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  1. Re: Enemy army doesnt disappar after second "retreat", if battle is to be fought manually (???)

    It seems to be a problem caused by the fact that the information that the army has already retreated is associated to the general instead of the army, if you kill the general (which is not frequent...
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    Re: Make Hordes hold 40 units!

    It is neither a problem nor a bug, it is just a design decision that you don’t like so it is typically something you that can be changed by mods.
    Many peoples have finished the chaos campaign...
  3. Thread: Elves

    by edeheusch

    Re: Elves

    You can find a lot of information about the wood elfs here:
  4. Re: Now that two DLCs are released, did they add any female Legendary Lords or units?

    Currently they have only added the beastmen faction and they have no female lords. However some elements suggest that the 2 next factions that will be added are the wood elves (paying DLC) and the...
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    Re: Future faction unit roster speculation

    If these factions are sold as a DLC I think that your expectations are far too high. It seems that (to CA point of view) one kind of non-legendary lord and 2 kinds of heroes if enough for a DLC...
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    Poll: Re: Complete Unit Roster or Mini Campaign?

    The problem is that the beastmen already have one of the tinier roster in Warhammer Battle and that even if they implemented the whole roster they would still have less units than the 5 playable...
  7. Re: Your most frustrating/ most obvious PC cheat

    Perhaps I miss something but what is the point of playing on any difficulty above medium if you install a no AI cheating mod?

    To my knowledge the only thing that changes when you increase the...
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