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    State of the Political Debate by [user]Aristophanes[/user]
    Vestigia Vetustatis by [user]Scorch[/user]
    Basement by [user]Freddie[/user]
    The Thema Devia by [user]Shaun[/user]
    Arts by [user]-BulletproofTurban-[/user]
    Athenaeum by [user]Feliks[/user]
    Coliseum by [user]Annaeus[/user]
    Despatches from the Curia by [user]Ozymandias[/user]
    The TWC Wiki by [user]Serious samurai[/user]
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    After a long wait, due to holidays, forum downtime, and illnesses (yes, it really hits at once doesn't it...) we return with a nice new and action-packed edition of the Helios! Our usual opening of Aristophanic goodness is, well, the usual opening, so here it is!
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    Political Academy

    Dilute. Rinse. Repeat.

    Avarius Federalus has given up on the revolution: it’s not going to happen! Instead, he proposes that the world adopt a less extreme brand of socialism, because, face it, the unadulterated and pure ideals of communism could never properly be implemented in a world full of people who just aren’t good enough. But he goes one better:

    “First thing on the Democratic Socialist goal is to create a strong World Government, and to give more power to the U.N. The U.N should have it's own army as well as an arsenal.“

    Because a world government needs an army to defend against all those external threats…oh wait. He goes on to generously allow free trade:

    “Free-trade will be allowed to exist through out the entire World Government”

    Which is very kind of him, and, I must say, much appreciated.

    “the following will be subsidized:

    Family/Small Farms
    Failing Theatres
    Failing Museums
    Failing Art Galleries
    Failing Family Buisnesses”

    Because we all know they’re not failing because they’re poorly run, uneconomic, or providing services that noone is interested in buying…

    Sidmen is on point:

    “What happens if someone doesn't want to be financally reviewed by an accountant because they're poor?”

    My guess it that they’ll be labelled saboteurs, and hauled off in a black van.

    The Knight 2100 hates poor people!

    “With taxes that high, any incentive to work a higher paying job goes out the window because people are taking on higher responsibilities without compensation.. Which then means that people won't work higher paying jobs, which means important positions will go unfilled, or will be filled by unmotivated, possibly corrupt employees. Which then means that there will be less wealthy people to tax and therefore less money for the government to spend on social programs.

    And why should failing businesses, theaters, museums and small farms be subsidized by the government? All this does is punish success and reward failure. It just promotes laziness and ineptitude while punishing hard work and talent. It's no wonder socialism is such a disaster with thinking like that, everything is backwards.”

    Ragabash rebutts:

    “The Knight 2100.

    And Nordic countries such as Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway are exellent examples how well socialism can work if not taken into far edges.”

    Post modified to enhance message:

    "And Nordic countries such as Sweden, Finland, Denmark Norway and Denmark are excellent examples of how well socialism can work if not taken into far edges North Sea Oil can prop up an economy…but Sweden and Denmark are also fine examples of economies no more highly regulated than the American one. "


    The Punic Skirmishes

    Kennylz generalizes to little profit, and, most likely, rather unfortunate affront to our black members…errmmm…rather, “members who are black.” :

    “Why do black people keep trying to claim Hannibal”

    I don’t know Kenny, maybe for the fact that non-blacks keep treating black people as a monolithic entity.

    Kenny is right though, ‘Afrocentric’ teachings of history can, and often do, paint a rather skewed picture of history. He is upset that many claim Hannibal as ‘African’ in the ‘black’ sense of the word.

    Mirage informs:

    “Only really the Lebanese have the most accurate claim to him. Modern Tunisians might, but alot of them are of Berber and Arabic blood. Africanologists (or whatever their called) tend to do the same thing with the Moors of Spain, claiming what were essentially olive-skinned Berbers and Arabs as Africans.”

    Matt decides that TWC is an appropriate forum for his simplistic and narrow-minded beliefs:

    “They're trying to falsify arguments for their unfounded pride of Black culture.”

    DariusEG steps up to the plate:

    “Don't watch BET please. I'm Black and I hate it. It is the most crappy stereotypical channel that you can probably find.

    This isn't really PC or anything like that. It's really a mis-observation, people see he was coming from Africa so they assume he was African.”

    He is extremely restrained given Matt’s completely unwarranted provocation:

    “We actually have pride in a lot of things. Everyone has pride in something. I could care less about what I can have pride in, though.

    Please people, don't turn this thread against Blacks.”

    The thread then devolves into a not-altogether-unexepected tangent.

    Conserving Momentum

    Seneca ponders:

    “Why does opposition self destruc?

    Typically this is the COnservatives in Britain at the moment. Every time they get a points lead they decide to attack their leader and ruin any hope of gaining an actual winning chance.”

    Radulf Heimiric offers some fairly well-informed analysis of the situation:

    Labour hasn't done much wrong yet since Brown took over, so the conservatives have panicked and pressed the self destruct button again.

    Brown has also been helped by things like the flooding and Foot and Mouth. Nobody can really say they're his fault, so what they do is take away the focus from anything controversial that Labour might do. In this sort of situation the Conservatives need to get positive publicity, instead of hoping that Labour will destroy themselves.

    Cameron has very few real policies, however, so it is difficult to attract any positive publicity. To combat this he tried introducing a few ideas, such as the grammar schools policy a month or two ago. But the problem is that members of the Conservatives have a huge range of conflicting views, so you will always get people within the party attacking Cameron on any policy announcements.”

    Catinwasher thinks it’s just a phase:

    “Wait and see how things go for Gordon when some of his poor decisions come home to roost. Labour doesn't have enough campaign funds to call an election soon because they can't get party donations. There is still time for the tide to turn.”

    There are, perhaps, other explanations which may involve the press, or boredom.

    What better place to start your dose of Helios goodness than that? Now that the modern is out of the way, Scorch delves deep into the past in the VV;
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    Welcome to another VV column. I'm afraid I didn't submit one last week as I just ... forgot. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this one.

    How long could the Spartans have held Thermopylae?
    Well I found this topic interesting from the beginning. Thermopylae is, to my mind, an extremely important battle. While my knowledge on the matter isn't as good as it could be, the battle did give the Greeks an opportunity to unite and truly assess the forces arrayed against them. That said, Leonidas and his half-naked Spartans probably wouldn't have been able to hold out for much longer. As several people have pointed out, the scouting abilities of the Persians should not be discounted, and it is quite likely that they would have come across the pass anyway.

