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    [Tutorial] Re: Mixed Units Tutorial (Finally CA yes!!)

    This is awesome, thanks for sharing, opens up a lot of possibilities for realism mods.
  2. Re: Does game support >2 garrison captains in a city?

    This is definitely something that needs to be modded or fixed by CA, garrisons are too weak in mid to late game, especially for larger cities.
  3. Re: Has anyone figured out how to remove character "glow"?

    I think he's referring to the illumination around a general or units. It could be related to SSAO and helps to turn it off.
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    Re: Three Kingdoms 2010 TV series

    Watched the whole series, thanks for posting, it was great. Reminded me of the Oba Nobunaga "King of Zipangu" series when playing Shogun 2.
  5. Re: Multiplayer fix by C.A. ( Lobbies are now visible)

    Started a co-op campaign with a Steam friend before the last update, so at least that was working.
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    Re: Keep an eye out for Yuan Shao

    According to CA, next update is addressing this issue, the beta came out today on Steam
  7. [Proposal] Flags of Our Forefathers - battle map cosmetic mod

    I'm wondering if someone can make this, or I can edit tables if it's possible, but I'd appreciate any help to change the angle of flags that remain on the battlefield of the fallen. I think it's...
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    [Proposal] Re: Increased birthrate/no child cap

    It would be nice if the mod only increased birthrate if a General is not on the field and recalled to court.
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    Re: [Request] Game of Thrones Overhaul Mod

    I was wondering if there was something like this being made for Attila as well, given that it has more mod support and less legal conflict. Thanks for sharing.
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    [Request] Game of Thrones Overhaul Mod

    Forgive me if this is in progress or mentioned before, but is there anyone considering working on a Game of Thrones overhaul mod? I feel it would be very well suited for TW: Warhammer considering the...
  11. [WIP] Re: [FOTS] & [SHOGUN] Alternate Border Lines & Invisible Battle HUD (21oct12)

    Unfortunately these links aren't working, any chance to reupload? Would like to use for Sengoku Jidae
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    [Proposal] Re: Sashimono mod

    It's been ages since the mod was proposed, but surely this is possible now? It would be far more historical than anything current. If I knew how, I'd totally work on this myself. It's probably the...
  13. Re: Casualties Sustained When Disengaging Troops From Combat

    This bugs me a lot as well, the disengage/rout kill ratio. Maybe someone could figure out how to swap these two?
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    Blood Pools on Ground After Death

    I understand this may be tricky based on the tools currently available, and I would attempt to do this myself if I knew how to mod. But one of the biggest immersion breakers for me is not having...
  15. Re: Special Effects Enhancement Mod v. 1.2

    Well done! It's pretty certain CA will release a blood/gore dlc. But if a blood effect can be achieved, or something close to it, then it helps tremendously in my book. Going to try this out asap.
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    Re: Arcade graphical effects removal v1.2

    Speaking of icons above towers, I always looking for a mod for Shogun 2 to remove the capture point icons above the towers. If you or someone can point me in the right direction for that... otherwise...
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    Re: New Rome II Total War Icon

    The Steam icon is ugly, but I'm using the one from the directory folder .exe, which is much better from CA. I haven't tried it yet, but your quick mockup is a good choice.
  18. Re: All settlements can develop walls like in previous games

    I'm pretty sure some of the places that don't have walls, should have walls, even basic ones would be nice. I would definitely like to see this feature added to a town's construction slots.
  19. Re: [MOD] Splenyi' Better Campaign Camera (further zooming)

    I'm going to throw out a curveball here, is there any chance the Overview overlays could be added to this? Maybe a mod to take away the drawn out map? That might call for a different mod...
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