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  1. Re: Total War: Three Kingdoms - Gameplay reveal video

    Hmmm... I turned away from the TW franchise when Rome II came out and have been watching the stagnant quality ever since. Watching this video, I understand that they now intend to milk the Chinese...
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    Sticky: Re: Thrones of Britannia: Criticism Thread

    Interesting that the "design approach" named "cutting features" comes up again after all these years. Yeah, I remember it transpired around the release of Rome II that CA had had the brilliant idea...
  3. Re: Why lack of modding ability causes unforseen losses in sales for CA

    Hi folks, old time TWC user coming back from cryosleep for a comment here. I used to play Medieval II with the Kingdoms expansion and the Stainless Steel mod a lot. At the time, I frequented TWC...
  4. Re: What is the historical Total War of your dreams?

    The Total War of my dreams would be Medieval III. In my dreams, SEGA/CA would ditch all the crap they designed since MII and continue where they left off. MIII would be similar to MII in all aspects...
  5. Re: [SS 6.4] Crusader States AAR: In the Holy Lands

    We are all just lonesone travellers here, old friend. I remember well, you were the first to hand out rep to me when I started this AAR, and you were irritated about my strange chapter 4a. How time...
  6. Re: Is there any way to have actual fun with this mod on singleplayer?

    It's been a long time I played this, but it was 6.4 with BGR IV, so supposed to be quite hard, and I had neither problems with endless enemy stacks nor getting alliances. Here is some tips from what...
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    Re: Measuring Interest in TW: Warhammer

    Used to play the hell out of MII, first vanilla, then with Stainless Steel mod. Had high expectations for Rome II, but luckily didn't preorder. Seeing the reactions, I never bought it and lost...
  8. Re: [SS 6.4] Crusader States AAR: In the Holy Lands

    This has been dormant for a long time... waiting... dreaming... dreaming of another life in another world, of a man named Strengelicher and his foolish toils. A story in its own right. Coming back...
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    Re: Knights of Rhodes

    Nice work, +rep. Are you using any additional difficulty settings (like longer assimilation, BGR etc.)?
  10. Re: Ben Affleck Versus Bill Maher and Sam Harris

    Is this actor a muslim?
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    Re: Cultivation

    It is even worse than many here think. Long-time TWC members sometimes become inactive or even disappear forever, and it is rumoured that this could be due to marriages taking place in their real...
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    Re: Idiotic vassal states

    Vassals who misbehave must be punished. They shall face nothing but ignominious death at the hands of the mighty Marius Marich!
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    Re: Total War™: ATTILA Announced

    Advanced street fighting, hmmm... will we get to see people doing armbars and dropkicks?
  14. Re: How do I disable the console? I want to disable cheats

    You don't have to actually destroy your keyboard. Just rip out the key which opens the console. I remember there was a discussion with the same topic here on the forums quite a while ago, and it was...
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    Re: Forts?? What do you do with them?

    There are a number of benefits, some of which can be considered exploits:

    1. As has been said already, forts prevent armies from going rebel, so you can use them to shelter armies which are in...
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    Do not be foolish, use BGR IV.
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    Re: Forts & Towers

    Counting would be the only way I know of.
  18. Re: Teutonic Order roster "balance issues" and possible fixes

    Maybe you should run this through Google translator into Korean.
  19. Re: How do you win an offensive siege against anything other than militia?

    AFAIK knights do not suffer any penalties if fighting in a city type settlement. However, they may receive bonuses from defending a wall. Also keep in mind that the general's command value influences...
  20. Re: Massive public order drop for no reason?

    Presumably, one of your generals neglected orders from your faction leader. Check your leader's traits. Maybe you will find something along the lines of "leader defied". If that is the case, you have...
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    Re: New skins for generals and leaders?

    Maybe you should ask how to do it in the modding subforums.
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    Re: Byzantines ruin early era campaigns

  23. Re: Pulling individual units off a crusade stack?

    If you conquer the settlement while crusading and then leave crusading units without a general in the settlement, they stop crusading on the next turn and therefore do not suffer from desertion. I...
  24. Re: Shia religion, and more religions for Stainless steel (plus religous change system)

    In my view the game would not gain much by further subdivisions of religions. But if you feel it would, go ahead and mod it.
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    Re: Help help

    Skantarios played version 6.1, maybe that version had a 1450 campaign.
  26. Re: Pulling individual units off a crusade stack?

    In vanilla, you can just abandon a crusade, remove the unit and then rejoin, I think. Otherwise, you can take a settlement and move on with your general. Any units left behind as garrison will stop...
  27. Re: Confused about one of the Pope's traits.

    OP is right... violent is a strange trait.
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    Re: Bizarre ocurrance

    How could I not click on a thread with the word "bizarre" in the title?
  29. Re: Is Bologna more trouble than it's worth for HRE?

    That makes sense for Venice, as the adjacent regions generate financial benefits from internal trade. Additionally, Rhodes and Crete are out of the way, resulting in a decreased risk of conflict with...
  30. Re: Cavalry, armor, missile fire, tactics and the limits of the M2TW engine.

    Nothing beats the good old longbow/armour discussion... except the good old discussion whether cavalry charges were for real or not... :)
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    Re: legs bug ?

    Not a bug, might be you are going insane. I had a similar problem once, but now I always carry a foldable meter with me. Whenever someone's legs seem too short, I get out the meter and measure them....
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    Re: Winning siege assaults as Moors

    There are several ways to deal with your problem.

    1. You can lure them to sally out. To do this, the AI must regard your besieging army as inferior to the garrison. Obviously, this will probably...
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    Re: ummm what's the update for?

    Thank God I do not have Steam, and after reading this thread, I am sure I will never get it. Sorry to say I am kind of old school when it comes to computers and games. I fail to understand how people...
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    Re: Knights of Rhodes

    Excellent start, I like it. Owing to the proximity to the Crusader States, of course I have a special interest to see how it goes. And I find the history of the Hospitallers really interesting, too....
  35. Re: [SS 6.4 AAR] Chronicles of the Norman Game

    Only just found this. Nice, shall be following. +rep
  36. Re: How many new patches and DLC's are there yet? :P

    So has this game gone from open alpha to open beta in the meantime? Can't wait till it's finished... :)
  37. Re: What does "garrison" mean in Stainless Steel, and why do my "no-cose garrison" units cost a fortune?

    Maybe the game is not for you. Play something easier. After all, games are there for us to enjoy, not to get stressed out. ;)
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    Poll: Re: MAARC L!!! - The Vote

    Congrats to the winners! :thumbsup2
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    Re: using imageshack

    Thanks to everybody for the feedback. I guess I will open a new account with another provider then. Although I fear that the problem may reoccur with that provider again at a later stage.
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    Re: retraining mercs

    Confirmed. The local mercenary pool must have refilled, which may sometimes takes a while (especially if the unit(s) is heavily depleted). The pool may be emptied again by AI factions recruiting new...
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