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    Re: Star Wars Total War

    Hello, any news about the mod?
  2. Re: How to rewatch the mini tutorials that come up the first time you start a Grand Campaign?

    After some investigation, i found that this part of the campaign script is tied in some way, to two values found in medieval2.preference.cfg

    So, if you want to see these mini tutorials when you...
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    Re: Faerūn[Forgotten Realms]TW

    Cool models, thank you for the preview:thumbsup2
  4. Re: EoR Developer's Forum has been removed due to inactivity - write here if you'd like any models.

    The Bovine M2tw Checker, a tool created by a member of the Europa Bararorum Team, can find errors in various files. It is very useful:)
  5. Re: my mod crashes on ai turn (byzantium) without apparent reason....when a captain is movin in the strat map

    Hi Titus, i can give an answer to point 5):

    File is not referenced means that is not used by the game, for example i have given a look at the file you posted:

  6. Re: CTD: [bink] [debug] [data/fmv/faction/england_win.bik]Pause on

    Some weeks ago i ported an old vanilla mod to Kingdoms; basically this mod adds two new factions from nothing to the vanilla game; said factions had an unique roster (their units weren't assigned to...
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    Re: Medusa0's Armoury

    In a backup i have found some units made by Medusa0 that were posted as attachments but were lost due to that glitch as explained in Leonardo's link. Medusa0 has given me permission to post them here...
  8. Thread: CATW 08

    by Warcrafthero

    Sticky: Re: CATW 08

    I remember that there was a tool called DDS Converter 2 that was able to convert various image formats to tga and dds or reverse.
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    Sticky: Re: Bugs and Technical Support

    Hi ahowl11, i'm playing version 10; while running a custom battle as the dacians, i got a CTD caused by a missing texture. Using the Zeus Tool by Redfox, some errors were found in the DMB (here's the...
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    Re: VBulletin Upgrade Errors

    I had the same problem written by Anthonius "invalid redirect url (" i solved by following Leonardo's advice:thanks:. I'm using Firefox last version 32 bit, clearing...
  11. Re: Total Bananas - 1099 - beta#6 - Close to the Edge

    A suggestion:salute:: Azumi, maybe you could add a .bat launcher for those with a cd installation of m2tw since the retail version uses the kingdoms.exe executable.
  12. Sticky: Re: Rise of Persia V3.0 - Custom Battle Edition (Release)

    After all these years, what a wonderful surprise!; thank you Fahnat for releasing this demo version and also thank you to the modders that are stiil developing the ROP mod!:thumbsup2
  13. Re: The Great Conflicts main discussion thread. Please post here!

    Love that Lombard unit cards! well done Anthonius:thumbsup2

    Autoresolve? Never. I always play all the battles in the game; will do the same with The Great Conflicts mod:)
  14. Re: Total Bananas - 1099 - beta#5 - An unexpected beta

    Hi azumi, about the problem with walls and siege equipment i suggest you to take a look at Gigantus Bare Geomod files, apparently the issue has been solved by modifying descr_walls.txt and...
  15. Re: [data.transgression] [info] Applied transgression TC_UNDECLARED_ATTACK from transgressor faction... and oh so much more!

    I suggest you to take a look at descr_faction_standing.txt as the TC_UNDECLARED_ATTACK trigger is there. I remember that the warcraft mod had a similar problem and the file involved was this one. I...
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    Re: descr_rebel_factions

    Hi Titus, i have tried the spawn script you posted in Bare Geomod using the vanilla map; i can say that it works with and without the reposition_character line. Here it is:


    ; Campaign script...
  17. Re: CTD: [bink] [debug] [data/fmv/faction/england_win.bik]Pause on

    Hi Razor, i have encountered this type of CTD at least once; now i don't remember what is the source but after taking a look at the log you posted there isn't any relevant error apart from this one,...
  18. Re: SANTA INVASION - Lead Santa to the world domination!

    I just want to remember that on this day, the 23th of December 2007, 11 years ago, Csatįdi with the help of Dome, Scytha and Antics; released one of the weirdest yet funniest mod ever seen for...
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    Nice concept! It reminds me of another mod, Ruins of Glory by Boz; were you inspired by it? The timeframe should be the same i think. Anyway, good luck with this project!:thumbsup2
  20. Poll: Re: RTW Mod Players - do you use BI and Alex?