    But assuming they didn't, well, it depends on a variety of things. Firstly, would Xerxes have continued to absent-mindedly throw soldiers at the Greek phalanx? I don't think so. Xerxes did not possess military capability equal to his great-uncle-distant-relation-type-thing, Cyrus, or his father, Darius. However even he would have put two and two together, and worked out that if you can't crack a phalanx after days of front-on assault, chances are you should try a different tactic.

    That said, what 'different tactic' would have have turned to. Arrows, perhaps? Well his Immortals were elite archers, that is certain, but would they have been able to inflict heavy losses on heavily armed and well-trained Spartans? I don't think so. His cavalry was all but neutralised, and the Greeks were well-supplied.

    I don't think anyone could reasonably tell, but at an estimate, I would say that - assuming they did not come across the path pointed out to them by Ephialtes - several weeks to a month is probably a good guess.

    The Greatest Military Victories in History?
    This is another thread (which happens to have also been started by Eric) that caught my eye. As we are not discussing the most important battles, but rather the greatest victories, I'd say the Battle of Rorke's Drift would be up there. The sheer courage displayed by those men would put it up there. Others that come to mind:
    Manzikert, Agincourt, Cannae, Ilipa, there's surely more that I haven't thought of.

    Should we have dropped the Atomic Bomb?
    This is the last one I'll look at. Generally, no one is going to be able to say with any certainty whether the Japanese would have fought to the last or given up, but I do think the dropping of the A-Bomb furthered that process. The Japanese army committed many atrocities during the war, and many were simply because of the degree to which they were committed to the empire, the emperor, and to their warrior code.

    I think this is one situation in history we can describe as thoroughly ambiguous. It's just a personal choice whether you think the gain outweighed the cost, but I'd be inclined to say no.

    Well that's it for now, I hope you enjoyed what was probably my longest Helios article to date, and look forward to the next edition!

    From the mysterious past to the even more mysterious semi-present of the computing world, as told by Freddie, resident techie;
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    The Basement

    There’s been a lot of activity in the basement these last couple of weeks, with a broad range of topics being covered from overheating issues, a plethora of threads about which video card to get, custom PC builds questions to debates about the PS3.

    Opifex Professor420 wants a new video card but he is going against current trends by opting out of purchasing a dirextx10 video card. However much of the advice given to him is to go for the 8800 GTS (DirectX 10) due to it great price to performance ratio. This is a trend that continues into Roman Clones thread about a graphics card to replace his 6600 GT. In bthizle1’s thread he has a decision to make weather to fork out for a new AGP card or upgrade his whole system. The transition from PCIe to AGP has been a painful one for many PC gamers since it often involves a whole system update; unfortunately this is a required evil since newer video cards need the extra bandwidth PCie provides. On the other end of scale Jake.Q has a more modest budget and asks what he can expect to get although the thread got a bit derailed Shaun suggested the 7600GS, which is one of the last decent mid range cards Nivida produced.

    Quite a few you have being playing around with the possibility of gaming on your laptops. Both TheRaider and MattErickson are toying with the idea. It’s been brought up in both threads about the costs involved in playing games on your laptop and even if you get a top of the range laptop it still won’t give the same performance of its desktop cousin. If you’re reading this and are wondering about gaming on your laptop do yourself a favour and stick to playing minesweeper.

    Moving away from a very hardware dominated piece the basement has had a couple of important software questions. hellas1 asks about playing Medieval 2 on a 64 bit operating system, although it appears he can the advice from members and resident tech wizard Simetrical is for him not to do it because driver and software support for 64 bit is virtually non-existent or still in its infancy.

    Roshak asks about Norton Anti Virus which he has been using Norton for 10 years (now that’s what I call customer loyalty) and wants to know if he should stick with it or try something else. Well the thread is a bit of mixed bag with know general consensus being drawn, Justinian gives Norton the thumbs up but BarnabyJones proclaims Norton as “a waste of money and a system hog”. You can get a free virus checker from AVG, but in this day and age have a active virus checker is a must for all broadband users.

    The most popular thread over the past few weeks was started by forum newbie SonOfCrusader76 he wants to upgrade his system to an all sing all dancing gaming rig for only £300. As it becomes apparent this wasn’t possible the £300 pounds limit that he didn’t want to go over suddenly rose to £400 but soon went back to £300. With his budget going up and down like Bill Clinton’s trousers at Playboy mansion, many different options opened up to him, with a lot users still sticking it out trying to help him despite Crusaders content changing of the goal posts.

    Shaun's migration around the Helios is, however, still not complete; not content with simply being Content Techie Guy, he's writing on the Thema Devia, or "home of spam";
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    So, I have moved from my old role as basement reporter to Thema Devia reporter. Now, as you will have noticed by now (I hope!) there has been a common community reorganization. This means that the Thema Devia no longer contains the Political Mudpit, ethos etc., so I will not be reporting on that, this report will be solely of the new (and improved?) Thema Devia. Try not to be too harsh on me, this is my first attempt at a Thema Devia report…

    So? Where do I begin a Thema Devia report, then? Well, I think I will start with TWC’s biggest thread: the ‘Say Cheese’ thread! I am sure the title is self explanatory; but if not, it’s the thread where TWC members post pictures of their ugly mugs. And where the Black Prince gives you compliments if you are good looking, and pesters you for shirtless pictures. Now, I am not going to directly post any pictures there – you can click the damn link yourself and see! – but I will tell you that if you cannot be bothered to search through all 15,708 posts (at the time of writing), then there are indexes in the first post, so you can easily see how dorky that TWC member really is. (Incidentally, some also call this the spam thread – they are wrong! Well, they’re not really. Well, sort of wrong…)

    Now, where to next? Well, I think the Sig Service/Avatar Service/Userbar Service would be a good place, eh? Again, as with the Say Cheese thread, this one has a self explanatory title. If you want a signature image, avatar image or userbar made up, then you post there and someone will make one for you! Hurrah! They are actually really, really good at it. Give them a try if you want a nice, custom image. Be sure to give them rep points as well for their efforts.

    I would now like to stop off at the Welcome to TWC thread! Basically, if you are new, you post here and get welcomed to TWC. If you find it, that is. Although it’s stickied, it can still be hard to find down in the depths of the CC, right down at the bottom of that in the Thema Devia. It also has spam in it.

