Here is the Download Link:

This tutorial goes over how to take two distinct photos, and blend them together into one texture:

This tutorial is less than 30 minutes long.

Go once through the tutorial. Then go to one of the Resources sites provided at the end of this post, and find two similar photos of a material of your choice (stone, wood, metal, etc.). Go through the process of making them seamless, just as I do in the tutorial.

I will make a thread tomorrow to post a screenshot of "before" and "after" for your assignment. We will crit them as a class when they are posted, so keep them all to one thread, so everyone sees everyone else's work.

I will also post "office hours" tomorrow for anyone that needs help.

Please post any questions pertaining to the assignment or class in this thread.

Free textures:
There are more but we will be using those for the class.

Please contact me or post here with any questions, issues, or suggestions. All assignments should be in by July 2.