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    Re: 2.35A Changelog

    Thanks, it's very interesting to see the areas you guys have been working on.
  2. [Released] Re: Unit Pack Compatibility Languages Project - Empire (UPC-EMP) - updated 30.3.18

    I was referring to that link, which is the Darthmod version. Seeing as it adds a lot of polished units to a major faction (Persia) and make it a lot more fun to play, I thought it would be worth...
  3. [Released] Re: Unit Pack Compatibility Languages Project - Empire (UPC-EMP) - updated 30.3.18

    Could you add this mod please?
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    Sticky: Re: EB Finale; Part 1

    What does this change?
  5. Poll: Re: USA Democratic party 2020 candidates and primaries thread]According to a poll[/url], Trump scores significantly higher over Democrat candidates in key 2016 swing states that were...
  6. Re: Is anyone else feeling a bit jaded with Total War?

    That's really the biggest problem that Total War faces as a franchise, beyond the inherent tension between the choice of unchallenging AI on the one hand, and casualization on the other (and...
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    Re: Battle Animations

    Am I the only one that prefers the new (old RTW, really) animations? I like how soldiers now tend to drop like a sack of potatoes when killed, as opposed to the overly long and frequently buggy...
  8. Re: Colchis and Iberia (information and pictures)

    Interesting. It's nice to read more on such a relatively obscure corner of the Ancient World.
  9. Sticky: Re: For King or Country 2.0 - Kingdoms and Steam compatible

    What a lucky coincidence that I was thinking of reinstalling this and it happened to be made Kingdoms-compatible just a few days prior, thank you Gigantus.
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    The fact that Saparmurat Niyazov wasn't an option is an utter disgrace. I bet you all have gold, weak teeth as well.
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    Re: Nordic Union better alternative to EU?

    I've honestly reached the point where I'd prefer any alternative confederal form of Pan-European cooperation to the current direction the EU has been headed towards
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    Legio Auwjogotánoz

    It's been a while since I've played EB so I'm still running 1.21 and thought it would be fun to play the Romani for once. However, after a few turns I quickly noticed that my troops recruited in Rome...
  13. Re: The Stainless Steel Names Overhaul Project (SSNOP)

    Can't get either of the latest versions to work. Game refuses to start a campaign and reverts back to main menu. There isn't a descr_names_lookup file in the zip despite it being stated, could that...
  14. Sticky: Re: ReallyBadAI Battle System +Hardcore + Settlements v5.7 >Oct 17< ###quality taken to next level###

    Can't get this to work for Kingdoms. I install it into 'mods', run the Launcher and select a campaign and then it just crashes. Am I the only one having this problem or is this mod just outdated?
  15. Re: The Putin - Trump Controversy: Here to Stay-Links between Trump and Russia are being officially investigated by the FBI

    If the various cases of Hillary Clinton and the machinations and intrigue surrounding the investigations into both presidential candidates are irrelevant to the question of foreign collusion in the...
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    Re: How are you enjoying the slow death of TWC?

    As someone who was pretty active from around 2009 to the start of 2013, exponentially visited the site less in the years after until I practically abandoned it apart from checkig mods, and who has...
  17. Re: Call of Shooty - Czech Republic prepares to relax firearm law in order to fight terrorism

    Obviously, the reason this terrorist attack happened was because there wasn't enough gun control, not the gross incompetence of the state in enforcing it! Thank God the European Union has therefore...
  18. Re: The Putin - Trump Controversy: Here to Stay-Links between Trump and Russia are being officially investigated by the FBI

    That's rather unfair considering both individuals were presidential rivals accused of similar crimes and there seems to be a quite blatant double standard in dealing with often very comparable cases...
  19. Re: Austria sends armoured vehicles to guard border

    Which seems to be posturing. The numbers of Eritrean asylum seekers going back to holiday to their home country seems to be a large percentage, in countries like Switzerland and my own. I doubt the...
  20. Re: Is Donald Trump mentaly fit for the presidency?

    Which isn't a good thing and disheartens my confidence in my fellow European, especially considering how ludicrously positive they were towards the Obama administration when it just helped worsen the...
  21. Re: The Putin - Trump Controversy: Here to Stay-Links between Trump and Russia are being officially investigated by the FBI

    Ah, well that's Common Law then.