    Now, in our last tour of the stickies, I will take a look at The Youtube (and other Videos) Thread!. Yes, you guessed it, its where you post youtube videos to save the Thema Devia from getting cluttered up with lots of “lolz check this funny vid” threads. So post all your Youtube videos in there!

    So now, on to the non-stickied threads! So, there is the funny pictures thread (huh, I thought we had a sticky like this… must have been wrong, although I am sure we once had a thread like this stickied). Again, the title tells all, post your funny pictures in there.

    So, are you male or female? One would expect that TWC would be largely male, due to the nature of this site - Total War games ain’t exactly babe magnets, are they? Well, Kiljan asked about the Gender Demographics of TWC. So far, over two thousand views and two hundred and thirty replies. Oh, and yes, you were right, over 95% of the Thema Devia are males… duh!

    The Person Above You thread is also doing quite well. Three hundred and fifty replies so far. The idea of the thread is that you post something about the person above you (except flames. If you do that I will come down on you like a ton of bricks). If I post there, you have to say something nice about me though, kapeesh?

    So, what’s your user number? Niccolo Machiavelli asked this. To find out your user number, simply view your profile (Quick links, My profile), the bit where there is the number is your user number, it is last in your URL. Mines is 5209!
    However, a word of warning:

    Quote Originally Posted by Simtrical, from the Q&S
    Your user number will tell you, sort of. Some of the earlier members have been pruned, and people who signed up before the move to vB in May 2005 may have entirely incorrect numbers. So there's no exact way to tell, but user ID is a good start.
    So, what’s yours? Don’t tell me here, tell me there!

    So, what armour do you prefer?

    Quote Originally Posted by The Last Spartan
    I myself, prefer a combination of lamellar, plate and chain-mail armor, as it allows for a good combination of both flexibility and protection (although it will be a little chunky, I think I can deal with that) kinda like O-yoroi, but without the boxy parts. I'll draw it out , just give me a while.
    Some good replies in this thread. Especially from The Man With No Name:

    Improved Outer Tactical Vest, an improved version of the IBA. I've worn the IBA (with SAPI plates) before and its suprisingly comfortable. After a while of wearing it you don't even notice you have it on till you take it off. Also with the plates it'll stop 7.62mm ammo (the caliber of the AK-47) and would be very effective against any bladed weapon. Unlike the IBA this body armor has side plates, eliminating one major weakness of the IBA design. With the DOJ ending its use of Dragonskin, the IOTV seems the best design available.

    Advanced Combat Helmet. Its comfortable and will stop a 5.56mm round at point blank range. Not too bad if I say so myself.
    Me? Personally, I would prefer little to no armour. But that’s just me. I’m Scottish.

    Anyone here think that the 80’s coming back? Well, Necromancer seems to think so!

    So whaddya think???

    I've just seen stuff happening over the past few years that's led me to this conclusion.

    Look at the fashions and trends emerging...

    Nike and Reebok vintage/vintage style Basketball Hi-Tops are returning (especially among my crowd, the metalheads)

    Aren't these shoes the coolest?!!!

    Baggy jeans are out (Never liked them anyway)
    and tight/tighter skinny jeans are in

    Small and tight-fitting shirts are in

    Studs and leather is getting evermore popular

    All the guys are growing out their hair and side-burns again (not that that trend ever died out, it just seems a lot more common these days)

    Girls' hair seems to be getting bigger and bigger again

    Look at the music kids have recently begun picking up again...

    Vintage heavy metal such as The NWOBHM and Thrash (and hair/glam to some extent) seem to be on the rise (dramatically!)

    I've heard Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Saxon, Megadeth, Anthrax and other 80's heavy metal groups being played in cars, on TV (And even on the radio!), while out walking, hanging out with friends and while driving around.

    I don't know, it's just something I've been observing for about 2-3 years now... So whaddya guys think?
    I am honestly not sure about this now. I think the trends of the last few years are getting more 80’s, but maybe not quite to the extent that Necromaner portrays in his post.

    Quote Originally Posted by WBK
    Its all good as long as the mullet doesn't become the hairstyle of choice.
    This is the main thing! It honestly does not matter what decade comes back in, as long as the mullet remains forgotten about. Forever.

    Now, on to a more serious thread: dealing with stress and anxiety.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ferrets54
    For about a year now I have had problems with anxiety and to a lesser extent stress. It comes out in several ways. I can have panic attacks occaisionally but I've learnt to control these so they're not a problem. Breathing can often become irregular, even to the point where automatic breathing stops altogether. I can get massive, massive headaches.

    Worst thing is food. I have utterly no appetite and if I force myself to eat I feel incredibly sick. I don't eat anything before I go out now because it is almost garaunteed to ruin that evening.

    Pretty much at the end of my own ability to deal with it all now, and I don't know what to do.
    There has been lots of good replies, but this one stuck out the most.

    Go seek out some professional help - seriously. There's no need for this condition but an internet forum wont solve your problems.

    I could give you advice ranging from autogeneous training to drugs, but imho professional help in real life will be most efficient.
    So true... I doubt the Thema Devia responses will be quite on par with those of a professions. Seek professional help.

    So, some more threads of interest!

    Bye. Next one will be better. I promise.

    Now, new additions appear; RZZZA, or as he is now known -BulletproofTurban-, asked for an intern job, so of course I threw him straight in at the deep end writing on the Arts section. Well, he rose magnificently to the challenge set, better than ever I expected to be honest, and present this piece; so, over to RZZZA...
    Click to view content: 
    Thanks Ozy, RZZZA here reporting on whats hot in the entertainment field. First up on our whirlwind ride of media is s.rwitts "Anyone agree?". s.rwitt comments:
    Quote Originally Posted by r.witt
    "I'm not saying anything bad about Christianity, I am christian myself. But do you guys agree that christian rock is just terrible?"
    This reporter agrees, and so do most of the people who replied to the thread, the general consensus is that christian rock music does indeed blow. The magnanimous Justinian crystallizes for us the experience of listening to christian rock
    Quote Originally Posted by Justinian
    "Christian rock is like taking a massive **** in an oven, cooking it on 500 for two days, scraping out the remainder and snorting it. Wait, I think I'd rather do that than listen to Christian rock."
    Strong words from a strong man. Our local neighborhood Dorian Gray has a suggestion for people who can't get enough religiously inspired music...
    Quote Originally Posted by Dorian Gray
    "You guys should try Jewish rock. It's readings from the Torah put to an infectious beat.
    Good advice Dorian, the Jewish rock genre is long overdue to take off and with such a ringing endorsement I'm sure we'll be seeing yarmulkes and dreidels on MTV in no time.

