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Thread: The Empire: Total War

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    Default The Empire: Total War

    Mod Registration Form

    Mod name: Das Heilige Römische Reich
    Platform: Medieval 2: Total War - Kingdoms
    Release Status: Version 0.5 released
    Modfolder Overwrite: no

    Mod creator/Mod team leaders: icefrisco, rob_the_celt, dimitri_harkov
    *Mod team members: icefrisco, rob_the_celt, snoopy, nicolaswille, sabre657, dimitri_harkov
    Mod Description: The mod focuses on a better representation of the Holy Roman Empire by splitting it in 9 factions and adding features like imperial elections, imperial ban, etc by script.

    Other info on mod: MedMap, 29 factions, 27 playable
    Forums link:
    Download link:

    Permissions: Permission by request only.
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