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    This mod takes more out than it adds in!

    There's no formation progression, no light infantry behaviour, no canister shot etc;
    Earthworks, gambionades, stakes etc. were taken out also.
    Some factions has less units than Vanilla. I was...
  2. Re: 1805 campaign is unbalanced to the point of unplayability

    So, you're saying that having 40k of income in 20 turns a creative decision?:rofls:
  3. Portraits for characters. Is it compatible?

    I'm currently playing as Portugal, many of the characters still retain the creepy vanilla portraits. Would a mod that adds some portraits be compatible with the mod?
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    Sticky: Re: Master Of Strategy FoTS (MoSF) 25/06/2017

    Any chance of an update?
  5. Any mod like this one for Napoleon or Empire?

    Adding buildings, settlements or overhauling the battle maps?
  6. Sticky: Re: [Support] Tech-Hardware: Tips and Tricks for a better DEI experience.

    Hey, before the ancestral update I was able to play with decent performance with medium/high graphics while using the DirectX 9 (changed on appdata). No tweakes or performance submods were needed.
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    Re: [submod] More generals for Rome [wip]

    Do you guys know any mod that add greek general models?
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