    On to the next genre, in the How To Make a Succesful Rap Song? thread, David Deas thinks he knows how to guarantee commercial success for any song.
    Quote Originally Posted by David Deas
    Its not a coincidence that *all* commercial music essentially has the same exact format; intro, bars, hook, bars, hook, bars, hook, hook, end. Its done that way because there is an actual science behind it.
    Interesting insight David, but this reporter has to comment that although there may be a method to designing a memorable commercial song, it probably should not be referred to as a "science".

    Next is The Fuzz's commandment that " Thou shall not stop liking a band just because they become popular". Concerns are raised about what it means to be mainstream and what it means to be underground, Stalin's Ghost comments
    Quote Originally Posted by Stalin's Ghost
    Bands that become popular may well have done so via watering down their music, making it largely homogeneous with whatever else is selling well.
    A reoccuring truth in any genre, although the prevailing sentiment is that you should not stop liking a band just because it becomes popular, RandomRockFan does well to remind us that
    Quote Originally Posted by RandomRockFan
    Even though it can make you feel like a huge snob, there is something to be said for liking a very unknown band among your peers.....Being the only person that likes a band makes you feel somehow closer to them, they're "your" band.
    An excellent point, all too often we may forget that music is a personal thing for many.

    Onward to the theatres, cinema-philes! In David Deas' Bourne Ultimatum thread, the last movie of the Jason Bourne trilogy is critiqued and reviewed. Overall the reviews have been positive but one chronic complaint keeps popping up, which Publius elaborates on
    Quote Originally Posted by Publius
    One comment: Camera angles/positioning. I realize they are going for a sort of 'real time, on site' feel when the camera crew follow the actors on foot (resulting in a lot of jostling). While I like this view and think it is effective, I think they went a little overboard with it the results of which were a little disorienting. So aside from me feeling slightly dizzy upon exiting the theater, it was seven dollars well spent.
    Thank you for that Publius, we hope you've regained your orientation. Barbarian_Prince was even more dismayed at the poor camera work, exclaiming
    Quote Originally Posted by Barbarian_Prince
    I hope they make a fourth movie called the "Bourne Stupidity" where the filmmakers are forced to watch their own movie (without the comfort of a barf bag).
    A very creative torture technique Barbarian Prince, you should get in touch with Homeland Security and give them a few pointers on that. The overall consensus seems to be that its one of the better films in the trilogy, so if you dont mind being dizzy and having to stare at that fugly Matt Damon for 2 hours, go see The Bourne Ultimatum, and bring a barf bag!

    A little Romano-Britishness to spice things up at the theatres, HorseArcher's The Last Legion (Trailer) thread is a discussion about the recently released Last Legion movie, telling a tale of post-roman occupied Britain and the struggles of a mythical, amalgated King Arthur against the hordes of rampaging barbarians. Despite the presence of Kevin McKid (Lucious Vorenus of the miniseries Rome) and academy award winning actor and knight Sir Ben Kingsley, The Last Legion proves disappointing for the TWC mob. Centurion scoffs at the picture, saying
    Quote Originally Posted by Centurian-Lucious-Vorenus
    It looks like a movie for 8 year olds really.
    This reporter isnt sure a movie full of so much warfare, blood and death is suitable for 8 year olds. The decision is that the film is overly-childish and uncompelling but The Last Spartan asks perhaps the most important question
    Quote Originally Posted by The Last Spartan
    Aishwarya Rai, is her name. do we see her naked???
    Good inquiry, but unfortunately, dont my you don't.

    Well thats all from the entertainment side of things this week, and thats the way the cookie crumbles, back to you in the studio Ozy!

    Didn't I tell you? Well, its an interesting question as to whether RZZZA or Feliks did the bigger self-sacrafice; Feliks, remembering the request in Helios 14 for an Athenaeum writer, and seeing we didn't have one in 15, promptly volunteered himself for the role. By writing an Athenaeum article in superlative fashion, in fact; here it is...
    Click to view content: 

    The Evolutionary Battle: Homefront Advantage

    “Theory of Human Evolution Shattered?” Jakren’s thread appeared on my computer screen, illuminating my dark office. I was shocked. What scrap of evidence, what new finding could throw the work of countless anthropologists into doubt? Jakren had posted an article from Yahoo! News; it caught my interest. Apparently, new fossil evidence shows two species (h. habilis and h. erectus) once believed to have been mere steps in the clear, clean-cut ladder of human evolution actually existed side-by-side at one point. A revelation which means that it is unlikely that one of these “missing links” actually descended from the other. That raised questions: What was their common ancestor? Why did they evolve into separate species? A once sound theory, the article would have it, was thrown into chaos.

    The article, however, would not be left unanswered. Soon, legions of posters swarmed the Athenaeum. They denounced the article as alarmist. The theory of human evolution wasn’t destroyed, it wasn’t left deserted, valueless, in the back alleys of scientific thought, with only discarded visions of a geocentric universe and a moon made of cheese to keep it company. Setanta, Gary88, Conan the Barbarian, and others insisted that the theory was not broken beyond repair. This new evidence only would make the theory more complex, more accurate. Science, I was relieved, would overcome.

    An evolution thread would not go unnoticed, however, despite being hid away in the Athenaeum. The regular opponents of various evolutionary theories appeared, just as eager to tear holes in Darwin’s legacy. But this time, things were different. This was no Ethos debate, there wasn’t a philosophical rambling in sight. Reasonable and levelheaded skeptics, most notably MaterofNone, argued evidence, missing data, scientific assumptions. Scripture was left unreferenced in the only section of the Total War Center where scientific terms could be tossed about without an allergic response from the populous. The frequent discussion of Homo Erectus didn’t even get a chuckle.

    Flames still boiled to the surface, there was not shortage of disagreement, but somehow, this debate was much more intelligent and coherent than any other I have bore witness to. Perhaps more controversial topics can be taken from the frequent flames and abstract philosophies of the Ethos to the cold reasoning of the Athenaeum, it would, at least, shine new light on the issues.


