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  1. [WIP] Re: Character Traits table e.g. Cao Cao suspicious. Anyone know which table?

    changing characters traits is already easy atm, any generics can have legendary traits as well and unique titles
  2. Re: Character panel portrait not changeable

    You did it! mad man xD
  3. Adding Execute mechanic from Dong Zhuo to other factions

    Anyone know how to do this? So it works for all factions instead of just Dong Zhuo

    (The ability to kill your own characters by executing them)
  4. [Proposal] Recruitment cost for Generals Retinues

    I have found retinue upkeep, on effects bundles junction, anyone know where is the one that lowers Recruitment cost for Genreals retinues, EG when you want to hire them/ aka Recruit and they come...
  5. Please we need someone to figure out how to make Characters on Events spawn for AI

    i figured this out now!!!
  6. [WIP] Re: Dilemma, incident and mission event modding

    If you can figure out how to add Legendary characters to AI through Dilemma it would be amazing Havie
  7. [Proposal] Someone please figure how to to add Characters through Dilemma for AI

    This is the only way for AI to get legendary characters from Events,

    so far all the in game events besides Death only works for the Player

    There are two events that worked, Zhuge Liang and Sima...
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    [Tutorial] Re: Mixed Units Tutorial (Finally CA yes!!)

    could you share your table please? only got archers to work in the back but no luck with crossbows, and crossbow is the best
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    [Tutorial] Re: Mixed Units Tutorial (Finally CA yes!!)

    im surprised none of you released your mod yet on adding a few new units on this
  10. Re: Ageless mod is possible now, Death Chance for Old Age is out, but can't figured it out

    Here is the latest version

    what matters is

    in script> campaign> 3k_campaign_traits_data.lua

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    Re: Darren's Review about Three Kingdoms

    The comment section though, I have no interest in this period bla bla bla, waiting for next totla war -.-
  12. Re: Ageless mod is possible now, Death Chance for Old Age is out, but can't figured it out

    yeah i did that, i am still looking for help ;x
  13. Ageless mod is possible now, Death Chance for Old Age is out, but can't figured it out

    I spent few hours kept testing and trial and error, but is unable to fix this

    I edited my save to turn 500+ so my generals are age 154, but they still dies next turn, some how I was able to let...
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    Re: Proper faction colors (Koei)

    Good job bro, wasn't able to figure out the map colors, looks nice

    Colors from ROTK?
  15. Re: Increase higher cap for Prestige Level

    Its already done, check out the mod compilation templates thread
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    Re: Turns Per Year Mods (10TPY & 15TPY)

    Did you tested if Zheng Jiang also start as a baby on this Dresden? The other ones released by others so far have the bug

    Good work btw
  17. Anyone figured out how to mod Females chance on given birth?

    Its easy to figured out males but it seems to be impossible for females, several modders i spoke to also failed to find the value

    even if i set male chance to 0, for example reason males still...
  18. 3K just sold One Million Copies, confirmed by CA

    More DLCs, more time period, possibility of a Cathay DLC for Warhammer 3

    from CA
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    Re: Improvements to the game?

    3K has the best AI, just watch LegendofTotalWar review, the higher the battle difficulty, the smarter the AI becomes

    on Warhammer the highest difficulty didn't change their decisions, 3K did
  20. Re: LegendofTotalWar review on 3K, very indepth, AI, Diplomacy, features etc

    The first part about the AI is also one of the first content creators being able to mention and talk about for 3K, 3K AI is actually really good

    Battle difficulties no longer only affects the AI...
  21. LegendofTotalWar review on 3K, very indepth, AI, Diplomacy, features etc

    He is someone who is blacked from CA, but he is not as bad as Arch Warhammer

    he made many good points on 3K and made very clear, its a very good video
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    [Resource] 55+ Mods Templates for Modders to use

    Here is the mod compilation of 75+ mods that are open source, feel free to use these to upload them/ maintain/ create your own version/ mods or just to get a idea on how things works with 3K. No...
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    Re: Black screen

    Update Geforce experience driver, update to windows 10 and download all windows update
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    Re: Improvements to the game?

    mods are already out to nerf the towers
  25. Even Arch Warhammer give his seal of approval to 3K, he says he loves it and is praising

    As someone who is Blacklisted this is really rare to see, he was bashing 3K in all his previous videos, now after he played the game he actually think the game is really good and worth buying/...
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    Re: Romance mode - yay or nay?

    ddi you give up your steam forums on yay or nay threads and came here ;p
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    Re: Prices and Locations

    Best Price

    If you are interested in getting 3K for a much cheaper price, go with fanatical if you want to get a key with a discount. It also comes with Yellow Turbans and they are official...
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    Re: Is it good?

    Your name is Yue Fei, you should get it. it has the best campaign of all total war, battle is average at best, why dont u read the reviews on steam yourself?

    86% over 10k reviews already, and...
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    Re: Are you pre-ordering?

    Contact Ella or James with proof of purchase, screenshot, your steam ID , name, etc, They should be...
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    Re: Are you pre-ordering?

    85%, 4500+ reviews, 166k Users playing on launch day
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    Sticky: Re: PFM 5.2 - Three Kingdoms Support

    A ton of tables is still not editable, especially some really important ones, they are all blue/ red
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    Dynasty Warriors Colors mod for 3K

    For those who wanted the Dynasty Warriors color scheme for the three main factions
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    Angry 3K hater on Steam

    some ppl really hate 3k so much, so sad
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    Re: Prices and Locations

    getting it now would be better than waiting for a sale, since when sale come u had to buy DLC as well, which will become more expensive

    28% off is insanely good as a deal since u get DLC free as...
  35. Re: MANAGING YOUR ECONOMY | A Total War: Three Kingdoms Guide

    I remember the days when Havoc made his Next Total War video and isn't quite remotely interested in China nor there was any mention of it

    i guess its changed now?
  36. CA just announced 3K is their most pre-ordered game on Total War, Cathay's chance increases

    This just increases the chance of Cathay by a small %, it might end up as a DLC like I have mentioned in the previous thread, as CA have already said they are trying to break into the Chinese market,...
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    CA grants young mans last wish
  38. Sticky: Re: New Historical total war era - Total War: Three Kingdoms!

    We'll be getting Blood DLC on launch it seems :)
  39. Reviews Mega-thread/ Compilation is out
  40. Blood confirmed on launch without waiting 3 months like Warhammer

    Blood confirmed on launch!!!
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