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  1. Chevrons go up but experience doesn't, is there a fix?

    In Empire as the units continue to gather experience points, the Chevronís increase but there are no changes in the experience levels. As each Chevron is added to the unit card there should be a...
  2. Re: So they never did go back to fix Empire, I see ...

    eugenioso, I sure wish I know how to write code, I'd offer to buy ETW and NTW and turn them into the truly epic titles they should be. I love them both dispite their flaws. The 1700's to me is one of...
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    Re: Uniform colours don't show on new units

    Hi Steph,
    I am not sure if I am having the same trouble as agibaer. I wanted to play as an emergent nation (Hungary), and their default color is Red Coats with Hungarian Blue trousers. When I import...
  4. [Released] Re: Unit Pack Compatibility Languages Project - Napoleon (UPC-NAP) - updated 14.4.18

    Emperor Batmans 999 Italian Fusiliers as part of his Austrian Foreign legion do not appear to be in the UPC. The appear in game with no screen name.
  5. Re: So they never did go back to fix Empire, I see ...

    Yup, lots of bugs and unfinished code. This had the potential to be truly EPIC! Even so, its also my favorite TW game. Wish they would reworked it and relaunch it. If I knew how to code, I would fix...
  6. [Released] Re: Additional Units Mod - Empire (AUM-EMP) 3.7 - updated 14.3.18

    Dear Soap,
    I can think of two ways (perhaps there are others). First using PFM create your own mod with the ornanmentum unit you like or two again using PFM go into the AUM and deselect permission...
  7. [Released] Re: Additional Units Mod - Empire (AUM-EMP) 3.7 - updated 14.3.18

    Kingartist 21,

    You must install the UPC-EMP of the mod or it will not run. I have cut and pasted from page one of this thread under installation. Follow Swiss Halberdier’s instructions and...
  8. [Released] Re: Additional Units Mod - Empire (AUM-EMP) 3.7 - updated 14.3.18

    Make sure you install the UPC language file. Look back at the download instructions on page 1 of this thread
  9. [Tutorial] How can we make American revolutionary war DLC available in the American Revolution

    American Revolutionary war DLC units are not available tin the American Revolution (Episode three) scenario. These were all units of the American Revolution but the game makes them available only in...
  10. [Released] Re: Additional Units Mod - Empire (AUM-EMP) 3.6 - updated 21.10.17

    great mods and continuous support from Swiss and his tutorial on unit mods is very clear and easy to use. I personally still love ETW as one of my favorite games ever!
  11. [Tutorial] Re: How to unlock non playable and emergent factions

    How to you get sea trade to work. The emergents have vo sea trade. You put the ships on the trading port (circle/anchor) and no trade takes place no trade route is established. How to you...
  12. [Released] Re: Coalition campaign all factions Fog problem solved

    Umberto 202
    The links are dead, is the download still available somewhere?
  13. [Released] Re: All Factions playable till 1820 (ready) new Batavian Units pack (updated 06-04-2010)

    I loaded this and although it plays there is no functional sea trade for any nation. You put your trade ship on an anchor/circle and no trade route happens. Any solutions?
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    [Released] Re: Emergant Nations Playable

    Does anyone still have these files (Emergent nations), the links are dead.
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    Re: StartPos Help!!

    Good info Steph. Then should an edited startpos such as Napoleon Total Factions be put in mp_eur_napoleon instead of eur_napoleon?
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    [Released] Re: Deployable Defences Always Available

    Does anyone have this mod that they could share?
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    [Released] Re: Radious Weather and No Dust mods released

    Radious, I want to use your no dust mod, how can I get please?
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    [Released] Re: Bugle Sound Mod

    I still have drum and bugle version 6 but don't know how to get it to you
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    [Released] Re: Weaker Spys mod.

