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Thread: **i need a unit id list**

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    Default **i need a unit id list**

    plz, i realy need one

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    Default Re: **i need a unit id list**

    As in a guide to all the RTW units that show their stats and abilities? If so this one should do the trick:

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    Default Re: **i need a unit id list**

    Here is a unit guide online:

    Or in the game, go to custom battles and pick your factions, on the next screen when you go to pick units for the battle there will be stats for each unit.

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    Default Re: **i need a unit id list**

    Erm guys, i think he meant the unit ID list for the create_unit cheat. Because i need one too

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    Default Re: **i need a unit id list**

    I made a topic about ID's and the create_unit cheat

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    Default Re: **i need a unit id list**


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    Default Re: **i need a unit id list**

    Quote Originally Posted by XxX lG lH lO lS lT XxX View Post
    Totally agree with that - no internet connection required to ckeck that
    thingy online or to dl a list if all you need is already inside you RTW\DATA folder.

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