    Next we come back to regular contributors, with Annaeus reporting for me on the Coliseum and the bloody games going on therein;
    Click to view content: 
    Coliseum’s Panorama

    By Annaeus

    It was time to transcend the bounds and the enthusiasts did a commendable job in making it a reality. In this edition, the Coliseum comes with an exhilarating news, the foundation of a new sub-forum inside the main. While the mafia game was being liked by a good majority of pugilists, an old face, Shyam Popat came up with a new caption competition which is still ongoing. However, I would like to cover both these recent episodes, succinctly. So, let’s commence with the hoodlums of TWC. Not long ago, it started with [user]Jubal_Barca[/user] and his enthusiastic approach to embark on a miraculous wave of exultation. Initially, in the SYMPOSIVM, his aspiration was to create a platform where citizens could delight in an interesting contest. As a result, he gave it go by introducing mafia, a simple and entertaining game with straightforward rules.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jubal_Barca
    If you don't know how to play, a good tutorial is here;
    And a more comprehensive list of roles is here;

    - No editing your post, the host is allowed to.
    - Corpses don't talk, do not post after you have been killed.
    - This is a closed communication game. Do not talk outside of this thread unless your role specifies you can.
    - All votes must be put in bold, if not they will be ignored.
    - No effectively quoting or poorly paraphrasing what I have said out of the thread- sum it up in your own words. Also, don't bother asking something like 'what's the second word in your e-mail' and such.
    - When the target number of votes is reached, the player voted for is lynched, even if someone unvotes.
    - Keep night talking to a minimum.
    - I reserve the right to dish out any warnings and mod-kills as I see fit, so don't break the rules.
    - Rules are subject to have things added in/edited/reworded if I remember stuff.
    - Golden rule: have fun.
    Consequently, a lot of people showed interest and the result was astonishing. In the first game, which was held in the SYMPOSIVM, the mafiosi were victorious, while in the second game, the townies triumphed over the gorillas. The details can be found in the respective threads, but don’t be scared of the long discussions as it’s really enjoyable, believe me.

    Now, we come to the third match between the innocent dwellers and the goblins. And probably, it’s going to be the most interesting of all. Firstly, because of the game’s novel and modified nature and secondly, because of the growing curiosity among the masses as a result of its being a part of its own new sub-forum. And a traceable fact showing its popularity is the extent of participation in the first few days.

    Just have a look at how eager they are, to lynch.

    Without a doubt, Mafia has a bright future for sure.

    Furthermore, to relieve the Coliseum from its seemingly perpetual murkiness, Shyam Popat came up with a new caption competition whose sign-up process is complete and we’re eagerly anticipating the captions. Take a look at the picture awaiting captions.

    Thus, it was all for this edition. Until next time, adios…

    My own little (well, not so little really) piece on the Curia and the wonders of its politics;
    Click to view content: 
    Consilium de Civitate

    Since the last Helios on the 24th of July (that long ago… wow) the CdeC has been bolstered by the elections (and re-elections) of Evariste, Wild Bill Kelso, Scorch, Belisarius and selenius4tsd to its ranks; we hope these individuals are prepared for the hard and demanding job they have been chosen to do.

    We have also seen 9 passed candidates for citizen, under the patronages of a variety of formidable individuals. These nine deserve warm and strong welcomes to the Curia, as always; and possibly a helping hand to understand our wyrd and arcane conventions. However, my condolences are also required to the two citizens who failed their votes.

    The CdeC have also voted on the matter of a deification for the last ON Imperator of the site, Archer; having passed him by a great majority, a discussion shall open in the Curia for the general citizen class to make a decision on this individual worthiness as a Divus. It’s a debate that will be, to say the least, interesting to watch.

    Closed Votes

    The first amendment of note that has passed is the Superfluous Rank and Medal Removal Amendment; passed on the narrowest of margins, complaints after-the-fact were rife, but in the end the Bill has passed into law for the benefit of all. At least, as soon as Rahl gets the new medals done…

    We must also comment on the recreation of the Consilium Belli; proposed from the unlikeliest of sources, and supported by a wide variety of people, this has created a semi-permanent advisory body to Hex elected from and by the general membership to advise on how to best aid the TW side of affairs. The elections are also completed and the body itself may be found here.

    Two failed amendments next; the Refocus the Curia amendment, that made amendments in future hard to make and rare, to make the Curia make decisions for once; and a slight change to patronisation, which would have opened the right to patronise to all.

    We have also seen Spiff, Spiff, sapi and Tacticalwithdrawal ratified; the former as Tribounos and Strategos in that order, sapi as Strategos, and the last as Chief Moderator; both deserve our heartiest congratulations.

    Finally, a vote of no confidence in the Black Prince as Curator floundered when it eventually got to the vote, receiving minority support overall, with a majority voting it down; and I was returned to Hex as Speaker of the House in the recent elections.

    Ongoing Votes

    To rattle through these quickly, the following are up for ratifications as Junior Moderators;
    Fabolous, Empress Meg, Garnier, Asterix, Sir Dinadan, and Roman_Man#3.

    There are also two amendments and one decision being voted on; an amendment to the Opifex law, an amendment to the CdeC requirements and a decision to move the Coliseum to the main index.

    I urge all citizens to vote on all of these issues, even if only to abstain.

    Ongoing Debate

    Yes, we come at last to the hack and slash of the debate packing the Curia. Actually, there is little debate that can be described honestly as ongoing; the most recent post being in an amendment of my own devising, the Resignation of Citizenship Amendment. Prompted by news that we shall come to later in this article, the amendment aims to ensure citizenship resigned hastily and without proper thought can, before a set period has expired, be taken back up, based on proper reconsideration and thought; the permanent loss of citizenship by some prominent individuals through too-hasty action is a tragic thing to see.

    We also have a move to merge the Discussion and Debate with the Games, Activities and Chat sections on the Main Index; whilst potentially reasoned out well, there are inherent flaws in this, serious ones at that, such as the length of the section making it rather an eyesore.

    Another amendment, now ground to a halt, was a proposed change to moderator ratifications; based on certain problems arising from the too-soon ratification of a certain moderator, the flaw in the system is being addressed by this amendment, but due to complex negotiations resulting in people needing to reaffirm support, its ground to a halt, as no one… has.

    Finally, and very briefly, =Eclipe= has proposed a list of Opifices for CC contributors. The proposal has stirred up much controversy, and the debate on the principle of whether debators deserve Opifex, let alone whether these ones do, is violent; in this publication I shall withhold my own thoughts on the matter, clear as they are in that thread.

