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  1. Sticky: Re: VDM 1.9 for IMPERIAL DESTROYER project

    All right thank you!!!

    one more cuestion, the limitation of army's is only for human players or for AI too? cause i love the ETW, but i hate that the AI dont stop spawning armys
  2. Sticky: Re: VDM 1.9 for IMPERIAL DESTROYER project

    Okay, but ... I have some questions:

    1) Is there any way to increase the minimum of 20000 to another number? I would seem more logical a 50000 or 60000

    2) can inflation reach a maximum...
  3. Sticky: Re: VDM 1.9 for IMPERIAL DESTROYER project

    there is some way to deactivate the inflation?
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    Issue with CAI

    Hellow there!

    Well, the mod is fantastic. Like it very much!

    But, i'm having some bad first experiences. Playing 1805 campaign on H/H, im playing my first campaign as Macklenburg, just for try...
  5. Re: Problems with roman elections.

    Well, there are some of those that I have in Rome waiting to be chosen that if they have the "True Roman" trait and even then they are not elected.

    I understand the internal names to use the...
  6. Problems with roman elections.


    I am currently in 250 BC, with all of Italy, Sicily and the islands under my control. Polybius reforms have not yet appeared.

    All my young members of the Roman aristocracy receive an...
  7. Re: Two Family Members in a Legion?

    Thanks for your answers!

    I'm just ussing the youngest ones to patrol and eliminate the bandits.
    I ask this because, when i was playing EB I, i had negativa traits everywhere, and i thought that...
  8. Re: Two Family Members in a Legion?

    Sorry, when i ask:

    Could it be that when are more than one they get negative deals?

    I mean, negative traits.
  9. Two Family Members in a Legion?

    Hellow there!!

    First of all, THIS IS THE BEST MOD!!!!!! i'll never get tired of playing!! :D

    I have a small question,

    I'm doing a summary about Cursus Honorum (i love this guys!) but i have...
  10. Re: I ask for advice for my next moves

    Thank you for your answer!

    I'been started a new campaign in H/H cause i learned a lot the aspects of the mod, so this time goes seriously.

    The thing is going like this:
  11. I ask for advice for my next moves

    Hello all you there!
    I'm a veteran TW player and after so much time rejecting this mod, i give it a second chance and i :wub:ing love it! Really guys, you made a amazing job. I can't wait to play a...
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