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  1. Re: Vocally, Classical or Ecclesiastical Latin?

    Hello Ava, I think it's better to follow your supervisor's advice. Eben Dale explained the differences between the Reformed Classical pronunciation and the Ecclesiastical pronunciation (Which Latin...
  2. Re: Koine Greek vs Attic Greek vs something else?

    Hello Arthia,
    I would recommend Attic Greek because it's more ancient and it has all of the best literature indeed, as it has been mentioned above. A couple of useful resources for learning Green...
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    Re: Learning Latin

    Hello August,
    Learn To Read Latin by Andrew Keller and Stephanie Russell (+ Part I Workbook and Part II Workbook).
    Or you might also want to consider summer programs in ancient languages taught...
  4. Re: Were There Any Major Pre-Islamic Persian Scholar/Scientist?

    It's just a myth that pre-Islamic Persia lacks the evidence of scientific tradition. You may check the alphabetical listing of Pre-modern Era Persian Scholars and Scientists on Geni (official portal).
  5. Re: Proposals for Free and Subsidized Healthcare and Education in the US

    An interesting fact: the higher education system in America was ranked the best in world by the Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research in Australia. Neal McCluskey, from the Cato...
  6. Re: Does free education make sense in a globalised world?

    "The common good" (or "the greater good" in this case) reminds me of the concept from an Italian perspective of the EU education in Rita Locatelli's Reframing higher education as a global common...
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    Re: Dry micro bursts

    Some people do chase winds and storms. You might be also interested in Jason Cooley's articles as well. He's one of the storm chasers, particularly, he wrote about microbursts as well. A few months...
  8. Re: How would you program this? (not just program-related; philosophical topic)

    It's all about advanced code evolution techniques. Virus writers can produce metamorphic malware both on low level and on high level, knowing the programming language pitfalls. If anyone is...
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    Re: Ozone Pollution in our National Parks

    I agree that many people are simply not ready to change their habits, behavior and way of life even after they check the quality of air. If anyone is interested, I've found a Real-time Air Quality...
  10. Re: Repeating short burst radio waves i study from the journal Nature

    Probably, the signal was sent thousands of years ago. And I'm sure, we are not the only human like creatures or smart organisms. Quite funny headlines like this one: Are aliens messaging us ignite so...
  11. Re: Should scientists be trying harder to detect viruses in the cosmos as a step in findinig aliens?

    Viruses are now being considered as the basic point in Astrobiology (in both: scientific and academic projects). Mostly, they want to concentrate on the question how life begins and what could be the...
  12. Re: How the earth looked like in different eras .Pictures taken from random websites .(Incomplete )

    I've been always interested in paleontology and archeology (from time to time volunteer with any projects help concerning historical resources). There's also an interactive Earth mode on...
  13. Re: What is the difference between consciousness and IFTT

    Do you mean IFTTT perhaps? Which is an information flow coordination (an AI engineering tool). Then what is the connection? I agree that it could be a new form of general intelligence, but not...
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    Re: Cure for patients with melanoma?

    Hello Ludicus,

    Thanks for bringing up the topic. I find it also interesting to listen to the educative videos by Dr. Evan J. Lipson of Johns Hopkins Medicine. Especially, those dedicated to the...
  15. Re: Poland Regional DNA Project (similar to People of the British Isles Project)

    Hello Domen123,

    My grandparents were born in Wrocław. Since childhood, I've been excited to investigate the history of Poland and visited their old house a couple of times. Majorly, because I work...
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