    Curial Miscellany

    The news alluded to above and prompting my own amendment is now to be revealed; both makanyane, Opifex, legendary modder, wiki editor, and beloved of all, and Noble Savage have resigned their citizenship, both for different reasons, and both equally sadly and regrettably; it is my hope that they shall rapidly be repatronised and returned to the Curia, where they deserve to be.

    We have also seen the resignation of Halie Satanus from Hex; as member with responsibilities for Total War, his duties are being taken over by Publius. Halie will be sorely missed, as a forthright and honest member of Hex with real care for what he did.

    The resignation of Noble Savage produced a thread analysing citizenship as it presently is; I suspect this will prove no more conclusive than any previous, however.

    Finally, a discussion comparing the .org and TWC itself has arisen from many comments comparing the .org to TWC and finding the former better. The discussion can be found here, although so far only a few actual suggestions rather than general principles have come up.

    Get Involved

    With the resignation by makanyane of her citizenship, we also see the resignation of the wiki editorship; this post is now open to all citizens who wish to apply, and the application thread may be found here.

    And now, have a good fortnight, and good politicking!

    Turning from the forums themselves we come to the wiki; with mak's resignation, I had to turn elsewhere for someone to write about this. Who better than an active wiki contributor and runner for the post of editor... Serious samurai?
    Click to view content: 
    A change of face:
    With Makanyane's resignation as Wiki editor and departure from the curia (detailed here) I have been designated the task of writing the Wiki column for this issue, the faint hearted are recommended to look away now.

    In the Spotlight:

    In the mod spotlight currently we have a brilliant article on the mod PRO DEO ET REGE, A very good mod aimed at providing the player with a more challenging campaign and improving historical accuracy, It also adds a AOR system, restricting what troops can be recruited in a newly conquered region. In addition to this there are many all new units, including:
    • Dismounted Mailed Knights
    • Feudal Sergeants
    • Levy Swordsmen
    • Levy Italian Pavise Spearmen
    • Askaris
    • Varjazi Axemen
    • Russian Swordsmen
    • Caballeros Hidalgos
    • Bedouin Spearmen
    • Cuman Tribesmen
    • Cuman Foot Archers
    • Dismounted Hungarian Nobles
    • Polish Noble Swordsmen
    • Swabian Swordsmen
    • Dismounted Armenian Knights
    • Arab Guard
    • LAca's Byzantine Heavy Spearmen
    It's certainly worth downloading and is definitely a mod to keep an eye on, so be sure to check out the article and the forums here, or how about going straight to the download thread here.

    Ran no Jidai in the TWC wiki:
    A lengthly, yet interesting, article on "Ran no Jidai" the Sengoku era mod for RTW:BI, for those unfamiliar with japanese history, it is set in a period called the "Sengoku Jidai" or "the age of the country at war", an era when japan was torn apart by almost constant warring between rival warlords, each striving for supreme power, the era is marked by some of the bloodiest battles in history. Take a look, the article's a good read and will almost certainly leave you anticipating the overdue, but worth waiting for, release of this mod. You can find the article here, afterwards, how about heading over to their mod forums here.

    5 Most Wanted!:
    If you see these men, do not approach them, they are armed and dangerous.... errr... I mean... This is a new section I've taken the liberty of adding to the Wiki column, It's a list of the 5 most wanted articles, be they written or in need of work, so, in no particular order:Of course, if none of these article appeal to you, you can always have a look over the full list of "Most Wanted Articles" or perhaps in the "stubs" section or maybe you can find something of interest in the "Articles in Need of Cleanup" section.

    Many are not familiar with editing Wiki's so here's a page that explains in detail how to edit the the TWC Wiki. Please contribute to the TWC Wiki and help make it a better resource for the TWC community.

    Now, with the sun setting on this Helios, I welcome you to the latest innovation; the return of Page 3, with your submitted pictures!
    Click to view content: 
    After long discussions, Page 3 got passed the censors and we opened to submissions here; in fact, we remain open to submissions for the next Helios even know. However, the first picture I want to publish was submitted privately rather than publicly, but is undoubtedly one of the most awesome images I have ever seen; [user]imb39[/user]'s picture of a lionfish (I think... zoologists, correct me if I'm wrong!);

    The second image was publicly submitted by the member [user]Thanatos[/user]; in an unintentionally animalian issue, we follow the lionfish with this truly awesome picture of a spider;

    Thank you to all who applied, and keep on snappin'!

    Now, we come at last to the last, the editorials; all two of them.
    A rather dull picture I must present you with on the editorial front, in terms of topics covered; rather than the normal breadth of topics, we can promise only two, thanks to the receipt of but two editorials. The surfeit of articles surely makes up for it tho'...
    The first article, by Oldgamer, is a paean to his homeland of America, in true patriotic style;
    Click to view content: 
    Oldgamer Reporting for Duty ...

    I'm Proud to be an American ...

    These are the days in which all Americans are expected to be ashamed of their country. People from other continents and countries tell us this, all the time. And yet, it is in times like this that I am most proud to be an American.

    Why should I be proud of being an American? As it has been told to me, America is the worst polluter on the planet. America is the worst terrorist nation on the planet. America is an aggressive empire, seeking to extend its hegemony over the planet. America is a racist and genocidal state, having held millions of black Africans in slavery for over four hundred years, and slaughtering the indigenous population without mercy. America is a capitalist state, holding its citizens in virtual slavery to interest and the corporations.

    At least, this is what we're told ...

    From the standpoint of its geography alone, I am proud to be an American. I've been able to travel extensively, in my country, and everywhere I see the grandeur, the beauty, and the pure unadulterated space that attracted our forefathers to this continent. From the Atlantic to the Pacific, from the Rio Grande to the border with Canada, I have traveled the United States and witnessed the power and majesty of the country. Forests, lakes, mighty rivers, vast plains that feed the world, rolling hills, and towering mountain ranges that kiss the sky, I've seen this country. What is there not to be proud of?

    I've gone deep into the back-country of Arkansas, with nothing more to sustain me than my wit, my skills, and my equipment. There are places where you can travel for up to a hundred miles, and never see a human inhabitant. I've encountered deer and bear that obviously have not had contact with people, if their behavior is any indication. I remember sitting up from a long night's sleep, in the midst of twenty deer, some of which were only a few paces away from me, and watching them graze and play for over an hour. They took little notice of me.