    This is a standalone mod to reduce the amount of spys in the game to cut down on the amount of assasinations.
    Mod is in movie .pack format so it doesnt require a user.script file.
    This mod does...
  20. [Released] Re: Radious Buldings mod (5.4.2010 - New Seperate version added)

    Radious have you made a blood pack for NTW? Has anyone?
  21. [Released] Re: The Classical Music Mod for N:TW v0.7 (11/09/11) *New Baroque Line-Up & Eastern Overhaul*

    A lot of great music; thanks and plus rep
  22. Poll: [Released] Re: Foreign Legions Mod 7.5 -New British and Austrian Updates

    Hi EB,
    I hope you all well and prospering. I have recently started using you mod with Hessians added but the Hessians never show up. they do not appear to have a recruiting building. I tried to do...
  23. [Released] Re: Emperor Batman's Total Music. Version 2 OUT!

    Great Music! Thanks! Plus Rep
  24. [Released] Re: Unit Pack Compatibility Languages Project - Napoleon (UPC-NAP) - updated 14.4.18

    I haven't played NTW for a long time its a great game and better yet with your AUM and UPC; thanks so much for all your hard work!
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    Re: Napoleons allied regiments

    PofE, Hello my friend! I hope you are well. I have started back to playing and minor modding for myself on NTW. Thanks by the way.
  26. [Released] Re: Vanilla Units Enhanced for all European Nations !

    I'll check my old files but I don't think I kept this one. If I have it I'll send you the file.
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    Re: Napoleons allied regiments

    Hi Steph, that gets pretty complicated. Is there a reference for recommended reading on this?
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    [Resource] Re: 12 turns per year with proper aging

    Wonderful mod! +Rep
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    [Released] Re: Aguirre and Swiss Unit Project (Preview)

    Truly beautiful work! +rep
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    Sticky: Re: Napoleon Mod Questions & Recommendations

    Here are 2 of them I have 3 but one is too big. I personally did not use the others. Hope you enjoy!
  31. [Released] Re: Additional Units Mod - Empire (AUM-EMP) 3.6 - updated 21.10.17

    werebear,<br>Swiss already has clansman and highlanders in the AUM 3.6 just released. As for unit caps that's super easy for you to do yourself. Use PFM open Aum 3.6, click on db, then click on unit...
  32. [Released] Re: PdGuru's European Equipment Mod Version 2.2; French Backpacks, Lances, Bayonets, Swords, Muskets, Drums and more

    I a folder on your computer inside the creative assembly folder you will find preferences, save games and scripts. you need an entry typed in note pad that is the tittle of the mod in order for the...

    Swiss Halberdier,
    It was an honor to be a tester of this Mod! This is the most fantastic units mod ever for Empire. This mod breathes new life into an old game. There is no way to calculate how many...
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    Re: Graphics Settings Official Guide

    Does anyone know what the default setting is for gamma and brightness?
  35. [Released] Re: Additional Units Mod - Empire (AUM-EMP) 3.5 - updated 10.12.16

    pder is an abbreviation for pounder; a 12 pounder is a gun that fires a round shot that weighs 12 pounds (12lbs). During that time period the abbreviation Lbs would not have been used...
  36. [Released] Re: Additional Units Mod - Empire (AUM-EMP) 3.5 - updated 10.12.16

    I have been testing the update for Swiss Halberdier and it works beautifully so far, everyone will love this update!
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    Sticky: Re: Attila Mod Questions & Recommendations

    Thanks for the rep Bulk, much appreciated!! Let me know if I can assist with mod questions, I am happy to share from my own experiences.
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    Sticky: Re: Attila Mod Questions & Recommendations

    There are some truly great mods and modders on this forum. In most every case each mode has clear instructions. Typically you just drop the mods into your data folder in most cases.
  39. Sticky: [Tool] Re: Pack File Manager 1.12 (w/ integrated .loc editor)

    Lt. Chambers,
    I am getting a strange message on steam when I try and boot through ModManager it seems to think I don't authorize its use, so I have to click OK on the message before the games boots...
  40. [Released] Re: Regiments of American Revolutionary War 1775 -1783

    High on Tea,
    Truly beautiful work!! +rep!
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