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  1. [Released] Re: Additional Units Mod - Empire (AUM-EMP) 3.7 - updated 14.3.18

  2. [Released] Re: Additional Units Mod - Empire (AUM-EMP) 3.7 - updated 14.3.18

    I can't seem to get this mod to work. I have double checked that I DL'd the Vanilla version, and, that I added the correct line to my script file. Every time I start the game with AUM enabled, it...
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    Re: Disappearing Armor

    Thanks for the tip! I'll happily deal with little blue dots if it means my tanks will stop disappearing!
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    Disappearing Armor

    First, I just want to say, great work! The mod runs great, and, I really enjoy it. I have only encountered one issue, any tanks in an army disappear at the end of a battle, whether they took...
  5. [Released] Re: Radious Fire By Rank mod (12.4.2010 - Updated with Radious_FBR_All)

    All the attachments are invalid, and, every single DL link is dead.
  6. Sticky: Re: The Great War 5.1 | Bug reports, crashes & solutions.

    I have the disappearing units issue, as well. It's REALLY frustrating, as I wholeheartedly enjoy this mod, and, it kinda sucks to completely destroy your enemy with tanks, and, then have them all...
  7. Sticky: Re: The Great War 5.1 | Bug reports, crashes & solutions.

    OK, I started over fresh. Re-installed NTW. Followed by TGW 5.1, 5.1.2, & 5.1.3. Followed the install instructions TO THE LETTER. Now, CTD first turn, every time. Regardless of country, or options...
  8. Sticky: Re: Random CTD.

    Played through several custom battles, with no issues. The CTD only happens when I try to play the campaign. Can someone please help?
  9. Sticky: Re: Random CTD.

    I just played through 6 custom battles, with no issues. It seems to be just the campaign. Please, can anyone help?
  10. Sticky: Random CTD.

    First off, great work! The mod is awesome. I seem to be having problems, though. It randomly crashes. Installation went smoothly, but, I started the campaign as Great Britain, was able to play for 6...
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