    Thank you for this information, it's really useful:thumbsup2

    Answering to manyakane's OP:

    1) Yes, i still play vanilla RTW campaigns, from time to time, mostly with all factions unlocked and...
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    Sticky: Re: Lanjane's Barbarian Empires

    Hi Lanjane, thank you for this amazing mod, great job:thumbsup2 love the mini campaigns addon; + rep
  22. Re: Morrowind Total War for Steam not working, somebody wanna help me out?

    So it won't run either on the CD version and on the Steam version; but previously it worked without any problems?.

    With the creators' permission, and if they agree, during my free time i may take...
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    Sticky: Re: Warcraft: Total War (WTW) Original Thread

    While i was browsing Youtube, i came across these three videos

    It seems that Warcraft III will...
  24. Re: The Great Conflicts main discussion thread. Please post here!

    _Tartaros_, i had a similar issue with a scripted emerging horde faction; i solved by forcing the siege and immediate attack of a particular settlement. Of course the spawning army had siege engines...
  25. Sticky: Re: ahowl11's Vanilla Enhancement Mod v3 - Gallic Pride

    Good work!:thumbsup2 i'm curious to see how the other factions will evolve in the future.
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    Re: {DIK}A journey now ends..

    Thank you very much for the release, Aneirin, good luck for your RL!:goodjob:
  27. Re: Veggiemod version 1.1

    Hi Non-binary person, very nice, useful and simple mod:thumbsup2

    I have found only one little oversight, version 1.1:

    If one starts the mod with the -mod:Veggiemod command line, the campaign...
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    Sticky: Re: Warcraft: Total War (WTW) Original Thread

    Thank you for the pics, Zerg93:thumbsup2

    Awesome units:yes:
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    Re: About mercenaries and mercenary pools

    I think you know, in the vanilla game there's a system where a particular mercenary unit can be hired only by specific religion/religions; for example:

    unit Condottieri exp 0 cost...
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    Sticky: Re: Warcraft: Total War (WTW) Original Thread

    Today i have a surprise for everyone:

    Thanks to the campaign map textures included by The Happy Crusader, i managed to reskin the battle map terrain for the dark iron lands, Durotar and Desolace....
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    About mercenaries and mercenary pools

    Hi everyone,

    I spent the last two days modifying descr_mercenaries.txt to create various mercenary pools for all the regions of the map; and currently there are 62 pools.

    Now i had the idea of...
  32. Re: Animations when unit is floating in the water.

    Hi Dagovax i am following your mod, great stuff, but about the animations i suggest you to ask for help in the Rome: Total War Mod Workshop
  33. Re: Getting rid of different Rebel banners

    Hi etka,

    The strat map symbols aren't showing because you need to include the text file "descr_standards.txt" in your modfolder/data folder and modify the paths. If for example your modfolder is...
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    Re: CATW 03.4: 10 Years Anniversary Release

    Hi cocobongoclub-DJ, i have downloaded the mod from the link in the catw page but it crashes after start. Splash screen is displayed, then CTD to desktop without error. I have tried running it first...
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    Sticky: Re: Warcraft: Total War (WTW) Original Thread

    Thank you for the updated eventpics, zerg93:thumbsup2 currently i'm organizing them so to replace all the vanilla eventpics with yours; where possible i'll add some new ones. When i'm finished i'll...
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    Sticky: Re: Warcraft: Total War (WTW) Original Thread

    The game engine allows only culture specific eventpics; unfortunately faction specific event images aren't possible. In the mod the cultures are organized in this way:

    northern_europeaan (Human) -...
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    Sticky: Re: Warcraft: Total War (WTW) Original Thread

    Fantastic! Thank you for the eventpics, + rep:) Will you do ones for the other cultures as well?.
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    Sticky: Re: Warcraft: Total War (WTW) Original Thread

    I'll see what i can do:thumbsup2
  39. Re: Star Wars ruined by SJW crap thread - just for people like me who want to discuss the disaster!

    I have to say i liked Rogue One, mainly because of the story and the connections with the original trilogy.
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    Sticky: Re: Faction units planned for next release

    Cool, thank your sharing the list, Bantu:thumbsup2 I have noticed that you listed "Kul Tiras Marines" for Lordaeron, this means that you are planning to replace their current model with something...
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