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  1. Re: Say something of the next Country!

    Prefers to be called Myanmar.

    Kingdom of Ava
  2. Re: Did the Romans know there were other lands such as in China, Russia, India, Mongolia, Southern Africa, etc?

    This 15th Century copy of a map originally made by 2nd Century Claudius Ptolemy showcases the extent of roman knowledge:
  3. Re: Political turmoil during a change on the throne

    Personally, I'm not a big fan of rebels without a cause...:surprise: The rebels should have a good reason to spawn not just having a new ruler. Speaking of the region where Parthian empire was, there...
  4. Re: Things that make you go WTF

    Huh, like Chinese movies, but with extra sand... and blood.

    Come on Kyriakos, you know that flying carpets were invented more 1000 years later by the famed Arabian engineer Ala ad-Did and...
  5. Re: Word Chain

    Sandwich Theory
  6. Re: Did any tribe willingly join romans?

    If we take Graeco-Roman culture as being "Roman", as well being able to speak fluent Latin, at least as a second language, It should be noted that this was the case with most parts of the Roman...
  7. Re: Cleopatra's endgame: what did she really hope to accomplish with Mark Antony?

    Well, they might not have a master plan, but Punic Wars seemed to me as something that was easily avoidable. In fact the whole Roman expansion "master plan" was pretty simple, if there was potential...
  8. Re: Say something of the next Country!

    Lost Mekong Delta to Dai Nam.

  9. Re: Iran stopping part of the implementation of the nuclear deal

    Where did I say that the US can't invade Iran? - I didn't. What I did say is that there's gonna be lot more dead and wounded invaders than that's been the case in Iraq and Afghanistan, combined. I...
  10. Re: Iran stopping part of the implementation of the nuclear deal

    Well, unlike the relatively flat Iraq, Iran's geography is similar to that of Afghanistan, bit more humid though so insurgents don't need to just hide in caves, they can use forests and jungles too....
  11. Re: Sonic the hedgehog movie, lol

    That thing scared my children, I'm not even joking. I see it has a good dental plan.
  12. Re: Name That Historical Event

    Correct! The image depicts Aarno Yrjö-Koskinen and Ivan Mikhailovich Maisky.
  13. Re: Name That Historical Event

    Oh, we're getting close, not really... It's not the Treaty of Lausanne, which would make the other guy Turkish speaker, but the speaker of Indo-European language in the picture was indeed born in a...
  14. Re: Is it Game Over on the climate front?

    Game over? The game has just begun. The game of great human ingenuity and profits, if one's not poor of course, than the future might be bleak...

    Suppose that climate change is real and NOT...
  15. Re: Name That Historical Event

    It's not Thomas Edison, or anyone who's native language is English.

    Here's a hint, although it might not be a particularly helpful one, the person on the right is not a native speaker of an...
  16. Re: greek speakers needed for tattoo help

    I mean, the outcome could have been expected.
  17. Re: What is your 2nd favourite wiki?

    Ah, the great Uncyclopedia. I remember learning a good deal about the great wars and rivalry between the Otto Hasburger Company and Kebbabs.
  18. Re: USA Democratic party 2020 candidates and primaries thread

    If I recall correctly his option allows for supplementary private insurance.

    You gotta give kids what they want. Fortunately for Joe Biden, kids don't have a good voting turnout, at least...
  19. Re: What's EB team opinion on Imperator: Rome

    The game is pretty much meh... No diarchies, plus Antingonid Empire being named Phrygia, abomination.
  20. Re: Name That Historical Event

  21. Re: The thread for dumb questions

    To find out an answer to this question watch Zardoz.

    To confuse humans before stealing their crispy chips.

    Since I don't know who Pantera and Slayer are, I must answer with a resounding...
  22. Re: Say something of the next Country!

    Every Persian ultra-nationalist born outside of it knows that "Iran" is an Islamo-Arab name for (Glorious) Persia.

  23. Re: Name That Historical Event

    I'd say opening of the Suez Canal but... there's something suspicious about those flags...
  24. Poll: Re: Did You Know European Tradition of Chivalry Originated from the Middle East?

    The earliest instances of culture loving, heavily armored mounted warriors, who were also quite vain and boastful when describing their accomplishments, date to late Arsacid Iran.
    That said, I'm...
  25. Re: Did any tribe willingly join romans?

    Yes... Also, best thing about being a roman citizen is that you can also be a king of a foreign state, ie. Bosporan Kingdom.
  26. Re: Name That Historical Event

    Correct, although from what I've encountered online I'm not sure if this photo is taken in Dayton or Paris but it does pertain to the Dayton Agreement. Your turn!

    - I'd appreciate if someone can...
  27. Re: Who was the last of the Hellenistic kingdoms/nations?

    Interesting points were made by several posters based on their different interpretation of the term "Hellenistic". In my opinion states regardless of the ethnicities of their rulers can be considered...
  28. Re: Name That Historical Event

    Here's a hint, all three men in the picture have different religions, an Orthodox Christian shakes hand with a Sunni Muslim while a Catholic watches.
  29. Re: Name That Historical Event

    Inspired by current judicial events...

  30. Re: Name That Historical Event

    Embassy sent by Tahmasp II in 1715 to Louis XIV.

    Lettres persanes - Montesquieu
  31. Re: Geography Scrabble

    Guadalquivir (river)
  32. Re: Say something of the next Country!

    After 1867 its territories were grouped into Cisleithania and Transleithania with the exclusion of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

    Duchy of Saint Sava
  33. Re: Geography Scrabble

  34. Re: Say something of the next Country!

    Republic of Biafra
  35. Re: Say something of the next Country!

    Created by Normans.

    Hafsid Emirate
  36. Re: Editing Map Heights

    I took some screenshots, as you can see the changes are subtle because that's what I intended for, however this is still unfinished. I'd like to make them a bit more pronounced and that'll require...
  37. Editing Map Heights

    I've tried editing map_heights file in order to make elevation slightly higher because some places, to me at least, look to low, that is the surrounding plateaus don't rise above the lowlands. Most...
  38. Re: Say something of the next Country!

    Prior to the fall of the Soviet Union, Cuba exported nearly two thirds of its sugar there. Since Sugar industry was of immense importance to the Cuban economy, its rapid decline in exports after the...
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    Re: Name that Battle!

    Correct! Your turn.
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    Re: Name that Battle!

    Thanks. This one should be easy.
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