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    Re: [TES AAR] Dragon Break
    Conquering Argonia: Prince Geldall’s personal journal

    Fredas, 28th of Hearthfire, 3E429
    At last we...
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    Re: America: Total War

    Good luck with your project. Could you explain what you mean by fantasy mod and Dark Ages of America?

    If you asked me, I 'd say keep north America and make a Mad Max-esque, Fallout type...
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    Re: [TES AAR] Dragon Break

    Conquering Argonia: Councilor Ocato’s account

    Every Province of Tamriel has its secret histories, but no land in the...
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    Re: [TES AAR] Dragon Break
    Death of a saint

    (A reconstruction of the event from the investigation conducted by the Arenthia City Guard and the Blades, 3E...
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    Re: [TES AAR] Dragon Break
    Imperial Missive
    [Excerpt from the missive written by Imperial Diplomat Angoril, requesting help from Alinor.]

    Dear allies,
  6. Re: [Submod] Unofficial Patch for TES:TW - Version 1.42 RELEASED (FINAL VERSION) - NEW HOTFIX RELEASED

    Hi, I am playing as the Empire, and I have met my victory conditions except for killing the Hordes of Oblivion. I have killed all their armies though, and I can't find any more of them in the map,...
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    Re: [TES AAR] Dragon Break


    “We did this, we brought this to ourselves”
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    [TES AAR] Dragon Break

    A few words about this AAR and mostly it's fromat. If you have ever played the...
  9. Re: Bug, problems, and glitches in the 2.3 version

    Hi. I installed Eras Total Conquest and it made all game sounds and music disappear. Not only there is no music in this mod, but also other mods and vanilla Med2. How can I fix that?
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    Re: Faerūn[Forgotten Realms]TW

    That is some astonishing work, but could we get some kind of release? Like a limited custom battle only release or a mini-campaign?
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    Re: UESW 438 - Submissions
    "The enemy army is commanded by their daimyo, I see. The man who takes his head will want for little when this battle is done!"
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    Re: Hardest/Easiest Clan in Campaign?

    Easiest factions: Shimazu, Date, Chosokabe, Mori
    Average factions: Oda, Hojo, Takeda
    Hard fations: Hattori, Ikko Ikki, Otomo, Tokugawa, Uesugi

    I always Play on Hard difficulty, but I have tried...
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    Sticky: Re: Shogun 2 Mod Questions & Recommendations

    Hi is there a mod, that when attacking an enemy settlement and autoresolve, I don't damage the enemy castle? I find it ridiculous when I attack with a full stack army against the enemy samurai...
  14. Interesting ideas for Medieval 2 playthrough

    So I read this AAR, The Chronicles of Edessa (, and decided to play myself a similar 1 region only campaign. I...
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    Re: Mori Ships & Clan-Specific Units

    All Mori ships have +1 morale, while Bow Kobaya and Medium Bune also have some extra men.
    Just watch the video.
  16. Re: Can you give me advice on my current situation?

    It would help if you told us what difficulty you play and what kind of campaign (short, long, domination). Anyways if you are not ready to go to Realm Divide, and it seems like you are not, just stop...
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    Sticky: Re: DaC - Simple Question Thread

    So i just installed the game (not my first time) and here's my question. Is there a recommended unit size? I will play as Moria so I was wondering if huge unit size would be too much. Taking custom...
  18. Re: Long campaign is easier than the short one.

    Well generally long or even domination is easier than short. (in Fall of the Samurai, short is just too easy though). For up to hard difficulty though, short campaign, if you are lucky and strike an...
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    Re: Beating Legendary, To Mod or Not

    If you wanna win a campaign on legendary and brag about it, you have to get it on vanilla once. Never played Radious, but I know Darth mod is not that punishing with Realm Divide. Personally I prefer...
  20. Rome TW low fps on laptop, not using dedicated graphics card.

    So I downloaded Rome Total War again on steam. On launch I noticed the huge lag on campaign and battles of course. I solved it by downloading the d3d8 as I had done In the past. The lag in the...
  21. Re: [Sub mod] Unofficial TES Patch 1.3 - DOWNLOAD LINK

    I am having a problem with my save playing as the Empire the default campaign on H/H. After I press end turn, during Dagoth Ur's turn, game freezes. Doesn't crash, just freezes and stays...
  22. Re: Can newly made units have "rally points" so i don't have to move them manually?

