, and also about a "non official" 1.3 patch in the works. Also by this time, CA also announced of switching publishers and they ended up with SEGA and the Barbarian Invasion was released under Sega, even though they started working on it while they were still under Activision. And even after patch 1.3 , we had the luck to receive even another patch, which was a delight to see after such a nazi-style policy,enforcing something that alienates the fanbase from the series.
    I'm not sure - and I don't want to glorify myself or anyone - of how much the switch of publishers had to do with the fact, that people weren't so happy about the policies made under (by) Activision and not sure how much our petition really added for the decison to move over to Sega. Maybe nothing, maybe something, we never might never know.
    Neverless, the entire deal did left its footprint on this site, it is undeniable and I was labeled - along with other well known petitioners- with many sort of names for a while.
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    Default Re: The Rise and Fall of the Last Emperor of TWC

    The next stop worth to mention, was the deal with the RTR crisis of which later got blown out of proportion and changed the course of TWC history forever. I'm not sure, how much anyone knows about this...but what I know..
    I would very much interested to know...

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    Default Re: The Rise and Fall of the Last Emperor of TWC

    Good read Archer.

    I agree on the patch bit. Many members who are prominent now may not be aware of the siege bug in RTW and the '2 patch per game' policy of Activision when they complain about 'broken games' from CA. At least now we are getting more patches and not being left with a critically bugged game. Oh, and we are also getting more expansion packs - Alexander, anyone? I seriously hope that we get an Alexander style expansion for M2TW ... something which I really, really doubt that Activision would have authorised. However crappy you think that Alexander was, it was a hell of a lot better than nothing.

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    Default Re: The Rise and Fall of the Last Emperor of TWC

    Publishers weren't switched from SEGA to Activision, SEGA bought CA and now own the company.
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    Default Re: The Rise and Fall of the Last Emperor of TWC

    Quote Originally Posted by Lusted View Post
    Publishers weren't switched from SEGA to Activision, SEGA bought CA and now own the company.
    Well, you know what I mean. Not that any of the business talk is actually important to the story, all that matters is that SEGA now publish CA's games.
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