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    Empire Total War Overview
    Empire: Total War is set in the 18th century a turbulent era that is the most requested by Total War’s™ loyal fan base and a period alive with global conflict, revolutionary fervour and technological advances. With themes such as the Industrial Revolution, America’s struggle for independence, the race to control Eastern trade routes and the globalisation of war on land and sea, Empire: Total War™ promises to be amongst the richest and most dynamic PC RTS games of all time.

    Empire: Total War will see the debut of 3D naval combat within the Total War™ franchise. PC Gamers will be able to intuitively command vast fleets or single ships upon seascapes rich with extraordinary water and weather effects that play a huge role in your eventual glorious success or ignominious defeat. After pummelling your enemy with cannon fire, close in to grapple their ship and prepare to board taking control your men as they fight hand to hand on the decks.

    Along with the revolutionary introduction of Naval Combat, Empire: Total War™ will see further enhancements to the Total War™ series signature 3D battles and turn based campaign map. Real time battles will pose new challenges with the addition of cannon and musket, challenging players to master new formations and tactics as a result of the increasing role of gunpowder within warfare. And the Campaign Map – for many the heart of Total War™ – will see new improved systems for Trade, Diplomacy and Espionage with agents, a refined and streamlined UI, improved Advisors and extended scope taking in the riches of India, the turbulence of Europe and the untapped potential of North America.

    “Empire: Total War™ is a huge revolutionary step for the series. We’re delighted to introduce true 3D naval combat, something that adds a totally new dimension to Total War™ games. We’re genuinely excited about what we’re achieving with the naval battles and also by the scale of the improvements being made to the core of the game – the land battles and the campaign. This will undoubtedly be the biggest and best Total War™ game we’ve ever made.”

    Commented Mike Simpson, Studio Director at The Creative Assembly and the father of the Total War™ franchise.

    Empire: Total War™ has already been secretly in development at The Creative Assembly’s Horsham studio for over a year and is priming its forces for a release in early March 2008.

    Confirmed Details
    General Information
    • Empire: Total War will be the most accessible Total War game ever. Enhanced auto management, revolutionized UI, improved advice system and tutorials all combine to introduce new players to the concepts of Total War, quickly and easily.
    • Empire: Total War will boast a full re-write of the AI with a wider range of strategies and tactics, providing a formidable opponent on land, sea and on the campaign map.
    • The game is set in the years 1700 to the early 1800’s, a turbulent age of gunpowder, revolution, discovery and Empire Building.
    Campaign Map
    • The game will include 10 playable factions including Britain, Prussia, France, Spain, America and the massive Ottoman Empire.
    • Revolutionised Total War campaign spanning 3 continents and featuring new, enhanced systems for Trade, Diplomacy, Missions and Espionage.
      An all-new fully animated campaign map with all buildings and upgrades visible.
    • Huge cast of historical figures including Peter The Great, Malborough and Charles XII of Sweden
    • New diplomacy options
    Battlefield Gameplay
    • New Real-Time 3D Naval Warfare takes Total War’s unparalleled battle action to the high seas with players commanding single ships or vast fleets.
    • Realistic sailing model, cannon and musket fire, boarding actions, fully destructible sails, rigging and hulls and a full range of weather effects to influence battles.
    • Land battles that will feature heavy artillery in the form of cannons, mortar and early rocket launchers, with bouncing cannonballs slicing through drifting gunsmoke to tear up lines of infantry. Bagpipes, drummers, flautists and trumpeters will fill the air with play out over the crack of musket fire

    • A brand new multiplayer component will include player rankings, leagues and ladders and completely new gameplay modes.
    Specific Information
    • Ability to rename ships, land units. Originally Posted by TW Rehab (Kieren Brigden)
      Hello all, just a quick response. You can indeed rename your individual units in Empire, as well as your ships. We're still working on Regions / Towns.
      Meaning if you've got a favourite unit that seem to always pull you through harsh battles you can give them names.
      I've got a thing about calling certain ranks of infantry that never fail me 'the last line'. Anyway, hope that helps answer speculation. Right click on the unit card, then click on the name itself. Back space and type your preferred name in.

    Links, New news

    Community Discussion

    Technical Information

    Minimum System Requirements

    2.4Ghz single core processor
    256MB Gfx card (DX9 compaitble)
    1GB RAM (For XP, 2GB if using Vista)
    Authentication and Multiplayer

    Some people seem to be having problems understanding things so let me explain again:

    We are using Steam and Steam only for authentication
    We are using Steam and Steam only matchmaking for multiplayer.
    We are not using any other authentication platform.
    We are not using SecuROM.

    So to reiterate in the style of Monty Python (may they be blessed for ever)

    First thou shalt purchase Empire: Total War. Then, shalt we use Steam, no more, no less.
    Steam shalt be the system that shalt be used, and the system of using shall be Steam.
    Limited install shalt not be used, nor either any other system, excepting that thou must proceed to Steam.
    SecuROM is right out.
    Once the system Steam, being the only system, and the game be installed, then lobbest thou thy CD or DVD of Empire:Total War towards thy bin, if thou wishest it, being not needed in your drive, and thou shalt play it.


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