    The only one rally point I am aware of is when reqruiting through a general.
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    Re: Question about Multiplayer

    For the first issue, want to play against same era armies, when you press the battle button and the window tha says 1v1, auto-team land, naval, siege battle pops up, there is a box on the down...
  24. My partner can't start the battle at the multiplayer co-op campaign

    So when my army gets into a battle everything workls fine. When it's my teammate'w turn to play a a battle, after he loads them and sets the units, he cannot press the gong to start the battle. He...
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    Re: Best clan for legendary campaign?

    Chosokabe, Shimazu, Mori. Any of these clans as soon as you finish the opening turns, make a strong ally and most important grab all trade nodes. 10000+ koku out of nowhere is a guaranteed victory. I...
  26. Re: QQ - Does disbanding troops give food supply back in vanilla shogun2?

    Food supply has nothing to do with the troops. It's only the castle upgrades and market upgrades that consume food, while the only buildings that produce food are the farms. (There are also and some...
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    Re: Laziest TTW game ever made?

    The most polished Total War game, whose campaign is actually challenging with aggressive AI and whose multiplayer community is actually active after so many years, is the laziest?

    And for unit...
  28. Re: Gothic TW: Chronicles of Myrtana 2.1 WIP (The official development is alive again!)

    OMG!!! It's like getting a new game :D :D :D
    PS: I don't know if you have noticed and balanced it, but in the previous edition it was very easy to max out your adventurer's level just by trading...
  29. Re: Gothic TW: Chronicles of Myrtana 2.02 - ENGLISH TRANSLATION upcoming + my first fixing patch (and greater things later!!!!)

    Well in this walkthrough, the ones performing really well were the northern orcs, while the ones underachieving was Myrtana (They are about to lose their capital from the orcs). The bandits from...
  30. Re: Gothic TW: Chronicles of Myrtana 2.02 - ENGLISH TRANSLATION upcoming + my first fixing patch (and greater things later!!!!)

    So I managed to go past turn 34 (I had to kill the bugged army, just moving it caused CTD again), and now on turn 45, CTD immidiately on end turn, just like the first ones.
    I have attached the game...
  31. Re: Gothic TW: Chronicles of Myrtana 2.02 - ENGLISH TRANSLATION upcoming + my first fixing patch (and greater things later!!!!)

    Ok, I cleaned installed the mod and all the patches, I replaced all the files with the new ones you uploaded here and I have a new crash to report. Turn 34, CTD after end turn, but this time as you...
  32. Re: Gothic TW: Chronicles of Myrtana 2.02 - ENGLISH TRANSLATION upcoming + my first fixing patch (and greater things later!!!!)

    Thanks for taking your time to look into my problem. Unfortunately I realised that I had installed the game wrong. I had forgotten the 2.02 update (I had installed only the 2.0, 2.01 and NH patch) so...
  33. Re: The Conquering Queen - Narrative Let's Play

    Very well done, but you picked to play one of the most beautiful mods, that tends to crash all the time and balance is an uknown word for it. Same as Warhammer for medieval. It's a pity that those...
  34. Re: Gothic TW: Chronicles of Myrtana 2.02 - ENGLISH TRANSLATION upcoming + my first fixing patch (and greater things later!!!!)

    Thank you for the translation, I can finally play this masterpiece. Or not, because of gamebreaking crashes to desktops.
    So let me explain. While the game does not suffer from random crashes at...
  35. Re: Gothic TW: Chronicles of Myrtana 2.02 - ENGLISH TRANSLATION upcoming + my first fixing patch (and greater things later!!!!)

    I had no idea this mod existed. So I downloaded and I can't play it because guess what, everything is in Russian. So I am looking forward to your translation update. One small piece of advice or...
  36. Re: Steam reviews gave me a lethal dose of cancer

    I am waiting for the physical copy tomorrow, however having read all those negative reviews about performance issues, if I am not able to play the game, I paid 50 euros to get, I 'll be the one...
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    Re: Legendary Lord Unique Starting Position

    Thanks for the mod, since it was absoluteley necessary for the CO-OP. However, please do find a way to do the same with chaos.
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    Re: UESW 348 - Submissions

    The eye of the tiger
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