    In the north, I've gone into the vast pine forests near Voyageur National Park, and sat close to my campfire, as I listen to the plaintive howl of wolves in the distance.

    Whether the mountains of the west, the deserts of the Southwest, or the thousands of miles of seashore, I've walked and driven this country “from sea to shining sea”, and I'm proud of it. I'm proud to be part of it.

    I'm also proud of our system of government. This country was built by hard-working, hard-fisted, straight-shooting, God-fearing people who escaped the numberless tyrannies and castes of Europe, and carved out an empire of freedom in the wilderness that was America. When Europe objected, they declared themselves to be free, and put their lives on the line, literally, to secure that liberty.

    With their independence won by blood, they could have replicated what their forefathers escaped from on this continent. But they didn't. George Washington did not become King George ... which would have been a great irony, indeed ... but instead, became President Washington, as the head of state and government of a political system which endures to this day. That government was based upon values and beliefs that were codified in our Constitution, and have provided the people of the United States with the liberty to choose their own way of life and worship, in a way that had never happened before in the long, sad, oppressive history of the human race.

    Finally, I'm proud of what America has done with this vast liberty. True it is, our cities are not alabaster, some of our leaders have led us astray ... and some are still trying to do so ... and not everything that America and Americans have done is worthy of pride. But consider what America has done ...

    We have overcome our basest instincts and created a nation of laws and liberties. It is these liberties that have made our nation economically and militarily strong, and it is our laws that have protected the innocent against those who would prey upon the weak. It is the unique balance of law and liberty that has brought untold millions to our shores with hope, and in search their place in the world. They have come here, from Europe, from Africa, from Asia, from Central and South America, and from the multitudinous islands of the Pacific, in search of their dreams of freedom. As Emma Lazarus put it, “the wretched refuse of your teeming shore”.

    What is this thing that they have sought?

    As simply stated as I can put it, what the millions have sought is something that you cannot understand, until you hold it in your hand.

    I'm proud of this nation that overcame itself, and sacrificed six hundred thousand of its sons so that men could be free. I realize that this statement is itself contentious, one hundred forty years after the end of the Civil War. But what was the effect of the War? Men were set free.

    In Ottawa, Illinois, is Washington Park, which was the site of the first debate between Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas, in 1858. Lincoln stated flatly that there was no difference in the humanity of “negroes” and white men, and that the slaves should be free. He based his arguments upon the Declaration of Independence, which stated that all men were created equal, and that all men were endowed by “their Creator with certain inalienable rights, and among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.” He also based his argument upon the Constitution. Stephen Douglas took the position that the States should decide the question of slavery for themselves, and that his position was Constitutional.

    I agree with both of them. That's the beauty of the American system. I have the right to agree and disagree, and in this, we see the delicate balancing act in our system of government between law and liberty, once again.

    I am proud of the entrepreneurs who built the economy of this country ... one without which the economy of the world would collapse, overnight. No one sought such power. It was our liberty and law which provided the opportunity to rise above that which a person once was.

    I am proud of a country which came to the defense of millions of people in the 20th Century, including those of every continent. Twice, America rose to defend the liberties and lives of people in Europe, in two world wars. We didn't have to do this. We could have hid our heads in the sand and ignored Europe. Indeed, in the Second World War, we could have used all of our power against those who attacked us, the Japanese. But the blood of over two thousand Americans who died at Omaha Beach, in one horrible day, testify to the decision that our nation made. Yes, I am proud of that.

    I am proud of what I and millions of others did in Vietnam. I don't care what anyone says about the reasons why we were there. I know why I volunteered, and why I was there. This same spirit is alive and well in Iraq and Afghanistan, on this very day. Staying is difficult, but leaving is the wrong thing to do.

    I am proud of my country's history in space. I watched with millions of others , on a July day in 1969, when Americans stepped onto the face of the moon. I watched with bated breath, and very little sleep, when Apollo XIII faced the crisis that threatened the lives of three astronauts. I wept with pride, just the other day, as I watched Endeavor lift off the launchpad at Cape Canaveral, and rocket into space.

    Americans will finish the space station. Americans will go back to the moon. Americans will go to Mars. And Americans will be among those who, someday, will journey to the stars, Albert Einstein's objections aside.

    Yes, I am proud of my country, a nation of immigrants who forged the world's premiere power, and one that is based upon the twin pillars of liberty and law. And I will not decide to hate my country, because others do, and demand the same of me.

    In another time, a great Colossus was created that could be seen for miles into the Mediterranean Sea. Its purpose was to inspire awe and fear in all those who beheld it. The Colossus of Rhodes had one purpose. It said to those looking upon it, “Be afraid of us.”

    Graven on a tablet at the base of the pedestal holding our Statue of Liberty are these words, penned by Emma Lazarus:

    The New Colossus
    Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame,
    With conquering limbs astride from land to land;
    Here at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall stand
    A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame
    Is the imprisoned lightning, and her name
    Mother of Exiles. From her beacon-hand
    Glows world-wide welcome; her mild eyes command
    The air-bridged harbor that twin cities frame.
    "Keep ancient lands, your storied pomp!" cries she
    With silent lips. "Give me your tired, your poor,
    Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
    The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
    Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
    I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"

    To that, I say, “Amen”.

    And our other editorial, the normal Queer Concern, written by the Black Prince about... lesbian issues. Delve deeply if you dare. It also contains a newsflash at the end...
    Click to view content: 
    Queer Concern

    Lesbian Issues

    If someone says to you they are gay, what image does that conjure for you? Among the various stereotypes I’m sure it will be someone male. However the term used to be used, its now the case that gays are male, and lesbians female... and yet despite this we talk of the gay community and gay rights and gay marriage, we have gay activists, and gay supporters, all demanding protection for gay people.

    In the past, this has caused us a great many problems. I doubt few reading this (unless they have read and remembered my previous articles) will know of the gay/lesbian wars and the divides in the early community. The reason for it is not hard to fathom, in the 70s, the Lesbians, and especially the lesbian feminists, did not believe their particular issues were being represented or dealt with by the wider "gay" community that was primarily middle class male orientated.

    These divides in the community proved frustrated because so much time was spent arguing with each other than presenting our case for community rights. It led to the emergence of identity politics in the late 70s/80s, the coining of "LGBT" and its most modern incarnation "Queer". Yet even now there are many who say the Queer community and LGBT lobby groups still maintain the same gaycentric orientation they always have.

