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  1. Aung San Suu Kyi is a fake and a fraud after all!!!..

    Back in February 2015 I raised an issue here and stated the obvious, that this undeserving Nobel Peace Prize winner is a giant fake and
    manufactured "heroine of human rights and democracy" and that...
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    Re: Cossacks 3

    How disappointing! I have all the Cossacks titles from the European Wars until the Cossacks:2 and they are all in those beautiful boxes. Can't believe that
    this title which we waited for for years...
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    Re: 10 years at TWC

    Back in 2008-2009 which was the glorious time on here I used to make 100+ posts per night plus the profile comments and social groups and PMs.

    Uhh, those were the days.....

    I gotta reach that...
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    Re: Cossacks 3

    Yeah, same question again... Will Cossacks 3 ever be for sale in the shops?
  5. Poll: Re: USA Democratic party 2020 candidates and primaries thread

    Anyone but Joe Biden, not that neo-liberal interventionist scumbag who's been on the payroll for the lobbyist groups for years.
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    Poll: Re: 2019 Greek Legislative Elections

    New Democracy is the way to go, Syriza has totally discredited itself, especially with the "Northern Macedonia" deal!
  7. Re: To my surprise, I just learn today a Jew can discriminate another Jew racially in Israel

    You just found out!?...

    It's been going on for decades, primarily against the Ethiopian jews because of their skin color and then against Yemeni and Iraqi Jews as well.
    There are documentaries...
  8. Re: What were the reasons why the Romans decided not venture on conquering all the lands that today are in Germany?

    Economic reasons and they realized that it was better having those Germanic tribes as a buffer against other invaders, at least Germans were not constantly invading the empire.
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    Re: Causes of the Greek Revolution

    Many number or reasons, we can debate on this until Friday. BUT one of the main catalysts were most definitely the Serbian revolts of 1804 and 1815 which were the start and
    a signal to all the...
  10. Re: What ethnic group is this supposed to be?

    Asiatic features, well most definitely one of the Turkic Khaganates...
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    Hard to say really, but probably Lincoln and Stalin would be top place. Lincoln saved the union and freed the slave and Stalin defeated the nazism and saved the Europe and much of the world from ...
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    Re: Describe The Person Above You (Read OP)

    I am embarrassed to say that my knowledge about z3n is nonexistent... I can't say that I came across him on any other parts of the forum,
    and we never had a communication before. He seems to be very...
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    Re: My Impressions of the Game

    So it's worth it to play?
  14. Re: What are the essential factions for this mod?

    Very interesting list of factions!
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    Re: Tips and Tricks - For new EBII players

    Does anyone knows where I can find EBII faction list please? Thank you
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    Sticky: Re: Post Your Screenshots

    Gorgeous, simply gorgeous!!
  17. Re: Dawn of Conquest Total War v1.3 (28 Dec 2017)

    Looks great!!
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    Re: Campaign Map

    I am very happy to see that this mod is progressing. Can't wait for the final version :thumbsup2
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    Sticky: Re: Post your Empires!

    Awesome empires!!
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    Sticky: Re: SS Screenshot Thread

    Amazing, just amazing!
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    Re: Afghanistan can't be conquered

    That's right, and that's what he said. Plus I don't have slightest doubt that he would do that if only given the green light. But of course
    ISAF and International community would've never allowed to...
  22. Re: How are you enjoying the slow death of TWC?

    Thank you my friend, but I wanna hit that 10,000 posts mark and then get involved with the administration of the site. It really bothers me when I
    come here and everyone is saying that TWC is about...
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    Re: Afghanistan can't be conquered

    As someone who is based here and has been a keen student and analyst of Afghan affairs of many years I have to say that
    this maxim "Afghanistan can't be conquered" is true and it has always been...
  24. Re: Was Vietnam's sovereignty violated when the US entered and caused the Vietnam War?

    Yes, it was!
  25. Re: World News: The hardest challenge for modern journalism?

    Social media and alternative media help and complicate things at the same time!
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    Re: Russian-Ukrainian naval incident

    Manufactured and artificially created by Poroshenko because his approval rate in the polls is around 5% and Yulia Timoshenko from the 2004 is more
    popular than him! Plus ongoing problems with...
  27. Re: How are you enjoying the slow death of TWC?

    That was an excellent piece of TWC journalism Barry, my respect. And I agree with your analysis 100% my friend.

    Also like you stated, there is no reason why TWC shouldn't last for many more years,...
  28. Sticky: Re: Thrones of Britannia: Pictures & Videos Thread

    This is really shaping up to be great game!
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    Re: Cossacks 3

    Is there any chance that game would be released in stores worldwide?
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    Re: Brexit - Time to scrap it and start again?

    It doesn't matter now, British people voted and made their decision. That's that! Britain should exit the EU now and this issue is out of the way.

    Plus, if referendum is repeated you are creating...
  31. Re: The Byzantines never achieved anything of value in their entire 1,000 year history?

    I would disagree, it's unfair to the Byzantines because they did achieve something noteworthy:

    1. Byzantine empire lasted 1130 years and having an empire continuously for more than a 1000 years is...
  32. Re: The Destruction of the City of Carthage

    All historical accounts confirm that story with salting the land in and around Carthage, the Romans really had it in for Carthage!
  33. Re: Journalist from SA mysteriously disappeared under suspicious circumstances in Istanbul

    I am just waiting to see what kind of spin would British PM and it's foreign secretary put on this, let's see if
    they are going to fake an outrage, they are so good at it!

    Surely Saudi Arabia...
  34. Sticky: Re: Thrones of Britannia: Pictures & Videos Thread

    Beautiful, just beautiful!!
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    Re: The Alex Jones Experience

    Still it was totally unnecessary to ban him from all of those social media platforms!
  36. Re: How are you enjoying the slow death of TWC?

    There's is gotta be a way to do it...
    I have some ideas, and I know what a lot of members told me.

    Not necessarily, but most of us where coming here to spend time on all sections of the...
  37. Re: What on earth happened to Half-Life 2 and why it was discontinued??...

    Okay, so Gabe Newell made all the money with STEAM and they don't want to be bothered with making another Half-Life 2 installment. Understood.

    Thanks everyone :thumbsup2

    That too, people...
  38. Poll: Re: The TW series is dead. Everything after Medieval II sucks!

    In all honesty, it was CA that made a mistake with that stupid ugly Warscape engine! From when it was introduced in 2009 with ETW
    it was a bad move.

    Things started going downhill for the TW...
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    Thanks for everything mate, your hard work and...

    Thanks for everything mate, your hard work and dedication!
  40. Re: How are you enjoying the slow death of TWC?

    YES, that's precisely what I am saying. Before we used to have such heated arguments and debates in Mudpit and VV and moderators would issue warnings in bold letters
    before they touch your post! Now...
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