    The 'solicit' thing is what I was most hung up about.

    'Other thing of value' might encompass information, but a further look at how 'to solicit' is...
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    Re: Which culture is a rape culture?

    In what possible sense is modern Western society based on 'misogyny' and 'sexism' ('patriarchal' is broad, so let's leave that out) either absolutely or relatively? These are definitely controversial...
  23. Re: The Putin - Trump Controversy: Here to Stay-Links between Trump and Russia are being officially investigated by the FBI


    I am still wondering, and I don't mean this facetiously, I'm genuinely interested, is there actually a law against attempting to acquire information (which hasn't be stated to be illegally...
  24. Re: The Putin - Trump Controversy: Here to Stay-Links between Trump and Russia are being officially investigated by the FBI

    Definitely. And the error of Trump Jr. was that he didn't pass the information to the FBI. That having been said, despite extensive snooping there doesn't yet seem any evidence that what he has...
  25. Re: The Putin - Trump Controversy: Here to Stay-Links between Trump and Russia are being officially investigated by the FBI

    To be fair, this email says very little definitive in terms relative to the investigation efforts to uncover collusion during the election. A guy stating that a member of a foreign government is...
  26. Re: South African court declares ":wub: white People" is neither racist nor hate speech

    What state would that be?
  27. Re: NRA ad triggers "Progressives" all over the US

    Pretty much.

    Not really surprising given the massive polarisation (and frankly, mass hysteria) the events of recent years and especially Trump's presidential bid has caused. Demonisation of...
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    Re: Objectification of women.

    I'd say its often a mixture of disillusionment with women and an adopted macho attitude to compensate for it. A lot of men I know who have genuinely misogynist views are ex-'Nice Guys' who had a very...
  29. Re: MI passes stronger voter ID law after believed voter fraud (D) discovered in Michigan recount...

    As an ignorant European, I have never quite understood the argument from the American Left that mandatory voter registration is somehow a heinous act of institutionalised racism. You see, in most...
  30. Re: Slovakia passes law that denies official recognition to Islam


    And this.

    I suppose you could argue that the Catholic Church is a private institution which funds its branches, as opposed to literal government agencies of countries like Turkey...
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    Re: Where should we get our news?

    Obviously Infowars should be the only source for any scholar and gentleman with a wide selection of tinfoil headgear.

    Jokes aside, the best thing to do is cross-reference a variety of opposing...
  32. Re: Refugee/illegal migrant/asylum seeker crime crisis in Europe

    But we need one in our world, when he has clearly shown himself to be a danger to the community and to be likely to radicalize and when we have done nothing to cause that?

    I fail to see why any...
  33. Re: Google filtering 'objectionable' search terms

    Wrong. Censorship refers to the act of censoring by anyone, private or otherwise. The vast majority of dictionary definitions make no mention of the actor of censorship, but simply define the nature...
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    Re: Black Hannibal?

    The main issue is that Hannibal was a historical figure that actually existed, from a region in which many people still respect his legacy. Add the fact that the more silly Afrocentrisists in the US...
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    Re: What makes EB2 great?

    It's easily one of the most intricate and complete overheals of M2TW, up there with TATW and, in my opinion, exceeding it when you consider the unique scripts, features, environments, models and...
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    Re: [PREVIEW] Wonders and ports in EB 2.2

    Absolutely amazing work guys! Breath-taking how far this mod has come. :)
  37. Re: German Regional Elections 2016 - The Abyss Gazes Back

    What an absolutely backwards way of thinking. These results are democracy. The current German establishment has shown itself to be utterly contemptful of not just its electorate but the European...
  38. Re: Militia loons in Oregon are humiliated, and it is GLORIOUS

    All I've heard about this subject is a really black and white dichotomy: they're either redneck terrorists or grassroots freedom fighters. Can anyone link some reliable sources so laymen as myself...
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    Re: Freedom of Speech or Bigotry?

    Excuse me if I'm wrong (my French is rather rusty), but aren't these cartoons based on the Russian airstrikes on Syrian sectarian groups and the Turkish downing of one of their jets? So they aren't...
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    Re: Freedom of Speech or Bigotry?

    Congratulations, that's got to be the most clumsily constructed Ad Hitlerum I've seen in quite a while!

    Back to the point I was actually trying to make: the main problem in the West at the moment...
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