    It’s a simple fact that lesbian issues are not the same as gay ones, some are shared, but even these have a different focus between the two groups. The lesbian approach and outlook on gay marriage has always been different to the gay approach. As a gay lobby group, we tend to approach from the point of view of equality, not having the same rights as straight male counterparts, we look at financial and all the other benefits of marriage and complain that we are being denied them. A lesbian advocate, and indeed, lesbians are among the more vocal advocates of gay marriage, will approach from the point of view of partnership, from not having their relationship recognised by the state, from wanting the right to enter into a recognised and binding partnership.

    These differences of approach can be found through the spectrum of issues the gay community is interested in... But while the principle gay lobby groups such as Stonewall, Outrage, and Queer Youth are fighting homophobia and so on, purely lesbian issues don't seem to get the same coverage or priority. While these groups are not of course staffed solely by men, there's always been a concern that with the Queer community, women represent two minorities, and get marginalised because of it. Within the NUS LGBT national conference, at least half the delegates each Union sends have to be female, an affirmative action approach taken to ensure proper levels of female representation.

    As the Queer community seeks to reach out, become more inclusive, of all the possible and varying definitions of sexuality, so to do we end up becoming ever more generic and less representative of the disparate elements of the community.

    Reproductive Therapy
    Questions and debates about Gay parenting frequently focus on the legal and political battles over child custody and gay adoption, both laudable causes, but as above, the purely lesbian side of the issue gets shouted down in the more generally Queer rhetoric. Access to reproductive therapy is of special relevance to lesbian parenting. In view of the difficulties lesbians face in terms of access to adoption, technologies like in vitro fertilisation and donor insemination offer many lesbians their only chance of parenting.

    In the UK, lesbians seeking access to assisted reproductive services are placed at a disadvantage by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act 1990. The reason for this is that under the regulations all clinics have to consider the welfare of the unborn child. While some clinics are sympathetic to lesbian couples, others have used this as a lawful means of discriminating against them, a policy currently under review by the Department of Health as being incompatible with the Equality Act 2006.

    In Australia, the Federal Court ruled in McBain v State of Victoria [2000] FCA1009 that a Victorian law, the Infertility Treatment Act 1995 that restricted assisted reproductive services to married and de facto heterosexual couples was unlawful. After that decision, there was an appeal bought by the Attorney General on behalf of the Catholic Church to the Australian High Court. The court dismissed the appeal because the Church lacked legal standing in the case, but didn’t address any of the controversy caused by McBain and expanded upon the Queensland Court of Appeal in JM v QFG [2000].

    While McBain overturned the marriage requirement in the Victorian Act, it did nothing to address the sections of the act that required a woman or her husband (now read partner) had to be clinically infertile before they could receive treatment. The authority governing fertility treatment in Victoria read the judgement in McBain as meaning that where single or lesbian women were inv9olved, the phrases relating to partners could be ignored as irrelevant, and treatment therefore given so long as the woman herself was infertile.

    Yet this still causes problems. A fertile lesbian woman cannot receive treatment, but a fertile straight married or co-habiting woman can receive treatment is the partner is infertile. This interpretation still discriminates on the basis of marriage, the very reason the McBain judgement was passed.

    The political fallout from McBain was intense as well. Howard’s government announced and introduced a bill to overturn McBain (Sex Discrimination Amendment Bill 2000) though ultimately didn’t have the votes to pass it through the Australian Senate.

    This area is one of the biggest issues affecting lesbians the world over. While in the UK, ever the groundbreaking country, and in only 2 other European Countries, Lesbians can receive access to assisted reproductive therapy in order conceive, in no other part of the world is that a guaranteed legal right, and very much depends upon the attitudes of the states, courts and clinics in whichever authority you find yourself. A postcode lottery of global proportions.

    But where are the gay lobby groups on this issue? So much as breath the words homophobia in schools, and Stonewall is there. Homophobia in the military, and Stonewall is there, attacks on gay prides in Moscow, execution of gay men in Saudi Arabia, Outrage is there.

    It seems this community is perfectly poised to take up the fight for all Queer people everywhere, so long as they’re gay men.

    the Black Prince

    Monday August 13th
    Lawyers have told the Roman Catholic Church that it cannot sack a Catholic headmaster who has entered a civil partnership with a male teacher.

    The Archdiocese of Liverpool has been unable to take action against Charles Coyne, the head of St Cecilia's primary school, who has registered a partnership with Richard Jones, who is believed to work at a nearby school.

    The laws can be read that way, the Courts have long hinted that this is the case, Academics have said this is case, but this looks to be the ultimate proof of the Employment Equality (Sexual Orientation) Regulations passed back in 2003 to enact the EU's Recast Equal Treatment Directive. Sexual Orientation is only relevant grounds for discrimination in employment where the post held relates to practice of religion. The example given by academics is that a catholic school could not refuse to employ a maths teacher because he is gay, because a maths teacher is expected to teach maths, not be a minister of religion. This latest news, spourced from the Daily Telegraph today further backs up this point.

    Quote of the Week
    My lesbianism is an act of Christian charity. All those women out there praying for a man, and I'm giving them my share. Rita Mae Brown

    So that's us done here; thanks for reading, see you again in a fortnight, and now go and rep my reporters; they deserve it all over again.

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    Ah, excellent work chaps!
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    Another excellent edition. The new reinforcements have proved their mettle and the work holds up against the veterans!

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    Good work boys! (pats own back)

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    It's a good one.

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    Excellent Helios!

    I was surprised the picture of my spider in the backyard was chosen!

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    This turned out to be a good issue. Good work, guys!
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    Has there ever been a bad one?

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    Good work! No Circus Maximus news?
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    Yeah it looks like Darkranger wasn't able to get his piece together in time, which is a shame because I normally read his part of Helios first.

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    ^kachinggg..instant motivation for super performance next issue
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    It takes sixteen issues to get mentioned and it's that silly post about Jewish rock?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thanatos View Post
    Has there ever been a bad one?
    *Aristophanes reads some of the crap he's written...then cries hysterically*

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    Woot Woot

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jiraiya View Post
    Woot Woot

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    This is the first time I've read this, and I'm not entirely sure what it's about, but I found it enjoyable and amusing. Especially the 80's part, I hate mullets but I love hair metal. (go figure eh?)
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