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    Re: Enhanced Campaign Map for MTW 1 Gold

    You are very welcome!
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    GPU upgrade question.

    Am considering upgrading my 1070 in the very near future. I am gaming at 4K with a i7-4790K, 16 GB ram, everything is on a SSD. I generally have no problems but always disable some bells and whistles...
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    Re: Enhanced Campaign Map for MTW 1 Gold

    Thank you one and all for showing interest, while I haven't played MTW in several years the link is still alive....
  4. Re: War Zone Middle East new RTS in the vein of Command and Conquer Generals...

    The game was just added on Steam Greenlight, Please check it out and give it a like if you like Command and Conquer style RTS games,...
  5. War Zone Middle East new RTS in the vein of Command and Conquer Generals...

    Here’s some important info about our upcoming project WAR ZONE: Middle East.
    Choose your commander in the great battle for...
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    Re: Cossacks 3

    Cossacks 3 will hit the ground running on September 20th 2016......
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    Re: 2016 Summer Sale

    I find it odd that about the time Steam started giving refunds was about the time they stopped doing the daily flash sales. And no I am not calling Steam cheap{or am I}.
  8. Gloria Victis.....Medieval low fantasy MMO

    Anyone else tried this? I recently bought into the game for only 10 bucks with about 50 hours of gametime and am having a blast. It will be released on Steam EA next...
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    Re: Looking for a PC Gamer issue

    LOL, yes but they{pc gamer} used to be a lot better. Not only in the amount of content you got but the quality as well.
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    Re: Looking for a PC Gamer issue

    Darn, I have a huge collection dating back to around 2000 but I don't have this issue. They{PC Gamer}used to be really great now they are short in content and to expensive.
  11. Command and Conquer style RTS 8 Bit Armies releases next week

    On Steam,

    Looks to be basically a C&C Clone with very simplistic graphics as well as unit/bldg. list. If multiplayer is your thing the game will support up to 4v4. For...
  12. Re: Siege of DragonSpoear- Baldurs Gate and how not to write a good game...

    Agreed 100%
    Did have a bit of interest in this beforehand but now it has been squashed completely. Just looking at the pic of said SJW was enough to make me sick.
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    Re: Will this run better then At

    Looks like you got your wish about them going 64bit.
  14. Naval Action comes to Steam EA today 1-21-16

    Had my eye on this for quite a while and now is a good time to pull the trigger. The community needs a good age of sail game that provides some realism with no dragons or nonsense....
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    Re: Oriental Empires on Steam now!

    Not sure as the EA release wont be until Q1 2016, I did read on the steam forums that the naval aspect of the game wont be started until EA releases with it being fully fleshed out for the games...
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    Re: Oriental Empires on Steam now!

    Of course it isn't TW, hopefully its better optimized and isn't chock full of DLC.
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    Oriental Empires on Steam now!

    Look what popped up on steam. Coming Q1 2016. Ive had my eye on this game for several months and wish it was medieval Europe instead of ancient China, still...
  18. Re: What games would you like to see remakes of?

    Knights of Honor........
    The campaign was better than anything the TW series has ever done sans maybe the first 2 titles, but the battles were just average. A remake would be a insta buy for me.
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    Re: CA response

    That explanation was the biggest bunch of :wub: I have ever read, in the long run it doesn't matter to be because I wont be purchasing the game anyways.
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    Re: Seven Years War (1756-1763)

    Actually saw this months and months ago and forgot about it. It will release in about 10 hours or so on Steam. Looks very interesting and the developer has said he may implement multiplayer if the...
  21. Re: Total War Warhammer coming out April 28th 2016!

    Flying monsters+ Pre-order/DLC/DLC=The unofficial death of the TW series.
    Will not buy............
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    Re: Oriental Empires

    Early access wont be available until November...
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    Re: Oriental Empires

    Being as it was set for early access this summer, I was hoping for it to be released by now. Another few weeks of summer left so we shall see. Looks very interesting.
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    Enhanced Campaign Map for MTW 1 Gold

    Removed noise from the map for a cleaner more appealing image.
    Enhanced Forests for a more natural look
    Rivers redrawn and added the Nile river

  25. Re: Imperivm 3-Great Battle of Rome/Celtic Kings 3

    Ive done a bit of searching and cant say that ive had any luck although I will say the game looks interesting.
  26. Re: Shogun and Medieval are coming to Steam!

    To expound on what Stazi said a bit.........

    You must open each folder he has noted so you are able to see all contents of said folder then copy paste those into your MTW VI Gold folder. Do this...
  27. Modding campaign map/UI question......

    I am having trouble finding where the files for the UI boxes with the wooden backgrounds are located. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Sticky: Re: Medieval Total War - Redux (Beta)

    Hi Axalon, long time no see..........
    I was going to reinstall this to coincide with the release of the game on Steam and being out of the loop for a while I am confused what to dl?
    Can someone...
  29. Re: Shogun and Medieval are coming to Steam!

    So this mean we have to have a TW installed on Steam to get MTW/STW?
  30. Re: Shogun and Medieval are coming to Steam!

    Well usually upcoming games have a store page up well before release..........
  31. Re: Shogun and Medieval are coming to Steam!

    Odd that in the video they said they would be released on June 25th but I can find them on Steam anywhere.
  32. Re: Scourge of war Waterloo, battle with 313 000 soldiers

    Those are wonderful screenshots.
    I am on the fence about getting this and have been scouring the official/matrix forums and the performance issues have me concerned a bit.
  33. Re: Shogun and Medieval are coming to Steam!

    If I remember correctly MTW only had a max resolution of 1600x1200, hopefully this gets updated/optimized for newer systems.
  34. Re: Total War: ATTILA – The Last Roman Campaign Pack - we play as Belisarius

    That's the million dollar question isn't it.....
    If memory serves correctly you had to do some workarounds on W7 to get Med to run and it had a mx resolution if 1600x1200.
  35. Re: Skyrim Workshop Now Supports Paid Mods

    Steam has a {somewhat} monopoly on pc gaming. While there are other online distributors ,there are none that are bigger than Steam/Valve. This sets a dangerous precedent and a slippery slope which...
  36. Re: Loking for the perfect blend of strategic, tactical, empire management and all...

    I have my eye on Oriental Empires, maybe it might interest you.

    Development of Oriental Empires is being led by R.T. Smith...
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    Re: New game announced - Total War: WARHAMMER

    I have no interest in "Gigantic monsters, flying creatures, legendary heroes". A medieval 3 however with the family tree from Attila I would buy sight unseen.
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    Re: Oriental Empires - a (kind of) TW Game

    Not my favorite theater, but it does look promising and one to keep an eye on.
  39. Re: Obsidian's Pillars of Eternity 'not due in first half of 2014', needs more time favorite screenshot from an...
  40. Re: Obsidian's Pillars of Eternity 'not due in first half of 2014', needs more time

    About 2 hours in and so far it is nothing short of wonderful. Didn't realize I had "trial of iron" mode enabled but found out once my party died and my save game vanished. Oops!
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